Comedy is listed by date, then by city. Shows will be listed, providing that details reach our offices at least ten days in advance of publication. Comedy listings are compiled by Rob Fraser



A Night For Kosovo The Arches. 221 4001. 8pm ‘til 3am. \‘v’ar. what is it good for'.’ Nights like this obviously. w here good hearted types ensure a good time for a good cause. Plitl Kay headlines the comedy oti offer. there's liy e music from The Bathei's iaiiiong othersi and .lattice Forsth hosts. More surprise guests. an auction. and a 70s disco complete the line

Clieshire Cat Comedy Club waxy ‘s. 2o (‘andleriggs 553 S717. ()pin. l-ree. \"iy (.iee. David Kilby arid (iai'y Hagen tell it like it is ill humotii'ous fashion. with Raymond .\learns hosting.

Cosy Comedy Cafe The State Bar. Hs Holland Street. 333 315‘). ‘),30pm. £4 (£3). ltiipressioiiist (iei'ry (iranl and ('anadian comedian .lason Whitehead do their comedy utmost for host Billy Hullkt‘l‘s


The Bearpit \\'..|. (‘hristie ck Son. 37 31 West Port. 335 3.705. 1.30am. £3. Taking the piss in the wee small hours are the hecklei munching likes of Susanne lii‘aser. Raytiiond \leariis and fancy (it)tllt‘_\.

The Stand 5 York Place. 55S 7373. Spin. £41£.31..\laiy l'nfatthlul stitiiiis hei comedy barrio w itli support li‘oiii .loe Heenan. teen Idol Teddy .tiid guest host Martin littrby.

Christie’s Comedy Cellar wit. (‘hi'isiie ck Son. 37>3l \Vcstl’tit‘1.33b37fi5. 9.3()p111.£-ll£3i. 1)a\e\\'i11iaiiis is tonight's coiiipei'e w elcoiiiiiig l)av id Kay and headliner \'eron (iibson.



The Bearpit \\’..I. (‘hiisiie .\ son. 27 31 West Port. 33S 3765. 1.30aiii.£3.Sec Thu 13.

The Stand The Stand. 5 York l’lace. 55S 7373. 8pm. £5 1‘34 i. He’s half Scottse. halftieordiehe's.-\ii\i1Spi'iiigstien. making his Stand debut. .\lai'_\ l'ntaithful

and gag machine Allan Miller support. with .loon Broon guest hosting. ()ne open soot. loo.

Chris Barrie 8r Norman Lovett Brunton ’l‘heatre. l.adywell Way Musselburgh. 665 3340. 10.30pm. £10 (£81. The Rw/ Dim/ff types get back to their stand tip routine roots. Nobody mention .4 Prime :lIIlU/lt' .llt'ri. though.

East Kilbride

Bob Doolally's Extra Time liast Kilhi'ttlc Arts Centre. ()ld Coach Road. 01355 361000. Spin. £6 (£3). fixpect parrot and moon related similes galore as football's most incisive expert suiiiiiiariser enjoys a game of two halves.



Chris Barrie 8r Norman Lovett (‘ottier Theatre. 93 1-1yndland Street. 357 3868. S im. £13 (£10). See liri 14.

The Saturday Comedy Experience lfAttachc. 37 Waterloo Street. 331 3310. 9.30pm. £5 (£4). Raymond Mearns is installed as resident host. w elconiing three familiar faces from the comedy circuit and occasional open spots.

Cosy Comedy Cafe The State Bar. 148 Holland Street. 333 315‘). 9.30pm. £5 4.1.11 i. 1)ave\\'i11iams. Bitter Benny and Dougie l)unlop are tonight‘s guests of the l1\ ing institution of comedy that is Billy Hoilkc‘l‘s.


The Bearpit \\'..l. (.‘hristie iv Son. 37---3l West Port. 33S 3765, 1.30am. £3. See Thu 13.

The Stand 5 York Place. 55S 7373. Split. £6 (£4). Same line up as last night. with Jane \lackay the comedy glue holding the whole enterprise together.


Bob Doolally's Extra Time Howden Park Centre. 01506 43363-1. ()pm. £5 (£3). See lirt Isl.


The Comic Club Blackfriars. 36 Bell Street. 553 593-1. 9pm. £5 l£3.50). Richard Allen. Dougie Dunlop atid John McGuinness are tonight‘s mirth meisters.

Better 'Red' than Dead: Lovett 8r Barrie

listings COMEDY

The Laughing Bag They make you laugh, we make -

them squeal. This issue: Poet Iaureat of comedy Brendan Moohan.

Describe your first experience of being funny in public.

There’s a photo of me eating dog shit when ! was two. Normal parents would've stopped me from domg so, my family photographed it.

Have you ever performed while drunk or chemically enhanced?

I recently performed sober for the first time. Also, much to my Wife's delight, I once took a bucket of Viagra before performing Usually I’m pished

Tell us the punchline to your favourite joke.

Do I put it in the brown bit or do 1 feed the turkey/7

Where will you be on Jan 1 2000? Hongover and shouting at my Computer.

What five items would you take to a desert island?

Passport, return ticket, spending money, stiiitreani, friends

Name your favourite biblical character?

i an: interested 1.". the tontents of Judas' carry-oot

What's worse, a mime or a juggler?

My matc- Norman ioggtes so I have to say a mime Both look good through the sights of a crossbow

What would be the title of your autobiography?

Portrait of the Artist as an Old Fart.

ls poetry the sexiest form of comedy?

SCXiest of all art forms

a Brendan Moo/tan appears at The Stand Fri 27 and Sat 22 May.

ioin host Raymond Mearns to tickle your


The Bearpit WJ. Christie 62 Sort. 37—31 West Port. 338 3765. 1.30am. £3. See Thu 13.

Whose Lunch Is It Anyway? The Stand. 5 York Place. 558 7373. 1— 3pm. Free with drinks or a meal. lmprov with your sci'aii from Jack \V'eatherall arid Paul (iraham.

Pint-Sized Comedy The Stand. 5 York Place. 558 7373. Spin. £3.50 i£3). (‘ompere .-\llan Miller welcomes t'ive tiew acts and a more high profile closer to the Sunday night smorgasbord. Christie's Comedy Cellar \\'.J. Christie ck Son. 37-31 West Port. 338 3765. 9.30pm. £3. Craig Hill and Stuart Potter

experienced act brings proceedings to a dignified close.



The Bearpit WJ. Christie & Son. 37—31 West Port. 338 3765. 1.30am. £3. See Thu 13.

Brian Hennigan's House Of Fun The Stand. 5 York Place. 558 7373. 8pm. £1 per person to play. Fabulous prizes are pt'otiiised for the team lucky enough to excel at ‘Name That Tuna' or ‘Mongoose Mayhem.‘



Rich Hall Cottier Theatre. ()3 Hyndland Street. 357 3868. 8pm. £9 (£7). The vitriolic American presents a

funny bones and - where applicable fancy.

The Bearpit WJ. ("hi-isiie a Son. 27-31 West Port. 338 3765. 1.30am. £3. Sec

Thu 13. schiZopht‘enic show. first as one of the best stand-ups around. then in the shape m of country t+ western) cousin ()tis Lee - (‘renshaw See preview )age 63. Glasgow Christie's Comedy Cel ar 1.1).

Mark 8: John's Comedy Quiz Tron Theatre Bar. 63 'l‘roiigate. 553 4367. liree. Prizes galore from the pop culture obsessives who turn questions into cabaret. Hugely entertaining.


The Bearpit \\'.J. (‘hristie iv Sort. 37—31 West Port. 338 3765. 1.30am. £3. See Thu 13.

Jeff Green Queen’s Hall. (.‘lerk Street. 667 7776. 8pm. £8 (£7). Angelic of face but wicked of tongue. the TV panel game regular breezes itito town for a night of sharp observational stand tip.

Red Raw The Stand. 5 York Place. 558 7373. 8pm. £1. Liane lillis is the host. encouraging eight comedy virgins to pop I their collective cherry. A more

Simpson's. 1397 Argyle Street. 334 1831. 9pm. Free. Michael Redmond works his droopy ‘tached. deadpan cotiiedy magic alongside Raymond Mearns.


The Bearpit WJ. Christie 8; Son. 37—31 West Port. 338 3765. 1.30am. £3. See Thu 13.

World Of Comedy Quiz The Stand. 5 York Place. 558 7373. 9pm. £1 per person to play. Bill Dewar hosts an evening where trivia. humour and the chance to win cold hard cash combine to form a heady cocktail.

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