I Triptonite North Pre-club Party at Live at Iguana. ()pin—Iam. l4 May. Monthly. Alan Thomson drops by to play at this cool as you like bar.

I rrlptonite North at The Honeycomb. Ilpm—3am. £8 (£6). l4 May. Monthly. Alan Thompson (Trade) is the main room guest. Resident at London's Trade (among others). he is well known for his ability to play vocal garage through to hard pumping house. Stuart Duncan. Gareth Somnierville support in the main; new resident the very divine Jay Chappell (Soul of Man) is through the back with break beat science joined by Fraser on percussion.

I Vengeance at Wilkie House. l0.30pm—3am. £7 (£5). H May. Monthly. New club night of hard house and trance. Special guest Friskoboy makes his Scottish debut after the success of ‘Human' on Whoop! Records. He ~toms residents Gav Grant. Francis Deveraux and Stuart Niven in the main room: Richie G. Stress. Dave Hopkins and Kev Lane play all sorts of ambient music through the back.

I Venus at Studio 24. upstairs. 10.30pm—3am. £5. H May. Monthly. Residents Billie and Gillie play happy. uplifting house.

I Wanted at Loca. 7pm—3am. Free. Weekly. A night of house anthems from residents Steven McCreery (The Tunnel) and Kevin Cliffe.

I What It Is at City Cafe 2. 9.30pm—lam. Free. I4 May. Fortnightly. Bob Cairns throwing down a mixture of jazz-funk. old and niodern soul through to Latin grooves.


I Arakataca! at The Bongo Club. llpm—3am. £5. 22 May. Monthly. Cool music and food from hot countries. Afro. Latin and Caribe from l).ls .Iaffar and Zuppa Inglese.

I Atomic Baby at The Honeycomb. lem—3am. £l0 (£8). 22 May. Fortnightly. Playing to a well packed house of late. Michael Kilkie (see Four Play). [ammo and Darren Davies are still dropping pumping Euro house in the main room. Gareth Sommerville through the back with deep house and American gara 7e.

I Big Beat at Cafe Graffiti. Monthly. Next date 5 Jun.

I CC. Blooms at CC. Blooms.

l lpm—3am. Free. Weekly. Get up and move those hips at this very busy gay bar/club.

I Cafe Aquarius at Cafe Aquarius. ()pin—lam. Free. Weekly. The Cuban Brothers alternate with Higher Ground for a night of top music and frivolity.

I Catwalk at The Catwalk. 9pm—lam. Free. Weekly. Gordon Whittaker and Mark Price alternate to play an eclectic mix of happening house beats in this quality pre-club bar.

I Cheese at Bannerman's. t)pm—lam. Free. Weekly. Chart music from the ()()s to the 90s.

I Colours at The Potterrow. Monthly. Next date 5 Jun with C.J. Macintosh.

I Colours of Love at Club Mercado. llpm—Jam. £12 (£l()). l5 May. Fortnightly. Firstly. Colours of Love have not relocated to The Potterrow. they're only doing a monthly residency there. contrary to last issue's misinformation. ()ur most humble apologies. m'lud. for any distress caused from our saying that this top glammed-up house and garage club was all over. red rover. Tonight you can catch the great Allister Whitehead who is throwing a bash to celebrate his new album. Sure to be a busy. busy night so get there early.

I Cream at The Potterrow. 9pm—3am. £8 (£6). 2‘) May. Monthly. Liverpool's superclub bring to town Stey e Lawler and Les Ryder for a bit of house action.

I Cuba Norte at Cuba None. IOpm—lam. Free. Weekly. Glasgow‘s DJ Shannon (l5 May) and Freddy Ramirez (22 May) lay down the spicy Saturday grooves.

I Curios at WJ. Christie's. 9pm—Iam. Free. Weekly. Various guests play a range of dance sounds. Don't be shy. the open decks mean that you can have a go too. I Disco Inferno at The Venue. l0.30pm—3ant. £6. l4 May. Fortnightly. Don your widest flares. shortest mini or biggest afro but make sure that you can groove in your platforms this is a night ofdrunken madness stuck firmly iii the 70s. Delirious disco and fired-up funk in the main room; soul. rare groove and a Latin selection in the Cooler.

I The Edge at The Vaults. Monthly. Next date 2‘) May with a three room special: Keith Baxter. Sean Pearson. special guest Jon Kelly. DJ Kid vs The Mad Ambassador in the Lounge a whole new experience for sure and finally Querish and McQuarrie.

I The Egg at The Wee Red Bar.

l lpni—3am. £3 members: £3.50 non- members. Weekly. A varied playlist taking in soul. ()(ls. new wave. indie. Northern. soundtracks and much. tnuch more. There's a very cheap bar as well. Free photographic membership available on the night.

I eh1 more at eh I. 9pm— I am. Free. Weekly. Yogi Haughton plays his garage and soul tunes on the first and third Saturday and rising deep house star Murray Richardson shows why he is worthy of attention on the second and fourth.

I Energise at Subway. llpm—Ram. £2. Weekly. Various party sounds.

I Envy at Revolution. l0pm—3am. £5 before llpm: £6 before midnight; £7 after. Weekly. Simon Coyle plays chart and dance to a young West End crowd. Dance stars Phats and Small drop by on 22 May.

listings CLUBS

I FBI at Holyrood Union. 9pm—3am. £5 (£4). 22 May. Fortnightly. DJ Lee plays a varied playlist encompassing 60s/early 70s retro. big beat. old skool. baggie and indie to an appreciative and selective crowd.

I Fire Island at Wilkie House. I0.3()pm—3am. £10 (£7). 22 May. Monthly. Unmissable night of hardbag and techno this is ‘The Widescreen & Digital Tour' with Blu Peter and Mrs Wood dropping by. They will be joined in the main room by Barry Elliot with Richie Vallenz. Alan (Headspin) and Barry in the Retro shack.

I Flares at Flares. 9pm--lam. Free. Weekly. DJs playing a range of 70s tunes to a West End crowd.

I Going Places at ABC Cinemas. llpm—3am. £9 (£7). 22 May. Last one. Dust off your cliches and spangly frocks. tonight's the end of an era. The film is The Spy Who [.Ul'(’(/ Me with the ever-fantastic Roger Moore. there will be the usual karaoke. fun frolics and not a few tears. Tickets in advance only available from Alphabet Video (lyIarchniont) and Fopp. I Hanky Panky at La Belle Angele.

l Ipm—3am. £5. Weekly. Very popular. full-on mainstream and dance night with music from the 70s to the 90s.

I Headspin at The Bongo Club. Monthly. Next date 5 Jun.

I Hibiki at Iguana. ()pni—Jam. Free. Weekly. Pre-club. Man about town Stuart Duncan hosts a night of groovy deep house. disco and beyond.

I ID at The Vaults. l().3()pm—3am. £9 (£7). 22 May. .‘vlonthly. Martin Kay and Jay Storic will be joined by Kev Wright (Sublime) playing a mix of the best in Scottish progressive house and house. In the ID Lounge Gail Seller and Graham McLain playing the best in American


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The Venue: Sat 22 May and fortnightly.

- 'The breakdan: ers. are amazing, good Sllli, if you like that sort of thing]

- ’T‘nis is our first tune hem, but we'll be back for the next one‘

- 'Nice girls too ; love the ladies '

it E .'.‘.l:'.';-

- ’lt's kinda hip hep It", not not that swearing and Sllll in it. Better for dancmo A nice mellow atmosphere, people who are looking for a (good time ' - 'There are some (yea: dancers up there Shit, If I mold do that I'd be up there too? I'm too fat to be bust'n' those moves -- l'll practice hard and he hat k next time"

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