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Four play

As well as DJing all over the world, Michael Kilkie is one of the residents at The Tunnel's Ark night every Friday and at Inside Out monthly at The Arches. He also co- owns and runs Edinburgh’s Uber Disko Records and was the man behind the Umboza dance outfit.

Powerhouse: ‘What You Need' (Defected)

Olav Basoski toughens up this year's largest vocal tune.

Blank and Jones: 'Cream' (Deviant) Paul Van Dyk on a massive 'For An Angel' tip. Huge!

Mauro Picotto: ‘Lizard' (VC) Hard and dark With a monstrously uplifting finale

f Object One: 'Connecting People l Disko)

Euro Stomper gets the Tevendale and l Fraser 'Fool Boona' treatment.

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66 THE LIST la . f "01.:


I Lime at The Lime. 10.30pm—3attt. £6 (£4). DJ Cameron Craig with progressive house and garage.

I Living Room at The Living Rootn. 8pm-midnight. Free. New York Alliance's Colin Walker playing a deep house set. Pre-club.

I Lure at Bar Sauza. Spin—midnight. Free. DJs Ziggy and Bob get housey for a crowd heading off to Archaos and the Tunnel. Pre-club.

I Made at Bar Lautrec's (upstairs). 9pm—midnight. Free. DJ syndicate levitating Children bust loose with sleek badass drum & bass and jungle. Pre-club. I Missing Links at 32. llpm—3am. £4 (£3). Big beat bonanza from Neil McMillan (Hi Karate) and Michael Peck (Brass Monkeys). l5 May. the Missing Links residents are joined by The Runaways (Ultimate Dilemma) with four deck action. 22 May. the night is takert over by the Dot Allison live sltow with the Jengaheads kicking off proceedings. show I l.3()pm—l2.3()am then usual ML activity after.

I NO Visa Required at Havana. Spin—midnight. Neil McTaggart with Ibiza style disco house.

I October Cafe at October Cafe. ()pm—midnight. Free. Lisa Littlewood (Tunnel) with a funky house pie-club set. I Polo Lounge at The Polo Lounge. l().3()pm—3am. £5. Take the choice of the Polo Lounge upstairs. open until 3am. downstairs for DJ lrta playing a camp rttix of housey faves arid anthems. or down in the Trophy Room with Atidy for 80s pop. punk and new wave. Gay. The Polo Lounge operates as a bar before all club nights with free entry before the club starts.

I Planet Peach at Planet Peach. llpm—3.l5am. £5 (£4). Alart Ronald mixing the best house/club arid disco anthems.

I Pure at The Arches. llpm«4am. £l(). 22 May and monthly. Edinburgh's Pure back west coast for what seems like the first time itt ages. As well as the fttll complement of Pure fellas Twitch. Brainstorm. Dribbler arid The Bill. there's .Aridy Smith (official Portishead DJ). mad nutter Ege Barri Yasi (live) and Terry Francis (Wiggle). Futuristic electro funk. techno. acid and house all the way. I Reds at Reds. llpnt~3am. £7 (£5). Weekly. DJ Skttd plays soulful garage and disco house.

I The Shed at The Slted. |()pnt-3atti. £5 (£4). Graeme Ferguson in the main room with commercial dance favourites at this Southside club front the team behind the Garage.

I Salsa Sabrosa at MeC‘hntIs \y'ny ()ttt West. 8.3()ptn—midnight. Free. DJs Keith and Alexis with Salsa. from classic Colombian to modern Cuban. merengue. samba arid just generally jazzy. earthy sttiff.

I Sub Culture at The Sub Club. ll).3()pin—5am. £|(). Harri and Domenic fresh from celebrating five years of being responsible for the best funky. deep American house night iii the country. You ain't been to a club tiittil you've experienced the Saturday thbte vibe. 22 May. DJ Jeff Roay front Brussels guests as Part of the Food ("lth tour which is also stopping off at Basics and Bugged ()tit.

I Trash at Trash. llptti—3am. (£7) £5. Dressy. slightly older (but still going for it) crowd with house arid garage in the ritaiti room from D! brother team Mathew and Peter. and soul. swing arid Rth iii the second room from Paul N'Jie. Laid-back party vibe iii the new ly revamped room three.

I Triumph at The Tunnel

| lpm—3.3()am. £7 (£5). A massive. dressy night of European arid L'K house at one of the country's best looking venues. Colin Tevendale arid Steven McCt'eet'y take on the main room while Kevin McFarlane and Stephen Lee offer up a different v the w itli a \v tde rtiix of garage. sottl. ftttik and dance classics in the second room. Smart dress-code attd they expect you to make a lot of effort,

I Velvet Rooms I Ipnt—3pm. £8 (£4 before midnight). DJ Scud iii the main room with house. garage and club classics. John Lyons iii the front room playing mellow hip hop. swingbeat and classic soul.

I Yang at Yang. l lpm-3am (bar open from 6pm). £5 (free before I lptn). Nic Nouvean and ()ccasional Lynne with sublime house in room one. Muchaill (means the bogey man itt li'ish. fact fans) playing non-house dance music joined by Jengaheads on the second Sat of the month ( 15 May) in room two. In the back room there's Nucleus. with Jim and Brian working this classic sweatbox in a deep electronica style joined on the last Sat of each month (2‘) May) by Soma recording artist Funk D'Void.


I All Drinks £1 at Reds. llpm—«3am. £4. Weekly. DJ Ronaldo plays Sunday night party turtes »- it's all iii the name. really. I Bennet's at Bennet’s. ll.3()pm—3ani. £3 (£2). [Pp-tempo high energy with John Frazer. Gay.

I Big Air Sundays at Air ()rganic.

7—l lptit. Free. Recovery session Jettgaheads on variations of a breakbeat. Pt'e -cl uh.

I Big Love at Club Budda. llpiti—3am. £5 (£3). Michael Kilkie ('l‘nnnel/Uber Disko) joined by Geoff Montford and Chris Harris with a selection of vocal garage arid house with a classic old skool finish.

I Blue Basement at Blue Basement (Bacchus Basement). (rpm—t latii. Free. New ittglit from Nice Promotions

prov rding a platfot'tti for the creative collective of DJs arid funky musicians on art altogether juicy kttid of v the. Very lTL‘CSl} lc‘ (llltl it perfect c‘lllll session. Also on Thu.

I Bonafide Love at The Cross Bar. Sprti—titidttight. Free. Now moved front Fri with reggae. ragga arid roots from DJ Dir'tsman. Pt'e-club.

I Budda at Bttdda. Spin-niidntght. Free. New York Alliance's Colin Walker playing a deep mix to bring your weekend to a close. Pie-club.

I Casino Royale at The Polo Lounge. llpm-3am. £"3 (£l ). 23 May only. The Suave gttys getting itchy feet again. changing venue once more. Frankie Savaloy and Kirk St Moritz bringing you kitsch soundtracks. Hammond handbag. bossanov a beats arid playboy

Ian Pooley goes underground, Relief at The Arches, Fri 14 May

pop in the refurbished Strawberry Fields. The night used to be monthly at The Arches. but the guys now have this weekly gig.

I Cleopatra's at Cleopatra‘s. l0.30pm—2.30am. £3 (£2). Pop. 70s and 80s arty tunes.

I C ub Mouth at The 13th Note Club (ground floor). lOpm—2.30am. £2 (free before 1 1pm). Bizarre eclectic mix of guitar. beats. punk psych. past. present. future. with a late-drinking. nae dancin' policy brought to you by Marky P plus Steve and Claire McCann.

I Club Tropicana at The Garage (upstairs). llpm—3am. £3 (£2). Two DJs called Brian playing indie. Britpop and maybe some retro stuff too. Drinks are unfortunately not free. but rtear as dammit.

I Cooler at The Cooler. Spin—midnight. Free. Loungin‘ Sunday sesh with laid- back DJs. cartoons arid cheap cocktails. Pie-club.

I Divine Intervention at Bret.

8.3(J—l lptn. Hush Puppy (Glasgow School ()f Art) goes solo with a soulful Sabbath selection. Pie-club.

I Ego Trip at The Apartment. llpm—3am. £5. Jim Da Best with his usual cheesy mix of pop arid club classics.

I Firebird at Firebird. 8—l lpm. Free. Harri arid ()scar with a freestyle mix of Sunday recovery tttnes and some fine. fine food from the Firebird kitchens. Pre- club.

I The Hip Trip at Alaska. llpm—3am. £3 (£2). Your hostess DJ Mingo-go takes yoti into the world of funkadelic lounge. triptastic pop arid groovy beats in the White Room. joined trioiithly by various guests; In May Andrew Divine. 23 May Morton Dunlop (Vesuvius Records). L'pstairs Barbie and Pixie mix up the best iii soul and garage.

I Hoperation at Yang (room one). ()pm—lam. Free. Di'ibblet' and Burd Called Ger playing funky super bass hip hop and house. Occasional one offs with lionsey guests itt rooin three.

I Jah Shaka at The Glasgow School Of Art. ()pnt—late. In May only. £10 (£9). Edinburgh's Messenger Sound System present the return of the mighty Jah Shaka. spiritual dub warrior. It sold out very early in Edinburgh last time and people went rittts over him. bttt (lien that was Edinburgh. Hope that Glasgow can get as blissed otrt as the east coast over this legend.