ROCK AC Acoustics The Arches, Sun 30 May.

For every Ray Charles or Chaka Khan playing at lvlusrc' Lrve, there rs a contrastrng bunch of young guns, such rs the drversrty of BBC radro and rts cornnirtrnent to rts‘ publrc sertrce broadcastrng l'OlTlll, blah de blah Never nrrnd the Offrc'ral blurbs, here's the realrty Radro Scotland’s Beat Patro/ has saved many local bands lrves wrtn rts trreless support of next nrusrc Whrle Glasgow's AC Acoustrcs, who play the Patro/‘s Arches nrght are practically elder statesmen of the crty's grassroots musrc scene, they strll feel the rrpples from therr early expOSure

'Programmes lrke Beat Patro/ are very important because that's where bands get therr start,’ says vocalrs‘t Paul Carnpron ‘Tlrere's nothrng more motivating than hearrng your n".us‘rc played on the radIO

AC Acoustics must be perpetual'y motrvated, sac‘h rs the support they nave recerved from shows lrke Radro T’s Evenrng Sew/on throughout a career that has seen a sporadrc pattern of record releases

‘ter‘ a cruret couple of years, the four-prece came Out ‘rghtzec; a momhs ago w-tn the 'L:‘-<e Rrbbo'rs' $17190, \s'wrci‘. ‘.".l'r shortly be followed by newe ‘She's \\.'r'."". Stars' Arr appeaw‘rnce at the recent Berle and Sebastran- organrsed Bow re \‘Jeeker‘cler cOnf-rrneu that these days AC Acc>ustcs are reznr'ic; r" 't"(‘!!' rrf‘monster ter‘iue'ces s'rgr‘tly and grvrng more space to voca. nelody

‘I hate all this I'rdre schrnrndre mutterrng rn the background builshrt,’ says Carnpron "The trouble rs that a lot of srngers really want to be gurtarrsts and they srng because rt's a necessary earl The angle that I came to music: from rs a vocal-led, lync-led one '


The Delgados

Glasgow School Of Art, Wed 26 l.lay.

Adam and Joe, Gail Porter and a cold arse, John Peel and The Delgados some things just belong together. When the veteran Radio 1 DJ announces The Delgados at their BBC Music Live gig, it will be the latest in a string of encounters. The Glasgow band have already featured in Peely’s Sound Of The Suburbs telly programme, topped his Festive 50 listener’s poll and played in his garden to celebrate his wife’s birthday. They even appeared on the same episode of The Jack Docherty Show.

But all this attention is well-deserved. 1998's Pe/oton album was one of the year's best, ranking up there with Mercury Rev's Deserter’s Songs and Air's Moon Safari in many critic’s polls.

l-le ‘s nh:lr)s<)nhrca. about that

the band "axe already ‘.'-.t‘-t‘rtiterec: 'Sne's rrrann, s1:"(;s and a'r’ox.*.s

"There this ‘rlrn thrill Ja'rres lilaso" as Rorr‘r'rel,’ he says 'lle uuotecl to its son. that success has

a ntrr‘ur'ec: trainer‘s but ‘ar’u'e rs (il‘.


orphan l'iat's t'a".:as'.r<.‘rll‘,’ true of tl‘e must .nctast'y Though AC Acoustrcs "awe been c)'n"ar‘ecl on

'rra"y occasor‘rs, are fo'tar‘ate

I ‘x‘ " Turning Japanese: 1:“me

The Delgados

trrotrc;“ to strll "‘e futare 'zorcis, knc;‘.'.,r>(; that ‘atner's' l‘lbrza Shep'rel‘clr

In "tars' rs r‘e/easec.’ on Yo-Yoflecords, Mon 77/.4a; Beat were knoc‘krng on our car ’atror’, Radio Scotland, Suns, 7pm


The Garage, Talon 3T May. Japan v. as gust cra/y,' says ldiexstrld's Roddy Woonrb'e,

A cohesive and inventive blend of indie rock and atmospheric folk, Peloton is at once melancholy and utterly up- lifting. It took the band well beyond the status of being just another decent local act.

Now, The Delgados are working on a follow up (pencilled in for an October release), and intend to play new material at their Glasgow gig and forthcoming T in the Park performance. However, fans of Peloton should not expect more of the same.

‘We all loved that album, but we're not going to be happy making Peloton Mark Two,’ says the band’s Alun Woodward. ’The next one will use Peloton as a benchmark. We've got a pretty strict quality control, so we wouldn’t release a rubbish album. This is too important to us.’

It looks like the new material will be as much of a progression from Peloton as that album was from their debut, Domestiques. Certainly, the band are continuing to develop their use of instrumentation.

’We’re going to be using a brass section, mandolin, harp and dulcimer,’ says Woodward. ’But, don't worry, it’s not going to be pagan rock!

When not pushing the indie envelope, The Delgados also run Chemikal Underground records, home to Mogwai among others. Two recent signings, Suckle and the Radar Brothers, will release albums before the end of the year. (Peter Ross)

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Windows Everyone kept grvmg us loads of presents and fans cheered our every move We even had to play Twrster wrth a couple of fans on a lrve TV show’

Whrle most. yOung bands spend therr early careers trapped on the rntermrnable sawdust 'n' scrumpy treadmrll, fame -- for the Scottrsh four-prece —’ has been flowrng like the sweetest w'rne A short but hysterrcal Japanese tour rn January saw Idleerd lrvrng up to therr reputation as Brrtarn’s best lrve band Thrs was sertly followed by a genurne, real lrve hrt with 'When I Argue I See Shapes' and a package deal on the Nit/IE Premrer Tour, where they grgged around the c0untry Wrth Llama Farmers, Delakota and UNKLE, the band of Mo’wax boss James Lavelle They blew everyone else off stage from the first grg, forcrng even the coolest, most chin-stroking dance evangelrsts to drop therr preconceptrons and get Jrggy wrt' the ferocrous ldlewrld sOund,

‘Most people seemed to apprecrate us 7 James Lave'le's a fan, too,’ muses Woombie 'l thrnk that purrsnr rn muSrc rs dying Out, ar‘yway Fanally, yOu can lrke dance