I saw you CLASSIFIED m

V I saw you studiously hunched in blue - first class - reaev to place a metaphysical bet? PS You - unmarried man and bachelor ready for a conversation with your

independent-minded admirer. Box No U/359/l.

V I saw you spiky haired gorgeous eyes. at the bar at the end of the night in the Mardi Gras of all places. I just knew. Wow you're something else!!! Box No L7/359/2.

V I saw you in my dreams! 34 year old professional gay man (Glasgow) seeks similar to make dream come true. In to cinema. theatre. entertaining. weekend scene. cosy nights in. Celebrate millenium with l..T. R. Go on give this guy a try. Box No U/359/3.

V I saw you Abbyt'.’) at Pentangle in lnverness 27/4/99. Never got a chance to tell you I'm moving to Edinburgh and don't have a partner. Fancy shopping for Aliens together? Box No U/35‘)/-I.

V I saw you at The Garage

looking hot. I think it was the Sauza and grapefruit in a tall glass with ice that made you

keep cool?

V I saw you Mr Macl.ean and ! Nuttall heating man. Did you finally find the boiler you were looking for (Coburg St. Sunday night). or did you ptit the ladder i in your own tights? Box No 13/359/5.

V I saw you Stephen a while ago at Edinburgh airport. We were talking so much. we almost missed our flight. I'd like to drink g+t with you again. Box No L.‘/359/(i. V I saw you Steve? Basement sexy blonde barman even more yummy with short hair tiie 5' ll)" 5, great legs long blonde hair. short i black skirt on last Saturday. Fancy meeting tip for a beer? Box No [7/359/7.

V I saw you Madonna lookalike in a blue Renault Clio parked iii Chessei' House car park. btit would you see tne if I Passed by"! Box No [7/359/8. ' V I saw you John almost every Saturday btit NOT at your leaving do and NOT at Tacktio two days later. Sony l IIIIs’sCtl them. All the best on your Trans-Global expedition! Box No [7/359/9.

V I saw you not in summer ' I998. bttt I will if you want? German traveller (34 years) will come to Scotland for holiday and iiioi'e? l wottld like to get to know you.’ Box No I‘/35‘)/l(). V I saw you barman at l’o Na Na 7 with cheeky li‘isli smile. you stole my car. I want to steal your heart. Think about it. Box No l’/.‘~59/l l. V I saw you .‘s‘iek Ilic liandsoiitest boy in the New TOWII bar Saturday night April 24m. sorry it was so awkward at the end. Il')‘ again? (let in touch. (.itt‘tll. link No I'/35‘)/|2.

92 THE llST 13~~//' Mai, 1999

V I saw you Kevin on Monday at St James. Pollok. can‘t stop my heart pounding when I see you. You‘re the most attractive banjo player I‘ve met. Your secret admirer. Box No U/359/I3.

V I saw you in Club 30. 7/11/98. You sexy Ayrshire redhead with cheeky grin. Thanks for a fantastic 6 months and making me laugh again let‘s celebrate and Christen you new Laguna! Box No U/359/14.

V I saw you in the lovely peaceful Cafe Dix Neuf on Hanover Street looking wonderful and French? Possibly? Let's enjoy ourselves. I‘d love to meet you. Box No U/359/IS.

V I saw you ‘Agnes Of God‘ (aka Irish Claire) in Waterstone's. You: beguiling book-buying babe. Me: timid. tongue-tied twat. Let‘s meet in the real world. Anyone for Guinness? Box No U/359/l6. V I saw you Bennet‘s 29/4/99. You RMN from Hereford working in Glasgow. You left a wee bit wobbly on your feet! Did you get to work on time? Get in touch. RGN. Box No LI/359/l7.

V I saw you cycling past Tayvallich Inn with an older man. Later on the sun deck. Love from New York. Box No U/359/18.

V I saw you Sunday. Roma. GFI‘. arran cardigan and scarf in thin May sunshine. Life is sweet. Box No U/359/l9.

V I saw you at the BB King concert Sat 24 April. You‘re the guy who caught my eye as we left the stalls. You: long hair tied back. silver ring on left thumb. black trousers. dark jumper and gorgeous smile. Me: dressed in all black. short dark hair. Call tne. Box No Ul359/20.

V I saw you handing out flyers for Icons at Club Mercado. 1/5 2.30am outside CCs. I got a discount pass for being "attractive". Sorry couldn't make the Venue. Maybe a drink sometime? Box No U/359/2l.

: V I saw you dykes at Mel and

Sue. looking so gorgeous: it made me hungry. Did you enjoy Sue's Ilash finale? Come wear otit your cappuccino kiss on me. and I‘ll be your super drug. Box No U/359/22.

V I saw you smiling. dark- haired Ndebele star on a sunny

: Monday holiday. We shared . concerns for a thirsty doggy. I

would like to have shared more but my brain was also on

* holiday. Box No U/359/23.

V I saw you after Beltane. Nikki. new mum from Armadale

with Steven. Remember you

walked the all the way to Haymarket. Can I buy you a drink to say thanks? Box No 1.1/359/24.

i V I saw you G at Going Places

May 16 last year. Thanks for a fantastic year and more to come.

: Let's spend the night

together...all my love. Fi. Box

j No U/359/25. ; V I saw you Icons 2/5 red hair

with grey t-shirt. We danced around and smiled in my way

otit. A drink sometime? Box No


: forced to leave through illness

Jock Pliscine. Box No U/359/38.

V I saw you Julie at conservation and maintenance lectures at Napier. your pretty face made those dreadful lectures worthwhile. Let me enter your environment. You won’t be disappointed. Box No U/359/27.

V I saw you The Fabulous Bean Bag. Now you can‘t complain that no-one ever sees you. Keep it large. Love you know who. Box No U/359/28. V I saw you Saturday morning East Preston Street. You dropped your crisps. Your nice smile left me tongue-tied. l grunted a response before you moved on. Fancy a coherent conversation? Box No U/359/29.

V I saw you Friday 23 April at the 13th Note. You helped through the darkest hour. Oh you have helped so much the resonance continues. And I am grateful you are around. Thanks for everything Sunboy. Box No U/359/30.

V I saw you sweet Irish guy in Glasgow. the night was so short and you were so hurry... But we still remember you. Austin and Darren. Do you remember us?... Box No U/359/3l.

V I saw you at Liz and Michael’s wedding. You were the chef and l was the guest wearing the short black skin. You offered me a glass of water when I was sitting forlome at the top of the stairs but I was too ill to accept it. I feel better now but I'm parched. Fancy a drink of water? or something stronger? Box No U/359/32.

V I saw you boarding at Glencoe. We were the three snowboarding ladies. Now in mourning for the passed season arid looking for hot ftiii in the summertime. Box No U/359/33. V I saw you badge boy at the Arches. Sunday 2nd May. You... one and a half dimples. me... mad shoulders. too shy to say goodbye. Box No U/359/34.

V I saw you in sauna at the Warrender swim centre. You were furious. yet mOIherly and changing job. I was moving flat. We were both quite hot and sweaty. Fancy meeting for a drink somewhere cooler? Box No U/359/35.

V I saw you on a packed number 12 bus 2/5. You: an ex-Lake District nanny. me: kind of hoarse. but happy to help. Perhaps I can give you more directions sometime? Box No U/359/36.

V I saw you in Smurnoff splendour. You want PASSION. I‘ll give you hot male action your . husband wouldn't believe. Box No U/359/37.

V I saw you Falgon. Big man from the Bar Kohl. Sorry your

take care and stay on the pies.

V I saw you 70s retro chick in Bar Kohl on Tues 27th. I was the Gap khakis guy with blue tank top. Can we share some quality time babe. Box No U/359/39.

V I saw you CCA barman (not Gavin!) Me. Stuart’s flatmate (not Hazell). Box No U/359/40. V I saw you at the OFT. sexy Jessie. be mine and I’ll be yours. Ang x. BoxNo U/359/4l.

V I saw you in LA. You helped me find a flat. in between jacuzzi parties and hot bootie with pretty babies. Take me to the Oscars and we'll thrash. Box No U/359/42.

V I saw you 3rd year Italian architecture student. Me. the visiting student. you the short curly brown haired beauty. Box No U/359/43.

V I saw you Sarah from ehI drinking your Sauza at the bar. Face of an angel. body of a devil. Please oh please let‘s get naughty. Box No U/359/44.

V I saw you my wee dreadlocked hobbit—type mixer. You‘re a hardcore DJ. Box No U/359/45.

V I saw you and lost a lanky loud mouthed lime green Gabba boy. after a huge amount of UV stompin' and broken feet - help. Mouldy pepparami dreads must be found. Box No U/359/46.

V I saw you Barry working in Bar Kohl. I fancy you and thought you felt the same. Your friends said you are gay. If you ever change your mind write back. Box No U/359/47.

V I saw you outside Potterow - Tornba. Get in contact. lost your number and haven't seen you iii ages. Must go for a few pints. Box No U/359/48.

V I saw you Asian babe in Bar Kohl. l was the barman who dropped all the glasses at the sight of you. Let's hook up. Box No U/359/49.

V I saw you Andrew - at Traverse. Gucci King - come on give me another try. Love ‘M‘. Box No U/359/50.

V I saw you Lesley at the Traverse bar. It was early on so you could still walk. those boring lawyers are not for you. Box No U/359/51.

V I saw you rich jet set thirty something siren in Bar Kohl drinking champagne. l was the guy in the purple suit. Let‘s drink from the fountain of love! Box No U/359/52.

V I saw you sipping pitta coladas in Bar Kohl. You were blond with radiant aura. I was the dude drinking Bud light and looking into your eyes. Box No U/359/53.

V I saw you meoww meoww you cheshire cat with a ring on your chest. Love you forever? Box No U/359/54.

V I saw you in the Meadows. playing football - Friday 23/4 dark blue t-shirt. You and your mate kicked a football into our black taxi. We laughed and drove off. Box No U/359/55. V I saw you you looked like Herman Munster that attractive large head. I could screw you in the neck. loyal to you always. Box No U/359/Sb.

V I saw you Charlene at Oyster bar - do not answer the public phone! Box No U/359/57.

V I saw you Barry (or was it Darren?) Ed uni graduate from Standard Life. Po Na Na‘s Friday 23rd FHM quiz. Questionable dancing. passable shoes. Box No U/359/58.


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