EDUCATION SERVICES Full time receptionist required for d prominent Scottish Publisher bdsed in CENTRE ADMlNISTRATOR the Old Town. Duties will include post, . do telephones, mailing list, customer £14-754 ' 515.233 R ' "T7507 services and general odministrotive

Based at Howden Park Centre. Livingston. a dynamic person is required full-time to . . . . . develop an exciting and innovative programme in its principal arts venue. dunes' Fom'homy W'lh CompUlers

You will be required to use flair and imagination to successfully co-ordinate the day- reqUired' A Competitive SCI'GW Will be today activities operating within the centre with the aim of raising the profile of the Offered.

arts and audience attendance. Experience of managing a team of staff. facility and . . _ events management and a sound knowledge of administrative. financial and Health Please reply m Will'ng mi

and Safety procedures are desirable. Sheila M C Ainsh’

The ability to use your initiative and a willingness to work outwith the normal hours

is essential and you must be educated to HNC level. aénhggtle BtOOks Ltd,

W Application forms and further . '9 fee Information available from: Education Ed'nburgh EH 1 "E

Hum“ R"°""°" “Mb” "w" Closing date for applications:

W \ WCSt Lothian South Bridge Street. Bathgate May 26th 1999.


Council am 115. Tel: 01506 776054. Committed to equal opportunities a°""8 6“: 21 my 1999-

D I t O Edinbur h Fun and fast paced international eve Opmen Icer g advertising company seeks 6 - 8 (2-5 days Per week) International energetic people for trainee

The Scottish Sculpture Trust. a national body which ° mama ement OSitionS in promotes public education in contemporary sculpure, g . p . wishes to appoint a person to develop. market and promote its H . O _ . Sports/entertamment IDdUStI‘y. services for artists. organisations and others. We are looking for “"5 0‘ 'hilusumls 0‘ "'5'l""h . a dynamic individual interested in the arts, with promotion or 'l'liousantls ollmoks Must be 18-31 and available to marketing experience. The work will involve maintaining and Hundreds- nl'uutlmis Start immediately. promoting information servrces. helping wrth the production and 0",. “mm; “Haw. ' marketing of the Trust’s web site and its regular magazine Aml 3 mm [mm Him“- Great pay, Seulpture Matters. and promoting the organisation generally. A“ add up I” i _ For job description and details of how to apply, send an A4 Own transport mlght be an advantage SAE 10 , The World’s Biggest “‘3'. Festival SCOTTISH SCULPTURE TRUST, f 6 DARNAWAY STREET, / ESITL'IW": ‘22???“ j) The Theatre Flux Studio for Actors is now EDINBURGH EH3 686. .‘ "lrg "330“ recaiiting lot its Somme' Session.

"m OHM” '“'" ”‘ Advanced and Beginner classes involving basic

Completed applications must be received by 5 June.

|IHHSP'I'H'MRSMIi"g'/“."'I"|""'"' theatre skills. text work. Stanislavski and ll. PM until llll)(‘|)€ll14ll.lll(' F L U X Gromwsl“ [y‘all-logs and much more l'i-slivatl lm/J. lliis slitiuiit-r, st-iul Classes commence raid-June For lurther details 8:".C enroiment contact

your (IV and row-ring lt'lll't‘ In: Site llillTllP. l':(lllll)lll}.',ll ltitt-rttalimial ' ' THEATRE FLUX lltmk l‘i'rlix'ttl. I37 lllllltlt‘t' Slit-vi. 0l4l-632 5305 l':(lllll)lll‘}lll lilll lllC

I'lniaiil: il(lllll|l(”(‘tllxxlkll‘>l.t'ti.lll\

Th R. I o (:lll't'k out our website: RESTAURANT AT THE l 8 'pp e PrOIeCt ms\rmllxmklt-si.t'o.tik . 2nd year BA(h°ns) Event , BONHAM , [Managctncnt gmdcnt seeking ill Edinburgh's ‘COOlCSI llOlCl

SI .llurgm-u'i (multimiin Orin-earl; Programme paid work. Experience iii events (Cutith Nast Traveller Mag

FANCY A YEAR mm A DIFFERENCE THAT MAKES OPPOFW '1 “3'35 @ industry (June-Scpmnbcrt. "Pl, 99);”! 1”” 1W6“ Find E . r- - ' ' y' i i requires it attc part lilTTC i A DIFFERENCE, M '0 ljaxc training Ill-liltlllxcl'ln‘ir. . . . H t _ H I _ _ _ linance and administration. “"“l'l‘g 5‘11” ‘0 Jill” 0‘” Young l llus CSMlillSllCLl local toniniuniry protect is looking for a full time volunteer to Anything considered. and enthusiastic learn. Past : join our Youtlt Volunteer scheme for one vear. Based in Restalrig/Lochcnd, . , . Box NO R/358/l. C‘llc"lcncc ll'vlmumc illmm'gh ; H l l 'l k ' l l l' 11' ' l l ' 'k in Innovative metro bar m not essential - 2t Hi we 1. you “ll \\'or' unit wen e o a a T5 in rants on community “or I - , 3 . i - é . l. p. . l . lid-“burg” Emma-field ma Phone Jodie on 0131 623 9413 antl .itlrninistmtmn. in exchange tor living accommodation and allowance. requirc motivated. enthuelagtlc SALES SUPPORT f \V'c otter .i intimated and tl’CiTiiYC team worker. ssibl ' considerin a career in and “Perlcncc‘l ind'V‘dUalg‘ for l6—20 hours )ei' week rec uired -7 05 i i P0 l 8 h 7 y I ' A l l . ATTEN i community action. .in enioyalile and rewarding opportunity to gain relevant t c Pog'tlone :6 O:‘||Ey‘cellcn” ‘0 “Sm-“l Sill“ DCPill'l'llC'll W'lll Lookingy for summer ; . . . . .. career r05 CC 5. u tramm -.... .. .. , , ' . H , g experience and tlt"-‘elop skills while contributing to our lugle regarded activrtics. and comp cc: 6 rates of a 1 6 “lunch ““HSf‘E‘d. admin“. L'lll’lf’.‘ “1U” -, “Mull”- . } I .I i [V i . I . P ' V p 5 SClllllS “"90 0t l?(llllblll¥ll 5 Glasgow s award Winning club [or turt at t etar \ .lm .tpp ication lorni p ease (onmCt. SOUS CHEF/KITCHEN PORTERS Wilding ll'v‘l'l'y WW” house requires additional stall. Must l.t/. Filtersox. Tut? RIPPIJ‘. PttojEL‘r. PIP-TIME BAR 8. WAITING STAFF hOlL‘lS- NU CXTT9I'ICITCC "CC- . he outgoing & willing to Hi Risruiut. Rou) Sot‘t‘tl. Emstttriicit EH7 6EA please can for application form allhough $1” Outgomg PCTWWIHX pl'nVldC high standards. l‘ull l . -- r CS-‘cnl'ill' “mm or Phone iilu 'tion rourauiiiie. ' p ~ . . )7 . ll L p _ ito.\t. F\.\. lllil 3H lli__ Or send CV to. F. v d 1h ~ . . . . , . , Antoni J k on M m ,- r5 'ona emonv 0 9 Please call 0141 204 3189 : Email: liztergul rtpple‘ 9 B a a: ‘5 O P5 '5 - Bonham 35 Drumsheugh between 12 00pm _ 5 00pm -. 1 i i r . . . WIN "W" R“ 5‘1"?” 5. “m” "d a“ Gardens, Edinburgh EH3 7RN. daily or Pop in for an a (‘losrna date tor applications " lune l‘)99 Edinburgh or Tel 0131 623 9400 a ligation form l ' i ' ' Tel 0151 229 5115. | PP ' :

13—27 Mav l999 THE LIST 85