BBC Music Live Listings

All BBC MUSIC Live performances take place in Glasgow and are listed by date. Listings compiled by Mark Robertson and Peter Ross. For information on all BBC ivlusrc Live events (“all 0845 309 9899. The ticket hotline is 0141 287 5000.

Wednesday 28

I Ray Charles ('lyde Auditorium. 387 7777. 7pm. {l5 23.50. A true musical legend. pianist Ray (‘harles teams tip with the BB(' Big Band for an exclusiye (ilasgow appearance. ()n the cards are classics such as 'iiit The Road Jack". ‘(ieorgia‘ and ‘Hallelujah l [,o\e Her" and other gospel. ia/I and hlues standards in his own inimitable style. See prey iew. o )positc.

I the De gados and The High Fidelity (iiasgow School of Art. 333 “NH. 7.30pm. S()I.i) ()luii The Delgados made one of NUS‘s hest records w ith l’i’lorun. 'l‘here's a good chance that they w ill play songs from the follow up tonight. The High i‘idelity are the new hand of ex-Soup Dragon Sean Dickson are were recently featured on John i’cel's (‘hannei 4 show Suzi/til ()r The Suburbs. See prey iew. page II.

I Ruben Gonzalez and Ibrahim Ferrer King's 'i'heatre. 237 Soon. 3pm. £8. A guest on Ry (‘ooder's (irainniy Winning Bimm lit/u Smtu/ (fit/)1lihltlti. 80-year-old (ion/alc/ joins forces with relatiyely youthful 7l-year-old \ocaiist. lhrahim l-'errer and ()inara i’ortuondo in an eyening hosted by .-\ndy Kershaw. Part of the Big Big ('ountry liestiyal. Sec

prey iew. page 38.

I Steve Earle and The Del McCoury Band Ramshorn 'l‘heatre. ".‘pm. S()l.i)

()l'T. ('ountry rock‘s fayourite rebel returns with a hrilliqant bluegrass sound. See prey iew. opposite.

I BBC Scottish 5 mphony Orchestra with Peter Dono oe Royal Concert Hall. 387 SSl 1. 7.30pm. £8 £18. ()smo Vanskii leads the BB(' SSO featuring Peter Donohoe as they play Beethoven's Symphony No.5 and (ilinka's RUN/(III um/ [Mimi/la. Rachmaninoy's 'l'lti/‘(l l’iuno ('nm-t'rru. also on the programme. was famously featured in the lilm Slime.

I Jordi Savall St Aloysius Church. 297 5(l()().7.3t)pin. £i(). Spanish composer Sayall's work on the soundtrack to the film firm 1.0.x .llulim Du .lImtt/e captiyated audiences around the world and he comes to (ilasgow for a rare. one- offperformance. lie w ill also be taking part in a question and answer session alter an 8pm screening of the lilm at the (ilasgow liilm Theatre. Rose Street.

I Hotpipes (‘otiier Theatre. 357 3868. 7.30pm. S()l.l) ()L'T. The cream of young pipers. headed tip by dreadiockcd Scot Martyn Bennett. push the houndaries of their genre.

I Mike Harding Renfrew lierry. 429 M76. 8pm. £6. Harding presents the combined vocal talents of Dougie .\lac|ean and Kate Rushy with Battlefield Band fiddler John .\ic('usi\'er and button accordionist Andy ('utting »- some of the hest respected names in folk mtisic.

I Be-Bop to Hip-Hop Strathclyde Suite. Royal ('oncert Hall. 287 55] l. 7pm. Free. Day id Sillars presents the cream of Scottish jazz. Artists performing include the Paul Harrison Trio. Yumhanihe. ('athie Rae. 'I‘he [.aura .\icdonaid Quartet. (‘hick Lyail and John Rae's ('eltic Feet. This event is presented in association with the (ilasgow International Jazz Festiyai. (‘all (ll-ll 4()() 5000 for further information.

A Spaniard in the works: Jordi Savall plays St Aloysius Church, Wed 26 May



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