Bristling Dixie: Kenny Rogers plays Glasgow Royal Concert Hall, Thu 20 May


I Battle Of The Bands Nice ‘n‘ Sleazy. Sauchiehall Street. 333 9637. 9pm. Tlte grand final w ttli loads ol‘ USL‘TUT pi'i/es for aspiring rock stars tip for grabs.

I Crossing The Tracks i‘lat'es. Bath Street. 343 4966. 9pm. Free. 70s sounds.

I 05 Murray Quartet Bi‘el. Ashton lane. 343 4966 Split. l‘ree. Hard bop.


I Cathie Rae's Jazz Singers Night .la/./. .lotttt. S Morrison Street. 331 l3SS.

10pm ~3am. £4 it See Wed I9

I The Music Club 3 33 ('attiioii's (iatt. ('aiiongate.5564451. 9pm. l'iee. See \Vc‘ti l‘).

I Jacquie Hanham ('omiiion (ii'otmtls. 3/.3 North Bank Street. 336 l4 l6.

7.5”}‘111. i'l'c‘c. St‘t‘ \Vt‘ti l‘)


I Deacon Blue (ilasgovy Royal (‘olic‘c‘t‘l Hall. Sauchtehall Street. 387 55 l l. 7pm. SUH) ( )l'T. Sec BBC Music l.t\ e listings. page I6.

I Travis and Snow Patrol the (image. Sauchiehall Sheet. 333 ll30. 7pm. S()l.l) ( )l 'T .\'o age restriction. l’ai't ol' BB(‘ Music law See lt‘dllllc‘. page 10. I Stereolab, Add N To (X), T009 and Momus (‘ottiei‘ 'l'lieatt‘e. Hy iidland Street. 35-7 386b. S( )I .i) ()l 'T. Pall (iii BB(' Music l.i\'t. See prey ie\\. page 13. I Paul Jones atid Geoff Muldaur 8: The Big Town Playboys 'l‘lte l‘ei'ry. (‘lyde Place. 553 0606. Split. £6. The former Manfred Mann .iiid Blues Band l'roiittiiaii presents toll. and blues vocalist

Muldaur and its B combo the Big Town l’layboys.

I Astral, The Room, Crackdown arid Macrocosmica King Tut‘s Walt Walt llttt. St Vincent Street. 33l 5379. Rpm. £350.. .-\t& R showcasel’art of BBC Music Live.

l E.A.R, Longstone and Land Of Nod The 13th Note Club. (‘lyde Street. 343

3 I77. 8pm. £5 (advance). £6 tdoor). li..»\.R. tor lisperimental Audio Research to give the full name) is the current trading name of Sonic Boom. Jason l’earce's erstwhile sparring partner iii Spaceiiieti 3.

I Kersland The l3th .\'ote Cale. King Street. 553 I638. Spin. Local sottiid system ptit on a bit of a live do.

I Camera Obscura Nice n Sleazy. Sauchiehall Street. 333 9637. 9pm. .latigliiig pop types who recently played at the Bowlie \V'eekender where they tor should we say. their representativesi triumphed in the ‘celebrity' live-.i-side contest.

I Blue River Giants, Quarter, Substitute and Shyne The (‘athottse. l'iiion Street. 348 6606. Split. £3.

I Castillo Brel. Ashton l.ane. 343 4966. Split. Free.

I Liquid Lunch Killseiitiys. .loliii Street. 553 3505. 9pm. l‘ree.

I Jam Session Samuel Dim s. Nithsdale Road. 433 0107. S30piii. l-‘ree. I Chinaski Bar One. Brandon Street. .\lotherwell. 0|69S 35l 304. 9pm. £3.


I A and Planet Boom The Venue. (‘altoii Road. 557 3073. Spm. £5 (plus booking ice) in advance from Ripping or Virgin. l.oud guitars. cool samples and vocal hai‘monies'.’ It must be A?

I Andy Neate Common ('irounds‘. 3/.3

North Bank Street. 336 |4lo_ 7.30pm. Free.

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Ticket information

Tickets for most medium/large concerts can be bought from the following:

Virgin, Argyle Street. 304 5 lSl Tower Records Argyle Street. 304 2500.

Credit card bookings from: Ticket Link: 337 55l l.

Virgin Princes Street. 220 3234. Ripping Records South Bridge. 326 70l0.

Assembly Rooms George Street. 330 434‘)

I Deacon Blue (ilasgow Royal (‘oncet‘t Hail. Thu 37 May. 0l4l 3S7 55l |. SUN) ()l"l'. (’lyde :\lltillt)l'llllll. (ilasgow. Tue 1 Jun. S()l.l) ()l'T; Wed 3 .lttii. 0|4l 33‘) 8383.

I Texas Barrow land. (ilasgow. Sun 30 May. (ll-ll 387 5000. S()l.l)()l."i‘1§li(‘(i. (iltisgow. Sttii 3l ()ct. 0|4l 38.7 7777.

I The Rolling Stones and Sheryl Crow Murraylield Stadium. Edinburgh. Hi 4 Jun. (H31 54‘) S383. 014! 308 S383.

I All Saints SifC‘C. (ilasgtm. Tue 15 .ltiii. 0l4| 387 7777.

I Jamiroquai Sl-Zt‘c‘. (iltlsgtm. Tim I? .lttii. 0l4l 387 7777.

I Blondie SiiC'C‘. (ilasgovv. Sat l9 .ltiti. 3S7 7777.

I Beautiful South and Barenaked Ladies Sl-IC'C‘. (ilasgovt. Still 30 Jun. 387 7777.

I Celine Dion Murray t'ield Staditttii. lidttibui‘gh. Wed 7 Jul. 0| 3| 549 S383. I Al Green (ilasgow Royal Concert Hall. Thu S .ltil. 0l4l 337 55 l l.

I Tin the Park Balado. iieat‘ ls'itiross. Sat l0 tk Still I I .lti|.(ll~1i 339 5383. Tickets can also he purchased iii person l'iotii Tue 33 Mar lt‘otit (ilasgow: TleC! ('eiitt'e i(‘andlei'iggs i. Tickets

Scotlandt-t \'irgiii Recoids and the Sl-IC'C‘ Bos ()l'l'ice; lidinbtirgh: 'l'ickets Scotlaiidw \'irgiti Records is lialkti'k: Sleeves. Tickets can also be purchased through the Internet on litlp:./«’\i.\\w,ttciscts-onliticcotik. (‘aiiipiiig tickets are a\ailable tor £8.50 for the weekend. (‘aiiipers are strongly advised to book their camping tickets when they buy their lesti\;tl tickets.

I REM Stirling (’astle. .\loit l9. Tue 30 is “to 3| .lttl. S()l.l) ( )l'T.

I James Taylor Summer .‘s‘tglits. l.etitioslo\e. lladditigtoii. Sat 7 Aug. 0|3l 335 7838.

I Simply Red Royal Highland Showground. liigliston. lidiiibttrgli. 0l3l 330 333-1. 013] 330 4349. (ll-ll 304

5 15!.




The dates listed below are for one-off or ticketed shows; see separate section for free residencies. Gigs are listed by date, then by city. Performances will be listed, provided that details reach our offices at least eight days before publication. Jazz listings compiled by Abigail Bremner.


I Paul Harrison Trio Basement Jazz. Blackl‘i'iars l’ndergt'ouiid. 36 Bell Street. 553 5934. 9pm. £3. Modern jazz. from keyboardist Harrison. wlio is already making major waves iii tau. circles despite his modest years. perl'oriiiing here with his trio.


I Martin Kershaw Quartet Jazz Joint. 8 Morrison Street. 33! I388. l0ptti-—3am. £4 t£3i ('oitteiiiporary groove tau l‘rom a lotirs'oiiie which also teatui'es l’atil Harrison on keys and l’addy lilahei‘ty on drums


I Monkey Puzzle \y'estpurt Bar. 22 liast Henderson's Wynd. (ll 383 300993. 8pm. £3.50 (£350). Jan. and rock meet iii a high octane combination from this band. l’ai't ol‘ Dundee Jazz. Festival.

I Dundee Jazz Festival Gala Concert Rep Theatre. Tay Square. (H.383 333530. Rpm. £l0.50 (£8.50). .-\ show-stopping line-up featuring Acker Bilk. Scott Hamilton. Howard Alden. Colin Smith. . .lohti .\lc(iutl and the Tom Findlay Trio. l'S trumpeter Hamilton is joined by fellow yank Alden on guitar for the Tll'Sl set: the second hall sees a pairing of Bilk and trumpeting colleague Siiittli. arid everyone gets on-s'tage tor the grand l‘inale.

I Gerry Culley Trio Rep Theatre. Tay Square. 01.383 33.3530. l0.30pm. £3.50 i£3.50i. l.ocal threesome. fronted by pianist (‘ulley l’ait ol‘ Dundee Jazz Festival.



I Craig McMurdo - Singin' & Swingin’ (ireenock .-\rts Guild. (faiiipbell Street. 01475 733038. 7.30pm. £8 t£6.50). .-\ pared-down performance from the top crooner. backed by the Swmg Kings Trio. featuring hits l'rom the likes ol‘Sammy Davis .lnr. attd Tony Bennett.


I Groove Diggaz .la/I. John. S Morrison Street. 33! 1388. lllpttt 3am. £5 (£4). This seriously heavyweight soul-lunk group are the tortiiightly l-‘i‘iday residents. Tony King prov ides the \ocals‘. Sly Si plays bass. Roiime Rae .lnr. tinkles the ivories and Martin Kershaw and Tom McNiven do the horns. Sly Si ensures he’s kept on his toes by also signing tip for (iL‘CisS duty. with help from Ktilti.

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