DDMEDY listings



Glasgow Cheshire Cat Comedy Club \\’21\}"s. 2t) Candleriggs. 552 87 | 7. 9pm. Free. Mark

Bratchpiece (_lC\\'l\'li and Scottish ~- mo stei'otypes tor the price ot’ one. as he puts it) joins the ex er in demand Michael Redmond Cosy Comedy Cafe The State Bar. 1-18

i Holland Street. 332 2i5‘). 9.30pm. £4 (£2). Billy Bonkers \Vc‘lCUllic‘S .Iolin (jillick and David Kine. as \\ ell as a fledgling talent for the open spot.

i Edinburgh

The Bearpit hit. (home .\ Son. 27 ' West Port. 228 37(15. |.3()aiii. £2. See Thu I3.

I Rich Hall Queens llall. (‘lerk Street. 007 L 7776. 8pm. £8 (£7). See Wed l‘).


The Stand 5 York Place. 558 "272. ‘lpin. £4 (£3 ). All the nay i'i'oni the l'SA. Neil 3 Masters headlines. is itli support li'Ulll Brian ; lleningan. Alison Monroe and Jason \\'hiteliead. Martin l-'tii‘h_\ is guest host. Christie’s Comedy Cellar \\‘..i. Christie 62 SUI]. 27—.5l \‘s'c'sl Pt)”. 223 .5765. 9.30pm. £4 (£3). .loe lleenan is coiiipere i welcoming lad} like douhle act \’i\' and Jill and (‘raig ("i'ookstoii


The Bearpit \\'..|. (home t\' Son. 27 .3l \Yc‘sl l’tn'l. 223‘ 35.0.5. l..3(l.ilti. ‘22. Sc‘t‘ Thu l3.

The Stand 5 York l’laee. 55> 72-72. Xl‘ni. £5 (L'Ji. .Slc‘\\;lll l‘i‘aiieis «('anadian l'unn}inan. iioi the git who used to eitish grapes on (‘i'in At riot it is tonight's headliner. \\ itli poetic stippoit t'i'oin Brendan Mooliaii. \eil Masters and guest coiiipei'e .l()()ll Biotin. ()pen spot. too.



Cosy Comedy Cafe the State Bar. its Holland Street. 332 2)5‘) 9 30pm. £5 (£4). Stu Who’ headlines. his c‘Ulllt‘tl} trail lia\ ing been l‘la/ed h} .\'eil Masters and aiiahle host Bill} Boiikeis.

The Saturday Comedy Experience l.'r\llilc‘llL'. 27 \lec'lltm Sllc‘c‘l. 22l .52 ll). 9.30pm. ‘45 (L11). See Sat l5

. Edinburgh

The Bearpit \\'..l. (‘liristie & Son. 27 3| \Vc‘sl l’tut. 2.2TS 3-05. l.3(l.tltt. {2. SL‘L‘ Thu 13.

The Stand 5 York Place. 55.\ 7272. Spin. £0 (U i. Stexsai't l~ianeis and Brendan .\loohan return. ioined tonight h} Mark Bratchpiece aitd hostess .laiie Macka).



Rich Hall Mac Robert Arts Centre. University of Stirling. (H786 J(il()8 l. Spin. L“) (£6). See Wed 1‘).


Joke Box Mister P's. 42 \N'eiimeadtm Street. 5(il 7] l7. l().3()pni. l-‘i'ee. Neil Masters. David Ka) and Dougie l)nnlop bring Paisley its monthly ration of ll\C COITTCLl)‘.


The Comic Club Blackliriai's. 30 Bell Street. 552 5924.9p11).{5(92350). (‘anadaian Neil Masters continues to make the most of his work permit as headliner. \\ itli support from John Gordon and Graham Phillips,


The Bearpit \\'.J. (‘hristie & Son. 27 ~31 “'08! Port. 22S 370.5. l..3();llt). 9.2. See Thu 13.

Whose Lunch Is It Anyway? the Stand. 5 York Place. 553 7272. l -3pni. liree

\\ itli drinks or a meal. See Sun In. Pint-Sized Comedy The Stand. 5 York Place. 558 7272. Spin. £2.50 (£2). See Sun to.



Mark & John's Comedy Quiz 't‘i-on Theatre Bar. ()3 'l‘i'ongate. 552 4267 l'il'c‘c‘. See .\l()lt l2.


The Bearpit \\‘..I. (‘hi-isne tk Son. 3" .‘~i \Yt‘sl l’Hi'l. 223 .5705. l..3ll.ii)). ’22. See ‘l‘hii l3.

Red Raw 'l‘he Statid. 5 Yolk l’lace. 555 7272. S’pni. Ll See .\lon I"


The Bearpit \\‘..l. ('lii‘istie (k Son. 27 3| \Vc‘st l’oi‘l. 223 3765. | 30am. £2. See 'l‘hu l3.

Connoisseur Comedy Collection The Stand. 5 York l’lace. 55h "2‘2. 7.3()pni. U). Stand up legend Arnold liioun tone oi the most influential llg’lll'c‘S in the British liistoi'} ot the ai'ttoi'ini brings his laconic charm to lidinhnrgh. lolin (iillick otters sturd} support.



Quote, Unquote RSAMI). l()(| Reiiiieu Street. 332 5057. 7.3()pni. l‘i'ee. Nigel Rees brings the urbane radio panel shim to Scotland as part (it BBC .\ltisie l.t\e.

Lived-in legend: Arnold Brown at the Stand

Rich Hall 8: Otis Lee Crenshaw

Various venues, see listings.

Ol' red neck is back: Rich Hall

’If I could find something funny or ironic in the death of Jill Dando, I’d turn it into a joke. I just haven’t yet.’ Rich Hall spoke to The List shortly before celibate superannuated pop star and Knight of the Realm Sir Cliff Richard became a key figure in the year’s strangest media event. Perhaps by the time Hall's tour hits Scotland, the bachelor boy may feature in the American stand up's vitrioloic stream of consciousness. Even betting without slain Crimewatch presenters, Hall is not short of material.

‘I love the fact that American pilots in Kosovo keep ditching airplanes worth a hundred million dollars,’ he says. ‘There was that one guy who lost his stealth bomber three days into the war. The Pentagon issue these statements saying what’s important is getting our heroic pilot home safely, but you know that guy is pushing a fucking peanut across the Gobi desert

with his nose right now.’

Punters at Hall's Scottish shows are assured excellent value for their hard earned cash. Not only will you get the former writer for David Letterman (’I stayed until'i made enough money to do whatever the fuck I wanted’) in full on stand up mode there’ll also be music, with a lengthy set from Hall’s alter ego, Otis Lee Crenshaw. The former jailbird and wannabe country music star will play a selection of his best loved tunes, including the strangely moving ballad of forbidden love in the state penitentiary ‘He Almost Looks Like You.’ Otis also turns a sceptical red neck eye to genetics and evolution on the spirited protest song ’I Didn’t Come From No Monkeys.’

The problem with parodying God’s own music lies in Country's inherent ludicrousness, as Hall found when debuting as Otis in Nashville itself. ’After the show, I had a lot of guys come up to me and say that Otis could get a publishing deal anytime he wanted,’ he recalls. So far, the comic has resisted temptation, but if Garth Brooks ever releases a record entitled ’Tonight The Malt ls Single And So Am I,' we’ll know exactly whom to blame. (Rob Fraser)


World Of Comedy Quiz The Stand. 5 York l’laee. 55.‘\ "272. ‘)[‘lll Ll per person to pla}. See \\ ed 1‘)

The Bearpit \\’..I. (‘lnisite .\ son. :7 St West Port. 225 3705. l 3()ain L2. See Thu 1 3.



Velvet Cabaret \‘eixei Rooms. Sin Sancliieliall Street. 335 NUS 7 30pm. l'iee Hooking ietiniied Sketches and stand up lioiii BBC Radio Scotland's talented team

Kay lltc' \alt‘. l)(lll(l.i\ Sitt't'l. 352 4925 Spin L5 The \\ll\l e_\e.l eoiiiic genius stints his .il\\.i}s ii1.i;_'iiitieeiit slut! in the \ale's iiitiiiiate sniioiiiidiiigs Slash Dot Comedy ls’anislioin 'lilieatie. ‘).\ Iiigiaiii Sheet. 25" 55 i l Spin. l'iee .\loie lilic \ltisic l ix.‘ shenanigans. \\llll .i sketch has-ed tonne eolleetne iii lull Cll'c'c'l

The News Huddlines king’s theme.

2‘)” Bath Sheet. 25" 55 ll ‘) l5piii l'iee

Ro} lliidd. .luiie \Vhitt'ield aitd ('hi‘is‘ l'liinnett star in the long running iadio satire \lltm u itli inoi‘e hiie than you might e\pect. Another BBC Music the presentation.

Cosy Comedy Cafe the State Bar. its Holland Street. 332 2l5‘). 9. 30pm. Ll (£2 i. .Iohiin} So in and Paul aitd Ra} are tonight‘s hiin pi tests at the church of l‘alltt‘i Hill} lS()lllsL'l'.\.

Cheshire Cat Comedy Club Was) ‘s. 2n ('andleriggs. 552 S7l7, 9pm. Free. lake a (‘atliolie teenager e\pei ieneing doubts about his taith. tonights acts are _\et to he continued.


The Bearpit \\ _l. t‘hnsne .\ Soil. 3“ ti \\'est l’oii. 225 3205 I 3()aiii 2.2. See Thu | 3

The Stand 5 You. I’laee. 55s “:72. .s'pni. H «‘43 ). (illia Ryan \aeatioiis tioni the saltilti‘ious en\ iions ot l'isse\ to headline tonight. \\ itli support troni Dougie l)nnlop. .lohn .\le(itiinness and guest LUllll‘t‘lt‘ (iiaeiiie ‘l‘lioiiias l’liis one open