I Shawn Mullins Tlte Garage. Sauchiehall Street. 332 1120. 7.30pm. £7 pltrs booking fee. No age restriction. This rootsy rocker hit the charts recently with his 'Lullaby' single. a passable cross between U2 and Bruce Springsteen. His albttm Soul is Care is already out and there's a new single 'Shimmer' iii the pipeline for next month. See preview. page 3‘).

I Martyn Stephenson Cottier Theatre. Hyndland Street. 357 3868. 8pm. £9 (£7). The Geordie sitiger/songwriter with the middle-of-the-road poppy touch.

I Glasgow Songwriters Blackt'riars. Bell Street. 553 5924. 9. 15pm. Free. Plus open mic guest spot.

I Live Music The (Jlory Box. Curlers. Byres Road. 338 651 1. 8pm. Free.


I The Dynamic Duo Show Jar/:1. Joint. 8

Morrison Street. 221 1288. 10pm—3anr. £3. Breakbeat attd hip hop act including rappers and breakdancers. ()ld skool cool.

I Colin Campbell Common Grounds. 2/3

North Bank Street. 226 1416. 7.30pm. Free. Acoustic ballads.



I Low, Transient Waves artd Aereogramme The 13th Note Club. Clyde Street. 243 2177. 8pm. £5. American trio who take slowcore to snail-paced extremes. Their new album Sorrel Name is particularly slow and sad. Btrt nice. And produced by notsecore king Steve Albini. strangely enough.

I Su arwood, Planet Fuse, Hustler, Frau ster and Nevertheless Strawberry Fields. ()swald Street. 221 7871. 9pm. £3. I Elmo, Akira and Castro Nice ‘n‘ Sleazy. Sattchiehall Street. 333 0637. 0pm. Battle ()1 The Bands semr-l’inal.

I The Glam Bamz Flares. Bath Street. 331 5160. 9pm. Free. 7()s-tnspiretl sounds.

I Jonny Logue Brel. Ashton Lane. 342

- House. 233 Cowgate. lidtnburgh. 225 5583.

4966. 8pm. Free. Weekly acoustic spot.


I The Wernt, Road Rage, Shatterhand and Toxik Ephex Cas Rock. West Port. 22‘) 4341. 9pm. £4.50. Headliners include ex GBH and English 1)ogs personnel among their line-up.

I Cathie Rae's Jazz Singers Night J an. Joint. 8 Morrison Street. 221 1288. 10pm—3artr. £4 (£3). .‘vls Rae hosts an evening of mellow sounds with assorted guests.

I Djangokill and Templebatl Wrtkte

9pm. £3.

I The Music Club 232 (‘annon‘s (iait. Canongate. 556 4481. 9pm. Free. Open rrrrc night acoustic arid electric. covers or originals.

I Jacquie Hanham (‘ommon (.it'ttlllltl\.

2/3 North Bank Street. 226 1416. 7.30pm.

Free. New Zealand-born singer-songwriter.


: Glasgow ' I Kenny Rogers (jlasgow Royal ('oncet't

Hall. Sauchiehall Street. 287 5511. 7.30pm. £30/£25/£22.50 pltts booking fee. Tlte coward ot' the county and the second best- selling country artist ot’ all time alter (Jarth Brooks (thanks 'lit/t 'li'n for that little statistic) brings his silver-hatred. grult-

' voiced tales of tragedy inbreeding.

paralysis and such like to ltlt unsuspecting audience.

I The Walter Trout Band The Ferry.

, Clyde Place. 553 0606. 8pm. £10. Blues f rocker who has teamed tip w Illl such

' legends as John Lee Hooker in the past. I Melodia, Summersalt attd Sunset

T Sunday King Tut's- wan \Valt l'lut. st - Vincent Street. 221 527‘). 8.30pm. £3.50 9 (advance). £4 (door).

I Punish and Vodershow The 13111 Note

Club. Clyde Street. 243 2127. 8pm.

I I Backclash Nice ’n' Slea/y. Sauclrrehall ; Street. 333 9637. 9pm. ('lash tribute outl'tt.

I Leisurehead, Transaudio and

. Widescreen The 13th Note ('al'e. King

Street. 553 I638. 8 or. £2.

I Huxley, Mini, 8 ind Mojo and Mainline 3 Strawberry Fields. Oswald Street. 221 7871. 9pm. £3.

I Jam Session Samuel Dow's. Nithsdale Road. 423 0107. 8.30pm. Free.

I The Unit and Escapade Bar One. Brandon Street. Motherwell. 01698 251 304. 0pm. £2.


I Low, Pilotcan and Snow Patrol Artie. Dyers Close. Cowgate. 225 8382. 7.30pm. £5 advance. £6 on the door Indte sounds lt'Oltt the highly-rated Low and two tip-and- coming Scottrslt acts.

I Desert Eagle Discs l’ottet't'ow. Bits-to Square. 650 9195. 8pm. £5 (£4). Student or CX-SllldClll 11) required or sign in as a student guest or pay 50p for a temporary membership. 'l'ransatlantic hip hop soul - art eclectic mrs ()1 Lauryn Hill and early .‘ylass‘oe Attack.

I Andy Neate Common Grounds. 2./.3 North Bank Street. 226 1416. 7.30pm. Free.

at'ro-ccltic global fusion

rock & pop MUSIC




| Glasgow

I Subcircus (‘ayern Bar. Strathclyde

University Linton. John Street. 567 5023.

9pm. Free. Students and guests. lndie

hopefuls Sttbcirctrs return to promote their

new single ‘1)o You Feel l.oved‘.". See

preview. page 40.

I The Toilet Boys The (Ittlrouse. Union

Street. 248 6606. 8pm. £5.50 plus booking

fee. No age restriction.

I Perfect Blue, Flu lag and The View

King Tut‘s Walt Walt llttt. St Vincent Street.

221 527‘). 8.30pm. £3.50 (advance). £4


I Bangtwister The 13th Note Cale. King

Street. 553 1638. 8pm. £3. (iarage rocking

tlts‘pit‘cd by the likes til the 31(‘5.

~ I Akita, Surround and Sleepy House Fury Murry 's. .\1a\w ell Street. 221 6511. 0pm.£3.501atl\attcct. L4 (door). including entry to post-gig club

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with his sub we music

6 Peatbog Faeries

previewing their new Allan» of eeltie Dance grooves from Sltqe at

ca 1e. c.) i‘e‘itfll'l’l

on svm‘oavt 30‘“ mag

c 11

lamb on earlq with full in - dub mm] 2 I "(has from AVAlAHCltc ft Coba [on tlre Mormb] " i

INFO: 01786 443 129

(ouo‘ Community Servrces

;. 1 l

28 2930 MAY

at The Cowane Theatre, Cowane Street, Stirling, Scotland

Heritage 2 and Culture



Stirling’s annual event for inventive new music and sound

Mass Producers, the UK’s only 20 piece all female sax outfit; Ochre Records’ evening of electronica with Experimental Audio Research, Longstone, Land of Nod 8 Mount Vernon Arts Lab; Otomo Yoshihide returns with his frontline explosive noise; vocals from Japanese Haco; a sci-fi symphony from Badgewearer; Canadian turntablist Martin Tétreault’s first Scottish performance and Ireland’s Brian Irvine Ensemble fusing everything from thrash metal to 20th century classical.

ECKETS: 01786 473 544

ll // l.i.1\. 1000 THE LIST45