Peter Ross

Rebel lnc, the Edinburgh-based publishers of cult novels, are currently offering two books from their Classms range for £10. Including works like Robert Sabbag's coke smuggling yarn Snowb/ind, the front covers of the whole series have been shot in stark, arty monochrome by Scots snapper Peter Ross. ’As in life, the most interesting things are in the grey areas between the extremes and espeCIally in the darker tones,’ he says.

The photographer plans to publish a book and mount an exhibition in the new Parliament building of 100 shots of Scots, young and old, rich and poor, famous and unknown. It will surely include the final portrait (pictured left) of Edinburgh author Naomi Mitchison, who died this year. (Brian Donaldson)

Rebel Inc Classics, two for f 70 while stocks last. Peter Ross’s book of portraits, provisional/y tit/ed One Hundred Voices, is expected next year.

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Ben Folds Five

One of the more intriguing proposrtions to emerge from America’s alternative scene in recent years, Ben Folds Five owe as much to Randy Newman as Nirvana, But that’s not to say that their piano-led songs lack impact or emotion. New album, The Unauthorized Biography Of Reinhold Mess‘ner, will strike a chord wrth anyone who has loved and lost or at least played ’Chopsticks’ We tickled Ben Folds’ ivories until he came clean about his booze-soaked youth. What's with the album title?


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Reinhold Messner is the patron saint of underage 3:

drinking. It was the name that me. and my friends ' used on our fake lD. You would get a chain of I h ' I five 17-year-old guys gomg into bars at night With V y No, it's not a police sketch. artists the same name, *" impressron of Prodigy’s Keith Flint:

this is the official poster for the 1999 Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Thirteen-year-old Amanda Bree from Knox Academy in Haddington won a competition to design an image which will feature on all Fringe merchandise. 250 of the best designs will be on display at Edinburgh College of Art during the ange.

The Edinburgh Festival Fringe, various venues, Sun 8—Mon 30 August.

Did {cu know that the real Reinhold Messner was the irst guy to climb Everest without oxygen?

Wowl We lucked out, I can’t remember where we got the name from, but one of my friends must have come up with it by watching Biography when he was stoned

Is the song ’Your Redneck Past' about your redneck past?

Oh, totally, l grew up in the sticks With a bunch of kids souping up our cars. Actually, it's probably the only song on the album which doesn’t have a really heartfelt point to it. (Peter Ross)

Ben Fo/ds' Five play the Arches, Glasgow, Sat 75 May. See rock and pop listings, page 44 The Unauthori/ed Biography Of Reinhold Messner is out now on Epic.


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