C'hambet' deltx er a mt.\ ol'classrcal arid rock. followed by top tucker iii the Mackintosh Suite. ('ontact nt7sn 83-1449 for a resery atrotr.

I Cappella Nova Psalms Of Scotland (ilasgoyy Cathedral. (‘athedi'al Street. 552 3 NS. 7.30pm. {(i- till (Lil-{7.50). 'l‘he \ ocal ensemble take you oti a musical tourney through Scotland's history. starting \\ ttli ch century plainsong. througlt 10th century polyphony to a present day premiere from John Hearne. [titan/rm \Illll.


I John Hosking Sl (lites' Cathedral. Royal Mile. 225 9-142. l.|llpm. l'i'ee. .-\ programme or lttnchitiite organ music li‘om Hosktng. leattitttig “0th by Bach. .-\lain atrd Bonttal.

I Edinburgh University Renaissance Singers (‘anoitgate Kirk. ('anotrgate. ".l‘ptn. (5 "c in The singers present their \V'ttttsun ('oiicert. \\illl music by (it'egoi'to x\llegtt and Inca .\latetr/io iiilc'hk‘iS UH \itN‘l


I Midday Concert I<s.\.\tt). ton Retil'ieu Street. “2 SH?" lpm. USU t£2.5llt. 'I‘he .-\cadeitry \Vrnd l'.ltsL‘llli‘lt‘ present llir/l-ett/te. a ptogi'atrritie oi~ music arranged hour the operas ot' .\lo/ai’t.



I Junior Academy its..\.\it). too Rettl'ieu Street. “2 5M" ~1ptrt l'tee. .\lustc iron: the littuoi \catit‘lll} \\lltr.l ()i‘chestt‘a.

I Junior Academy Rsaxrt). ton Retzl'ieyy Street. H2 SUV (iptrr. l‘iee. .»\n eat ly e\ enirtg chatitlret' music concert from the lttnto: -\catlet‘.:y

I James Galway Royal ('oncet't Hall. 2 Sattclttehttll Street. 2S“ 55H




BBC Symphony Orchestra

Saturday 29 May,

The Glasgow Royal Concert Hall

Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra

Violin Concerto No. 1

Shostakovich Symphony No. 5

Leonard Slatkin Conductor Dmitry Sitkovetsky Violin

BE] Uchfi‘ve

Tickets £8 - £18:

7.30pm. £8—1fil3. At a recital to mark ltis (i()th birthday celebrations. the distinguished llatitist plays a selection ol‘ pieces from the turn of the century. The prograitime includes i’l't)kt)lic‘\".\‘ Smut/u In I) and Morlaccht's The Swiss Shep/ten! as well as piecesby Reinecke. Mouquet. 'i‘al‘i'anel aitd Doppler. Support comes limit his llattltst \yil‘e Jeanne (ialyyay and pianist Phillip Moll.


I Edinburgh University Singers Reid Concert Hall. Edinburgh l,'tii\et'stty. Bristo Square. (>50 2423. 7.30pm. £5

(£3 r. .lohii Kitchen conducts the choir and the uniyei‘srty”s chamber orchestra ttr Handel's Sir/ll.

I The Kevock Choir (Queen's Hall. ('let‘k Street. ()67 7770, 7.30pm.

£7 L“) (£(i~£7). West Sanioatr tenor Spencer Silby —.’\l|llllllllllll;lst‘\C is the guest in a \arted programme ol' choral


I The Three British Tenors t‘ar-riegre Hall. iiasl l’oi'l. lll.‘\.\'.‘~ 3 l-ll2". "gillpttr L") (L7- £S r. Not quite l’lacido. luctano arid low. but this popular trio still

slit)“ case some Hi the i‘c‘sl stings lilttltl

the classical \yorld.


I Sunday Afternoon Concert House l-or :\n Art l.o\ er. Bellahouston Park. ll) Hurnbreck Road. 353 4773. 2.30 4pm. l‘ree. See Sttit to.


I The Kevock Choir (‘ltteen‘s Hall. ('lerk Street. (to? 72,7). 2..‘~llpnr U U) tUi- £7 t. See Sat 22.

I St Giles' at .Sl (iliL'S‘ (hililt‘dtdi. Royal Mile.2250-1-12opnt. l-reefl‘he ()petr ()rchestt'a l‘t‘l'litt'lll \\ orks by Schumann.

. il‘riéiililliiiigishi‘;

I! tin“ "'7

FIRST Gusoow m 63 YEAgS:

0141 287 saw

I Cappella Nova - Psalms Of Scotland (ii‘eyl‘riat‘s Kirk. (.it'eyi‘riars Place. (ms 201‘). 7.3a «nannies-ctr (Ll-£7.50). See Till! 20.

I Mr McFall's Chamber 8: The Invention Ensemble Bongo Club. t4 New Street. 558 760-1. ()pm. Lb iL'J r. A double bill featuring classical titerged \\ ith l‘olk. lollowed by a challenging contemporary repertory.

St Andrews

I James Galway \ottitget Hall. North Street. (HRS-t Paolo. Tpnr L‘ to 9.414. See Sal :2.

MONDAY 24 Edinburgh I Norstrandskoret Sl (tiles' Cathedral. Royal .\lile. 22* tl~l~l2 !2 25pm l'ree l.l|llc‘illllllt‘ tirttstc :torn the l )slii-l\.tsed choir



I Radio 3 Classics l’tr:tces Square.

Buchanan Street. lptn lace Se.‘ BB(‘

\lttsic l.i\e listings. page to

I In Tune l’rtttces Square. Buchanan

Street. 5pm l‘iee See BBC \lustc lake

listings. page to

I Paragon Ensemble Royal (‘oziet-zi

Hall. 2 Sauchtehali Street. 2S"

opnr l't‘ee See BB(‘ \lttstcl :\e Listings.

page lo.

I Jordi Savall Si .v\lo_\ siiis' Church.

lltll Street (iai‘itetlitll. 2S" *5 l l.

TMlptrr. t'lll. See BBC .\lttstc l.|‘- e

listings. page IS.

I BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra

Royal ('otrcett Hall. 2 Sairclttehall Street. 2 n 2. “lpm. LS LIS See BB(‘

is .‘.‘ll

Music l.‘.‘.t' listings page i.‘ I The Piano Music Of Frederic

Chopin littlc‘ilt'siill‘s Hall. 235 lllg‘ltii‘it Street. 552 S W! Spin L12 L‘S. 'l'he sr\lh or s.'\ en concezls teatttitztg soztte or

the composer 's truest piano out is



Elltll/ I

8“ .li


is s ~ 5‘?" 1

90-93 FM RADIO 3 .

classical & opera MUSIG


I Simone Rebello Royal Over-Seas House. l()() Princes Street. 225 1501. Soon. i l 2 i£l() members). A lunchtime performance from percussionist Rebello.


I Louise Winter (iallery ol‘ Modern Art. Royal lischange Square. Queen Street. Ill 1184 lpm. l-‘ree. See BBC Music l.t\e listings. page l7.

I Radio 3 Classics Princes Square. inchanan Street. lptii. l‘ree. See Wed 26. I Ines de Castro 'l‘heatre Royal. 282 Hope Stree . 332 anon 7. 15pm.

U St) LJSSir .lattres .\lac.\lil|airs l'it‘st lot'ay into the world or lull-length operas tece!\ ed its prettitet'e at the 1996 International l‘L‘sllHti. to \ery mixed

l't‘\ reyys Three years later the highly- charged tale or lo‘. ers battling against the odds lll lotli century war torn Spain returns to the Scottish stage. iii the capable hattds or Scottish ()pera. Hopes are high tor a better reception this time attullLl.

I Baamfest ItaSet‘y ice Suite. .lordatthill (Irrirpus Stratl‘.ciyde l'triyers’tty. 543 1.1.1.}. " ‘xopnr 1-: «LI: .-\ chamber orchestra pei‘rortiratrce presented as part «it a number or gigs and concerts by students oi. the B.-\ Applied .‘ylttsic llegt't‘t‘

I Splendours And Tears: Hesperion XX 'i‘he l’fptttg (cutie. M \lc‘l’liatet' Street. ill-ll 387 551! ".Rtipiti. £10. See BBC \lttstc l.t\e listings. page 16.

I Mozart Serenade for 13 Winds St Aloysius Church. Hill Street. (iat'nethill. 2S7 5.; ll illptll. i'il'L‘L‘. See BBC Music

l.l\:.' itsttngs. page l


I John Harris St (itles' Cathedral. Royal Mile. 225 “H; l lllptt‘. l‘t'ee.

l aticianiie organ music ti'ottr Harris. \y ho piays Brutitis. \lesstaen. Bach. Boch

and l .tztglats

"E :18!) Vista“

KWWu’H “UV” 3!:

llul _\


t w THE LIST55