THEATRE listings



Grindlay Street Court. 220 434‘). Landscapes Sat 22—Stin 23 May. Sat 11am. lpiii & 3pm; Sun ll.30am. 1.30pm 8; 3pm. £5 (£4). Ages 5--‘). See Kids listings.


43—45 High Street. 556 9579/2647. [\VC‘. WA]

Our Story Mon |7--Sat 22 May. 7.30pm. £5 (£3.50). The Cirassiiiarket Project continue their practice oi exploring social issues with members of the comtiiunities they affect. More details iii Agenda section. page l‘).

Root, Branch 8. Bough i—‘i-i l4 .\lay. 7.30pm. £5 (£3.50). lioilage themed evening ot~ storytelling. including an unusual insight into the history of tea. Leaves From The Story Tree Sat IS May. l0atii—4piii. £l5 (£8). A storytelling workshop with an environmental theme. Storytelling and the School Day i—‘t-i

2| May. l()aiii—4piii. £l5 (£8 ). A practical woi‘ksho i for those working in education. Storyte ling Step By Step Sat 22 May. l0aiii—4piii. £ | 5 (£8 ). :\ workshop for beginners iii the art (it oral history.


l8~22 (ii'eensidc Place. 557 2590. [ll. WC. WA]

Annie Tue IR Sat 2‘) May; 7..i()piii; \Ved & Sat 2.30pm A: 7.30pm. £ l0.50-£22.50. Lily Savage's inspired turn as Miss Hannigan lends some bite and bile to the l‘eelgood musical about the ginger orphan with a heart (it gold. See i‘ex iew page 57.


(irindlay Street. 248 4848. ll’. ll. 'l'l‘. “C. \V:\]

The Number 14 l‘i‘i 2l Sun 25 May. l-‘ri 3piii1Sat 3pm & 2.30pm: Siiii lpiii tk 3pm. £5 (£4i. Ages 5+. Canada's .-\.\is

iv». '52

Theatre (‘onipaiiy present a lamily sketch show centred on the travellers on a double decker. The cast play some .10 characters. givitig life to the strangers we pass tin- noticed every day. Physical comedy tun for all ages (all ages over S. that Is)


10 ()rwell 'l‘errace. 346 I405. [\VC. WA] Bums 0n Seats 'l'hti l.‘i-—Sat l5 .‘ylay. 7.30pm. £5 (£3.50). Billed as an adult comedy. Michael Snelgroye‘s play centres on the travails of a theatre company struggling to mount an opening night iii a provincial \eiitie.

THEATRE WORKSHOP 3'4 Hamilton Place. 226 5425. [ll. \\‘('. \\'.o\l All Aboard! Sat 22 --Sun 23 May: Sat l.3()pni: Sun .‘i..‘il)piii. £5 (£4). :\ges 7--l0. See Kids listings.


"‘ELost Boy

The Promised Land


Directed by Susan C. Ines/run

The tragic and hidden story of Robert Livingstone, lost son of the great explorer, David Livingstone.

Mon 10TH to Sat 22ND MAY at 7:30pm. (Not Sunday 16th)


' Ramshorn 98 Ingram Street Glasgow 0141-552 3489

O . Tickets

from £1.50 to £7 Ticket Centre

0141-287 5511

David's Gift l'ntil Sal l5 .\Iay. 7.30pm; Sat 2. illpiii t\' T illpiii. 'l‘liis _\t‘;ll"\ ('oiiiniunity l’lay l'ioiii 'l‘lieatie Workshop centres (in an lidtiilitirgli liased Iltilticatist \lll'\ not. The production \\ as developed \\ tilt the help til actual stii'\ l\ tits and the lidiiilitirgli llelirew l‘otitidatioti. Taking A Line For A Walk I'll Si 23 May. I‘ll 2pm; Sat .i .‘illpiii; Sun ll..‘s().iiii. £5 (£4). Ages (is. See Kids listings.

Tiggers Don't Climb Trees I'll It Suit 2‘ May. I'l'l 4pm; Sat llaiii; Suit lillpvii £5 (£4). Ages 4+. See Kids listings.



('aiiilii’idge Street. 22S l-llll jl’. ll. li'l'. \VL'. \\‘.v\l

Book Of Miracles i~:: 3i S.t122\l.:y I'll l ‘illpni; Sat ll) illaiir. L5 Li-ii -\gcs 8+. See Kids listings

Danny 306 + Me (4 Ever) I’ie\ icky I'l'l Isl .\l.r\ "pin. :2 50 Sat 22 (\' Sun 2‘. Sat 2‘) t\ Sun it) May. Sat 3 illptii. San

ll illaiii t\' 2pm. L5 'L-ll .iiiiiiiatcd :titiszc..3 sues iiiteinatioiiai stipeisi..i Stella \ (siting he: (‘tiiiitiooir .1 Hip extikitig iiieiiitiites (it

her t'iieiitisltzp \\llil Danny the hell Eitiy. Stiiiie «\l' Scottish 'llieaZie s iiigges: li.:lli;‘\ .ii'e door i'. :(ii 'lit kids See ;‘i;‘\ icyy page 55.

The Half Chick And Two Tales I'!E

.‘l 8211):; \lay If: i $.5pzii. Sal iI.ii:t. Still I lit‘ll‘. LS 'L-i- '\f.‘t‘\ ‘- St”: Kltls listings.

Martha Sa: 22 St::; 2; \l.._\ Sat 2 illpiii; Sun i-l5piii 1'5 'th listings Morgan’s Journey .s’.:: 3; .s'tai :3 \i.ty Sal ~I|‘lll'. Stii: I l.-I.";iiii :5 Li'.'\:_'1'\~lt See Is':(ls l l\Illl‘_‘\

I).'i‘. ltl ( ilL'I}_"\

lnntielo‘tyz‘: ti


220.] {.p)

Scottish International Children’s Festival Inc 15 Sin: 2i \lay lizitaiifs largest coileclioii til shows to: yum)" people \‘.lII1 companies \l\lliil_‘_' lzoiii across the \soiltl .\loie (It'l.:lI\ !l'. l\dti\ lislitigs


BRUNTON THEATRE I\‘\i>\"\'li\\|l>.\1T3\\\'|i\i:i;‘il.(‘(\;:— ll’. II. ll. \\ ( f \\ -\i

Alpha Dance Academy i an; s.;: i5 .\I.iy T ‘stipii; Ll Sititleiiisol ill.” .iloieiiieiitioiiel sciiooi l;i‘I siltk‘ slititllc a\\.iy lot you: eiitt'ilaizizizcxit liailet. ll‘ithlt'lll. :.-.// anti Sctilizsi; .::.- (in 'lic

iiieiiti. \\ til: Inn


taking gnu!


i 2‘? .\;t(iistiti Slice! \yt‘. \\ \‘

Michael Clark Company ~ Current/SEE I'll .‘i \il \t.(-.

\()|i|ii 105'.) lilinl.‘ "' !_I_‘v Il's

<_‘H(tt,()ti it]

lieeii .t \\ IllIt' 'Itllll '\\'.II\' l‘lll the test seems it» li.i\e (lone ( lail. \Hlllt' g'tititl

Savage garden: Lily brings bite to Annie

He doesn‘t like the word ‘coniebackf so let's look upon this as a return to 1mm See preview page 54.

Scottish Ballet Light Fandango 8: La Sylphide l'ntil 'l'liti l3 .‘ylay'. ".Rllpiii; \Ved l..‘i()piii t‘c 7.30pm.

£7 £l‘l.5ll (£5 £l(i.50). The first piece to llll\' double bill coiiies l'rtiiii Roliei‘t North. recently announced as new Artistic Director til. Setitlis‘li Ballet. “‘5 an tip-lieat work drawing (in traditional (lance lor inspiration. .-\ stiitalile warm up act. at the \ei'y least. l'(ir

liotiriiony ille‘s gleii set taitaii clad iotiiaiitic classic.

Scottish Ballet nighT LiFe l-ri 14 -Sat l5 .‘ylay " 10pm; Sat 2pm tv 7.30pm.

5" £l‘) 5() I £5 ‘4 l(i,5l)‘-. 'l'ini Rtishton's new piece is llayvetl litit litill ol‘ good ideas and sense oi I‘llll. w :tli a stylishly designed sci ies oi t'lippaiit liaisons. This world pi‘eiiiieie is accompanied by Lila Yoik's e\tilierant /\)(I/’.'lI/'t' and the rather ordinary l)ll'(’l'\/Hll\. liy Kenneth \I;ie.\lillaii.

Siobhan Davies Dance Company The 2.5 \Ved 2(i .\Iay. 7. illpiii, £0.50 £I4 (L5 50 £l2 i. ill/tiglir is the lirsi lull length piece ti‘oiii the always interesting \ls l).t\ ies ('(iaiiposei ls'ey iii \'iolaiis c'tillli'iiitllc‘s an eclectic score consisting (it~

:Ytiiiais and cello



lieiiiiocliy ls’oatl. (H.502 ~ll2‘)2‘) ll’. ll. wt 1 \\'.-\

Britannia Rules'l‘lia 1.1 Sat )5 May.

illpiil. Sal llaiii t\' T itlpiii £5 £51.55). Ii; l.(ic lilieatiK coitietly (liaiiia looks at the li\es (it \y .iitiiiie exactiees. lioth (luring \\ \\‘ll. and during their i'euiiioii as


MACROBERT ARTS CENTRE l'iiiveisity (it Stirling. Ill".\‘(i 4(il().S’l [I’. II. we. \v.\i

Stiff! l'iitil Sat l5 .\l.ty. ".illpiti. £S £9 "LI Elsi)! I'tiiI‘t‘s .\I.iss(iliis tale ()l \L'\ and death. heaven and hell. art and c'tllllllit‘lc't'. ciiiiie and politics aiiitiuiits to an t‘\t'lllll_‘._' (it :iototis eiiteitaiiiiiieiit. .’t.iiitl-titiis ill a geiieiaily e\celleiit score .(it‘ liaciiaiaclitasiic iiIIe iitiiiilier .lIItI the salt-Ky l.i/t': king‘s lieaztielt 'l I'eel .-\

I illle (ill: l'p So I‘ll ('ti'. You lip .-\ lllllt‘ Ils l‘lg‘ tilit.’ llis c‘lt‘H‘l' .tlltl ('t' ctilt‘sllly' ILLs lit‘\t‘l‘ I‘t"L'II \U

:tittci‘. ilili



lieiuiociiy ls‘oal lll5‘l2 -Il_“)_“l. [I’. ll. \\ t ‘. \\W\i

European Ballet The Nutcracker Hut 2') \l.i\ ' illpiii LI: 5‘.)

it. In tjil sin l'eli.iil.o\ sky ‘s pei'eiiiiial \lllt‘lltlt' lllt'lllt'tl \ I(i\\(I lilt'.l\('l lt'llll‘lh iii .i pt'iltiiiiiaiice lead li\ Siaiiislm

It li.iss(i\ ltiiiiiei'lv .i piiiicipal dancer with the litilslitii