DJ Po 0 and The Lyrica Lounge

The phone picks up with a ’hello’ and some distorted beats yet another DJs personalised answering machine? ‘Sorry, hello?’ says Pogo, DJ, producer and UK DMC champ. ’l’m just working on my EP at the moment. I've got a few bits of equipment at home - that was all the noise you just heard in the background.‘ The 'noise’ is actually the finishing touches for his much anticipated EP. Slightly behind schedule, the as yet unnamed collaboration with the Endcers will hit the streets some time this July.

‘This is the first album of my own work so it’s very personal,’ reveals Pogo. ’The one thing about an album is that once you have recorded your work, it's there for life; you have to be proud of every thing that you put on it. I've done some bummer tracks before which I won’t even listen to now. But it’s all just a learning process.’

Then of course there is The Lyrical

Lounge, the much acclaimed hip hop jazz funk outfit Pogo put together back in '96 after touring with Courtney Pine and getting a grip on the whole muso thing. 'I got to meet a lot of musicians and understand exactly how they work,’ recalls Pogo of his time in 1996 with the legendary Pine. 'Working with Courtney Pine was really the main key, you know? It gave me so much

more insight.’

Due to each member‘s outside commitments, the band isn’t static. When one of them can’t make a gig, they simply get someone else to cover. 'lt's good to have a new musician in every now and then ’cause it changes the direction of the band,’ believes Pogo. 'But jamming

it some stick: DJ Pogo at The Lizzard Lounge

with core members, that helps hold it all together.’

In keeping with the loose jam session nature of The Lyrical Lounge, local mic musicians are invited, nay encouraged to join the band on stage. ’lt's tradition with us,’ says Pogo. 'lt‘s good to have other MCs or songwriters come up and represent their own town, it gives a little something back. Half the people who have performed at The Lounge are people who just jumped up on stage. That's where they came from.’

(Simone Baird) DJ P-::r;o and The Lyr/t'a/ Lot/moo appear at The LIZ/dfd Lounge (if Cafe Graffiti on 5.}: 15 F.4d). DJ Pogo Presents The Bfi‘d/‘(S ".rlOfllill'K’ O/lt’.‘ IS (:11: {YOU H(if/Yi/(’S.S

Rub A Dub

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