i? .." 3 I '1’ i: 1.5.?) . i "Livy, Ii" " "ondie had it all. They” 1' ,9 "’ey ha the ’drugs, they had the a J most of all they had De Amazingly, Caithay Che’s Platinum - is-the first ever biography of the singer. Chronicling ' CBGBs gigs in 705 New York to the current comebac extensive interviews as well as homages from the lik ‘4 'I think almost every single female musician owes a l‘ Deborah Harry.‘ says the Garbage singer. 'She's flaunting convention and sh :,doing it for every woman out there. I admire her balls and her refusal to < . v‘ , down to society's convention.’ (Peter Ross) Platinum Blonde is published by Andre Deutsch on Mon 17 May, priced £12.99. Blondie '. play 55cc, Glasgow, Sat 19 Jun. Call 0141 for details.

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What you can't afford to miss in the weeks ahead. Art: Food, Design And Culture From the Scotch meat pie to the swankiest of restaurants, Glasgow 1999 offers an exhibition that covers virtually every aspect of how food connects With our daily lives. A style gourmet’s delight. See rewew, page 73. Glasgow: Kelvingrove, until 22 Aug.

Radio: Perfect Days Liz Lochhead's popular stage play transfers to the airwaves, With Siobhan Redmond still playing hairdresser Barbs. See preview, page 103. Radio 3, Sun 76 May.

Film: A Simple Plan Brotherly love qunckly turns to sibling rivalry when Bill Paxton and Billy Bob Thornton stumble across $4 million in a plane wreck. Director Sam Raimi keeps the psychological tension tight. See review, page 23. Selected release from Fri 27 May.

Theatre: Sell Out Frantic Assembly's acerbic look at twentysomething bonding in the 90s. Don’t expect Ross and Rachel, this is a show about what happens when a circle of friends turns vicious. See revuew, page 56. Glasgow: Arches, Wed 79—Sat 22 May. Music: The Delgados As part of BBC Music Live, John Peel presents The Delgados, whose 1998 album Pe/oton combined indie rock With folk instrumentation to devastating effect. See feature, page 12. Glasgow: School of Art, Wed 26 May

Clubs: Jah Shaka The spiritual dub warrior returns to play Edinburgh for the second and Glasgow for the first time ever. One of the true sound system pioneers. Edinburgh: Bongo Club, Fri 75 May Glasgow: School of Art, Sat 76 May

Books: The Angle Of Incidence Alex Benzre’s second novel is a moving and intricater told tale of a Glasgow family in the 605. After mother is forced to send her son followmg after the death of his dad, memories of the past threaten to tip her into insanity. See prevnew, page 94. Published by Viking on Thu 27 May, priced £76.99.

19—27 May 1999 THE usrs