Sell Out

Glasgow: The Arches Wed I9—Sat 22 May

Friends, especially close friends, can qmckly turn into worst enemies, and share-(1, intimate secrets can so easily become mom number‘s Hamil; cast the speli (:t trier physical theatre over the bonus 0‘ illiflillSIiIl) w. snows like K/u.) and Zorn Fr'ariti: Assembly take aharrianttaiwr‘s::1'3120 ‘..'L:ll‘.lu:" look at I‘;.il2;,‘(".".\ friendships meal. :::>‘-.'-.n

Their lip-from \l‘.’:€' and (relight m (raftth tit-c tint; s::-;. at Ks 00.10 (mm dominate the ;:-:>rt:>rmari('e, as (racks I)(‘.‘(}lll to show"; III the relations between four iono-Mne pals. The ll'lf‘l‘lI‘xIlil) has washed unspoken f(‘--;:-Ia'2~';s heir. anti .2 I):r"..‘“.::a‘,l gm";

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provrue a .'Y'.f‘,.'(" SlOl'V'IhiSHI doorman] t(:- tI‘w-n' :)<>"-:‘-r'r'.‘r:.r‘:-:> \ii)? that Ii

unpedw 19h“- 3:". Vat-a 0’ View athletm

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(. K. ,, -' . o .r . 1" ;:.:S;.v... I\.. c. \, 9.1:, .. ,. ) . r/cly‘i ,,'\ _: ‘ER \f‘ '13}.

Friendly persuasion: Sell Out

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the frailty a? "0 production is so good :l audience to sortie wry (Ian; I‘.l..':‘:2l‘.:l\’, art: :rtar-ze their: Iaz'c‘h r‘ii'r"\..'(>i;sEy 'r: rt‘x'cgczmtiorr 07' swim :s revealed Strange 329”, that .1 does net have to s IV about

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:)I\/(al.£l‘. \IrSIII.‘. y, Tc}. ..'! MIR.” I‘) ).. MIMI. ,, ,. ..;I “v.4. ,, , .. .,

that, much, ll‘.ti(_Ii more If Imt Isn't t'y It's Lily Savage stars as Miss Hanniqan, i::i(Ier-s-:=x~:f-(I, bitter alcohohc who also runs THO Carris Annexe of the New York I‘.’IUIII(II_)<3I Orphanage in some ()t the best (.‘lellM; of the ((fl!’.l.'.'",', sht- as ail bad li‘llIKX‘I and ()vri I‘ar1:;()v-:-r You .‘rrii see

I crux/hi tz‘; scare you,

7w In mack snky .-_' .:-.-.'r:,.,:*=".'s :w: '<;'!:>rs \m; war 'w' sf'ut “1' ’h;r;f‘; 0/, 'C ‘L\; \S" \, 7’ ~'! II qua. ;.(l)‘. 41 til '\ u. 1 “val l-x.’ \Iltil but} v, It». a" p‘nu IA'S: ‘sl I" IV 3'” li“ I \i‘. ' .t’I‘.!‘\I t .\ “JCS, ( ‘I MI \ (I a, it I I. l

“mum: _Il(‘ mung, .,-,-:,r.~y v_

\. .ilt‘ \xi'l/IJII! Al‘lat‘ ,Ilt'us’li‘) ,; alrllc;

a' .:2. ' 'r' ...I ll \ l l 11l.. . r l' I' .’r..:.:‘.’ 1': \I ' " .i‘. 2' I .1; r‘. K K "i I "i .’ q I H :mv: 'i I' I z. x ' '1' v «' llll' : 'I I' ‘l,( , 'x. ' .zilll'

turd-(Whariuzrv; Mutant"? .292" the mom bonus for (in: (iron-.11 14:21.)? the iél'l!!!(I(iI)I(‘ «.Iszs Samm-

‘Simrms‘ Baum

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1.922 May 1999 mausrsr