V I saw you Dean. Your telephone voice turns me on. Ring sometime. Box No U/359/59.

V I saw you blond and brunette in Bar Kohl Friday 23rd April. You kept staring at my biceps and tattoos. Get in touch and I'll give yott both a workout. Box No U/359/60.

V I saw you smoking a French tab in Bar Kohl on Wed 28th. I asked for one. you said no. I liked your attitude. Let's share a pack of tabs. Box No U/359/ol. V I saw you Jennie from Mal and saw your fishy knickers fly across the room at the ‘Port'. Let‘s meet up for fishy frolicks. Box No U/359/62.

V I saw you the sons chef. Richard Ashcroft has nothing on you. your summer time teeth pumps my long sword. Your Stallion. Box No [7359/63.

V I saw you drinking cafe latte in Bar Kohl. l was reading the List btit kept watching you. I'd love to hold your pigtails while you ride the rodeo! Box No [7359/64.

V I saw you Raven-haired beauty drinking apple bomb in Bar Kohl. I thought you were tha bomb too! Let‘s get together and cause some sei'iotis detonation! Box No U/35‘)/()5. V I saw you dancing in Bar Kohl last weekend. I liked your moves and would love to try my moves on you!! You wanna go downtown? Box No U/359/oo. V I saw you cute Irish in Bar Kohl sucking on lovehearts from Fridays 23rd lucky bags let me inside your lucky bag Barry! Box No U/359/(i7.

V I saw you I-algon from the Bar Kohl moonlighting at Bar 38. You told the Don you had too much study on. You lie. .‘vlrs Don. Box No l,’/359/(i8.

V I saw you sexy cult boy. Will you wire me for sound? Box .\’o Li/35‘)/(i9.

V I saw you Jenni. I adore you yott lovely lass. We talked about the stats arid then you left. I need to see you again. Box No U/359/7t). V I saw you David Sharpe in the OFT going to see Pi one rainy afternoon. You gave me your number for Kelly. l'm sotTy but I lost it and Kelly wants to get in touch with you. Please contact me or she'll kill me!! Bo\ No [7359/7]. V I saw you at digital science at the Venue (April lfith). You are ()Ilie. I am the girl in the pitik top. Love at first sight. Box No [.7359/73.

V I saw you Andy at HR. I will miss yoti loads while I'm away and can't wait to see you III September. Stop reading my List. Love 'it‘ stuffJ x. Box No t3/359/73.

V I saw you dark-haired Italian at Tre l'omini e l'na (iamba. You with two women: one blonde. one dark. Are you spoken for .’ .\Ie: hlonde. single but \\ IIIl male friend. row behind you. remember"! Bm .\'o [.3/359/74.

Refreshing with a

V I saw you at the Mambo. we bumped and grinded. I wore the Italian cap. 3rd April. We’ll meet again. Box No U/359/75. V I saw you at the Jaffa Cake your name was Tracy. I think I‘m in love with you Jaffa Babe. Box No U/357/76.

V I saw you (32 tha magic number). You 3 blondes in black with tha booty goin’ on‘. the Venue l5/4 - itzjust a booty call. Me - Raymond ‘Baton’. You know! Box No U/359/77. V I saw you the doorman at Bar Kohl. on Monday night you made me feel like a woman. Will you take me for a RIDE on your bike? Box No U/359/78. V I saw you very short Irish man with dodgy ponytail in Bar Kohl. You were very irritating for some time. Go back to Scruffys. Box No U/359/79.

V I saw you sharking it in the Revolution. you’re white Aussie Beach hat seemed to do the rounds but never reached the girl in the pink dress. Box No U/359/80.

V I saw you at Tribal Funktion supernova. dancing away to that funky music. Arms moving, legs grooving. Oh! what a night. Box No U/359/8l.

V I saw you Robbie looky likey. When am I going to get another grappel of those cheeks. I love to watch you dance. Can I wipe sweat from your forehead. We‘ll miss you too! Box No U/359/82.

V I saw you Gratnpa Graphics spinning your wheels of steel for the cheeky old ducks. We’ll miss you! It‘s only rock and roll man. Bezzy mates rule. PS have you got the l2 inch of this? Box No U/359/83.

V I saw you big front and back African Queen at Bar Kohl standing in the back. I’m the ‘Nike-man'can I hit it from the back? Write to tne. Box No U/359/84.

V I saw you at Bar Kohl. You

had long dark hair and what looked like impressive implants. l was the guy who touched you in a special way! Box No U/359/85.

V I saw you at Bar Kohl on Monday I9th drooling over the. You - blonde with awesome figure. Me - short chubby sex bomb. Write to me if you dare. Box No U/359/86.

V I saw you posh girl in cowboy hat in Bar Kohl on Monday l9th. You were with two guys but kept looking at me. Write and let‘s ride the rodeo. Box No U/359/87.

V I saw you at Bar Kohl downing five Polish vodkas iii a row. I like the way you swallowed. I served you so U know me. Call me. Box No U/359/88.

V I saw you queueing tip outside Bar Kohl on Sat l6th. You were the angel who lit my cigar. Come on baby light my fire (U know how!). Box No U/359/8‘).

V I saw you lovely. petite buxom. classy blonde at Bar Kohl every Saturday. I am the stud behind the bar. I'd love to

- bump your bones. Get in touch!

Box No U/359/90.

V I saw you the man from Smiths holding the bar up in ehl. Bobs are out of fashion but hey. you're still sexy! Box No U/359/9l.

V I saw you Avril visiting ehl next time you travel come and visit me. Box No U/359/92.

V I saw you Big Sue at City Cafe snogging that girl. I don't know why they chucked you out. I enjoyed watching. Box No U/359/ 93.

V I saw you doing the Britney Speers in Bar Kohl. Are you the girl I'm looking for? Box No U/359/94.

V I saw you S.M.L.K with big boots and a beautiful body. You’re the toast of my town. Box No U/359/95.

V I saw you gorgeous dusky maiden. You staff Bar Kohl. Be my Caribbean princess. What a bosom buddy. Box No U/359/96.

V I saw you Tupac in Bar Kohl enjoying a bud light. Thought you were dead. glad to know you‘re not. Holler at me!! Westsiiide! Box No U/359/97. V I saw you Scary Spice lookalike. Please be my zigaziga. Me Chinese tattoo. Let‘s get together. Bar Kohl l7/4/99. Box No U/359/98.

V I saw you 23/4 Friday strutting your stuff at Potterow - the fake tan was yummy! Box

No U/359/99.

V I saw you naked and immediately had an instant orgasm. Box No U/359/l00.

V I saw you in the whisky society meeting 24/4/99. Dark Asian love tiger casually consuming much manly malt - you left my life too soon. Box No U/359/l0l.

V I saw you an arty. sexy guy with wonderful silver jewellry in Trafalgar Theatre pub Sat 24/4/99. Would love to experience you. Box No U/359/l02.

V I saw you Gary at Bar Aquarius - you sexy little number! You were giving me your ‘bedroom eyes‘ - or were you just sleeping...? Missing you at ehl. Box No U/359/l03. V I saw you Rachel. on the last night of Going Places for pre- drinks at Blue Bar cafe. Hope you'll have a happy 27th year! Box No U/359/l04.

V I saw you young nubile Adonis scared of fear! Bttt willing to participate... Box No U/359/l05.

V I saw you man in black leather coat. I saw you before but... Box No U/359/l0o.

V I saw you Edinburgh people. not writing ‘I Saw You‘s' to the Cameo staff. What's the matter? Don't you fancy us? Box No

;, U/359/l07.

V I saw you selling tickets at the Cameo. Didn’t fancy you. just saw you. Box No U/359/000.

V I saw you wearing those long long lashes looking like a tv star in the Barony Bar - do you want it shaken or stirred? Call me 007. Box No U/359/IO8.

V I saw you Phat Farm P - my saviour in blue. I love seeing you at weekends stalker boy. Box No U/359/IO9.

V I saw you karate queen. unable to stand or talk at the Three Sisters. Let me hold you tip. Box No U/359/l IO.

V I saw you in Edinburgh in a very boring bar. But you made it special... How special? Box No U/359/l l l.

i V I saw you David Essex

behind the bar at the Traverse. Be my long time bondage lover. Babe. Box No U/359/l 12.

V I saw you bondage man with cuffs and whips Traverse Friday 23rd April. You can chain tne anytime. Box No U/359/l l3.

V I saw you Kylee in ehl. Firey red hair for a firey personality? Let me try and tame you - ifl buy you Sauza will you purr for me? Box No

U/359/ll4. V I saw you Andy at ehl with

your huge present. Do you keep all you HUGE presents under wraps? Box No U/359/l IS.

V I saw you extreme older temptress. I can't keep up. you

= wild woman. Cleanse your liver

and we‘ll talk again. Box No U/359/l l6. V I saw you Michael. Writing

at the Traverse. Have you got

arthritis. Love you anyhow! Legs! Box No U/359/l l7.

V I saw you in Bar Kohl. l was told your name is India. You were an image of beauty. I lit your menthyol cigarette with pleasure. Can we combine our bodies? Box No U/359/l l8. V I saw you Heather. We're looking for you for another drinking partner. Come round for sotne buckfast. Box No

3 U/359/I I9. . V I saw you Jock eyeing up


Catherine in ehl - you‘ve not got a chance mate. Box No U/359/l20.

V I saw you Gilles at the opera with handsome guy - you can do better. what about me? We shared a programme. want to share more? Box No U/359/l2l. V I saw you miserable old hag - in Traverse Theatre bar. Me: blonde. buxom. black top. Box No L’l359/l22.

V I saw you, you gimp. above the vets on Bread Street - for years and years. Let's meet again soon. Love your Babushka. Box No U/35‘)/l23. V I saw you at the Bongo Club oti Thursday 22/4 (El Segundo). Tall (6'3") and dark and handsome and flatmate of a friend of mine. But you always ignore me. (I still quite like you though). Box No U/359/I24.

V I saw you a few times at the Queen‘s! I think you‘re the man of my dreams. The way you pour beer on your head... Ooh

- enough said. Box No t’/.‘\S9/l25.


V I saw you at the pub quiz in the Queen‘s Arms: you poured a beer on your head. We all laughed. Do you want to spill my pint? Box No U/359/126. V I saw you in the CCA. Tall. tnale kitchen staff (?) with apron. Cut off that nasty hair and I‘ll have you. Oh and those awful sideburns too. Box No U/359/l27.

V I saw you young Tony Blair next to DJ at Test. Me Gaultier wannabe in kilt. That touch was electric. Let’s test each other's endurance! Dave. Box No U/359/128.

V I saw you you you nicked my bike. Box No U/359/129.

V I saw you at the Traverse. you were positively glowing. I really want to be around you and your Sauza and Lemonade. You are my kind of girl.

V I saw you in the Traverse bar on Friday niqu languishing

elegantly in the corner with your

slender cigarettes you pale bespectacled siren. Box No U/359/l 30.

V I saw you Oban. Andy and Craig from N l7. Get in touch. PS I found Gary and woke up sleeping. Love Lucy. Box No U/359/l 3 l.

V I saw you Nick Cave in the

' Conran Shop buying marbles.

Me: running around getting over-excited. You: pretty cool. Box No U/359/l32.

. V I saw you Gavin in Garage

9th April - my birthday. You

I make me horny. Cat. Box No

U/359/l 33.

V I saw you Louise. beautiful girl! Can't sleep. can't eat. stiffy the size of Texas! Mail me now. CKI. Box No U/359/l34.

V I saw you Oi Oi Ginger! Dyeing your hair blond to get more blokes? For a queue outside the commercial magazine HQ. Box No U/359/l35.

V I saw you Nigel in the Garage. I wish I‘d ridden you instead of the National Express Coach. When I return I‘ll be anxious to get into your saddle and shout Chepanga. Valerie. Box No U/359/l3b.

V I saw you working in Cul de Sac. You are a hairy monster but we love your skinny tops. we want to stop stalking and start sucking!! Box No U/359/l37. V I saw you Chris Gordon and Andy Bell soaking up the sun at Bar Brel. Your chat stinks. Let‘s not do it again. Box No U/359/l38.

V I saw you 2pm l2 May I996 at Central Station. I'm still walking but not pretending. Thanks for three great years. I do love you. Jeff. Box No U/359/I 39. V I saw you Ginger Lynsay. Get out my flat you rich cow. I know you can afford a Festival Park penthouse. Buy. sell. sell. buy. l.uv Brtiv. Box No

[5/359/ l 40.

i3~27 May I999 rneusr 93