'I told my mum l was going to be a star, but I meant a superhero, like Spiderman. It was nothing to do a band: Fran Healy

themselves but how they affect your everyday life.’

For Travis. the death of the author is an inherent part of the game: their songs are music for the masses. ‘l’cople listen to music the way I listen to music.‘ Fran explains. ‘ln supermarkets and lifts. cars and buses. train stations. lt‘s accessihle to everyone. all the time. At art college. I learnt that fine art doesn‘t do that: it's elitist and expensive. True art. pop art. is like music. it‘s an idea you have in your head and you make that idea. A cup of tea is a work of art to me. An equation on a piece of paper looks like a poem.‘

Dougie Payne. Travis's other ex-art student. agrees: ‘An artist‘s job is to put a magnifying glass on the art that’s all around. to see something and say "I think that‘s amazing I wonder if anyone else will". That can he through songs or painting or photographs. hut tnusic is the most povverful because it gets to the mass. It‘s all down to radio.‘

Travis didn't really mean to he famous. it \vasn‘t part of the plan. Fran alone dallied \vith dreams of stardom in his early years. and even then it had nothing to do with music. ‘I told my mum l was going to he a star. but I meant a superhero. like Spiderman. It was never anything like this. nothing to do with a bandf

Despite chart success (their 1997 debut album (inud Feeling went top ten. vvhile recent single ‘Writing To Reach You‘ saw them make their first '13)]; ()f The Pops appearance). heavy support from the likes of Mayo and Zoe Ball. and eight years of hard graft. the hand still can‘t believe it‘s true.

‘We‘re fatnous in our ovvn lunchtimes.‘ declares Fran. turning to the others for support. Judging by radio play. both ‘Driftvvood‘ and The Man Who will catapult the hand from famous lunchtimes to star-studded ceremonies and mainstream success. Douhtless they‘ll still he coming hack to (ilasgovv. a little older. a little wiser. but still drinking in Slcztzy‘s and still draining those hars.

‘We're friends with a shared history. first and foremost.‘ claims Dougie. ‘We’re the man who mistook his mates fora hand.‘

Are Radio 1’s darlings the nicest lads in pop‘.’ l’rohahly. If you don‘t like Travis. you haven't got a heart.

Travis play The Garage, Glasgow, Thu 27 May; The Liquid Room, Edinburgh, Thu 10 Jun; T in the Park, Balado, Sat 10 Jul. ‘Driftwood' is released on Independiente on Mon 17 May. The Man Who follows on Mon 24 May.