PREVIEW Bangkok Bound

Channel 4, startsWerI 2 Jun, 11pm. ruery meek some 10,000 people travel from 3rrtarrr to Bangkok, \.'-.hether tor husrrress, pieasra‘e or a Irfe 'or exert sext alterrrrg (‘XI)(’l'i(‘I‘.((‘ lhrs astoriishrrrg stat‘strr .s the startn'rg r)or"t to a srx- oart look at a laid ‘.'.rth rrassvte appeai to ous‘ders hut x.'.'h<h is also r'zddled 1th. dartger, dr;.gs arrd duhrous sexual prarttres

Ihe ser'es toilo‘xgs a srrraii rruvrher o‘ those souls '.".o snap t"e retaine- (()rr‘f(>rt ot’ the "‘- BhQF‘ri‘,’ tor tl‘e rr‘ore exrrtrrig ert‘.'rro"r7‘er‘.t of iadyhoss, ti‘e ,.\srarr %a'r)es oo'rr 'harket, drug srrrugglrrtg, pr'ostrtutes I)‘; the sguare r'tr rt (1".(i huttert (oLIer tr'tg

Irr prodra'wrr‘e orre ‘.'.e 'r‘eet a tower lorrdoH (ah'ore ‘.'.hose tzte had tal e" apart rr‘ B'ttarr‘ irrartres ootr‘ l“°.1ift(l the ror-ts (1"(1


I‘rs 7Y1()‘.'(‘ to Ihaila'td has resutted '1 a gery (lliitt't‘tt'. Itestyle »\ -".‘(‘(‘i‘lt() with orosttute ( hr‘st e rhahged r‘ s I 1e arrd desprte her Iadyoo‘,’ status, he has got o‘.e' rt to the oo"‘t ‘.'.“e'e the, we hoth oners arrd otrs rress partr‘ers, ';."-rrr'tg a glo'rously a“l;.e"t ha! (a led (I‘r';st;es

I.Iea"‘.'." 1e, 21-year—old s'r‘gie 'rrot'ie' Jar}; e der ded s“e'd Iiad e'tougv‘ of 'oa'rr mg the st'eets of her l‘o'rte .o‘.'..". of (arlrsfe ever“, Sattrr‘da‘, rzrght ‘s.t?‘,t)|\,' ()()'-\.II) to" a strap Nona, her emerges are redrrerted to‘.'.ards :)r.rr<h;ug, srrkrrrg and eroonrog hell out of opoorrer‘ts 7.“. Iha; ooxrrrg 'rrres Her

tip to <o"rpete r': the I'rte'


The Eurovision Song Contest 1999

BBC1,Sat 29 l.1ay,8pm.

'( orrre trp, o“, (ome- ur), the em 'rro'rra‘g surr/At‘d let the sorrgthrust's

zeet rrrelt oh, oh, oI‘ No, :ts rrot

loh't Shuttrex'.orth's ‘ohox'.-;rp to Izrro.'rs;orr (orite'rdev‘ 'I’ geous Irr I'zght'

“tit (1’1 1'

.r:sp.r‘ed (oaplet orh

I'thuahIa's errtr‘y’ to thrs year's

(orrlpetrtror‘, rreid lt‘. Jertrsaler': tl‘ar‘lts to Daria Irite hatror‘aL's rorrtro'.'e-"srat .*<tor‘y 'rr ")8 John, rhea".'.r1le, rs too ‘1)"(‘-()((tlt)i(‘(l m has pottir‘g si‘ed to rrrake ar‘other' :):(I for iurr)'~."s'o". plan‘s", so Pr‘euous ar‘ exert per-\er E’)".'.tt(hed It‘ '.'.a't'rrg are (I()'I‘.(] the d sho'totr's thrs yea" the artodyre Say It .»\ga!h'

'Ihere's the (or'rpetrt ‘.e ee'rre'tt that 'rra'nes II. (()f'll)l;i‘s!.’(" '.re‘.'."‘.g,' rrtsrsts taror‘t host Ie'w \.'.'ogar‘. ‘Ihere's also the .r‘trr"s:( daa'rty of herd ah'e to 'azrgh at lolirrrr; torergr‘erl'

lo the 'eal ‘.'.‘orid, Europstorr ran 07‘: 1/ he aprwerrated r: iirr‘dsrght, when e'rotrgh tr'rre rras elapsed to allot. tor Pl'fs(ll\ appeal Rerherhoe' those heady post-Bur ? s I '// .4 to"; days ot the early 80s, rt sevrred (rurral to 7' err orrse the ‘da"(e' roartrrte to lla'do's '(Dhe Step Iarrther" ‘t.'./:t"| 17W possrofe exrept oh ()1 Sa'rzar‘tha Jarrus sergrhg ‘A I.lessage Io Your Heart rh 1901, rah. l/ou 'errrerrrher arr'j/t'r‘r'rg a‘ter Mat 1) Ho, a'td tor a good reasort o.'e'—e/posu'e to ‘>.'.edeu's 1084 .'.ltl"llt() errtry ‘1)rggtvroo, [lggr-ief or IIo' .".('.()t"()tl‘)‘l<1[)(‘1S‘LIHINl)‘;

Thais that bind: Bangkok Bound

(().’tir".("ii(1- Ihar Boxrrrg torrrrrarrreht ts (ha'rre of a .t'et'rr‘e

‘..’hat the serres attempts to do s shou'. the tea srde ot a (oar‘trv '.'.hr(h te'tu or‘ly to have Rhonaledge ()5 from the rr‘ost sordrd of tar)?o;d head r‘es or seedeest o1 dorarrie'tta'res ‘\.'.”:th Harrgun Bound, .'.e we rrr.:ted to arrept that hey/oer: 11‘0'(l'it‘SSdlMlatK‘tlttiil‘J‘ ti(‘8i't,':(‘8, these we 'eaI peoo'e ‘.'.:th ho'fest mot '.es It rs aiso ahout arr‘hrt:o" a"d t'te des‘re to ted a" alterhatr'.’e to sta'e or near "g ess exrste'w e

Bear: [)rr‘alrlsorw

Show and Tel: Precious and Wogan in Eurovision

fiohoysorf-ts, would Ihl‘.'(‘ EI't’Ddlle‘,’ of 'uaged the route to I uropeau umorr, ll‘.()'1(*1(‘:f“ or ()1l1(‘l".'.'r'\(‘

Ii‘ere are darr; poirtrral urrderrur’errts at ‘.‘.orl: here Ihe '.re‘.'.'rrg puhitr r’r‘a‘,’ rrot haze heeh a'.'.'are ot arty (oded suotext rrr Israei's 10/8 ‘.‘..r‘rrter I/har (ol‘err and the Alphaheta's epor haI 'A- fiaer-Br'

that the Puttrsh po‘.'.ers--that-I)e

hut rt '\.'.as arourrd thrs trrrre

stopped th'ustrrrg household r\.a"res lrlie It; u, (Irtt, Sande Shaun arid, of (ourse, Kertrreth I.I<Keila' rhto true trrrrtg Irrte, arrd errtered d spertsahre ho— ltopers irat- fielle Arrd Ihe [)e'xotrorts Il‘arrl’t'rrdy, th's year everyone rs allo‘.'.'ed to s-rrg rrr I'rglrsh, so ij/rrral at'o< rtres should he easrer to spot ()ur r'rorrey's oh the sorrgthrush 'lro'ra Shepherd

PREVIEW Reputations: Jimi Hendrix The Man They Made God BBCZ, Sat 5 Jun, 9.05pm.

It you are ‘.'.'artrrrg for the grand (orxsrhr'arv theory to explarrr the demise of the (eutury's leadrrrg exoorrertt of gurtar oyroterhurts, thrs Root/{atrorrs sperrai prohahly '.'.'orr't prourrle rt fiut rt until otter a ‘.‘.'lt:$1|(‘- stor) hostaIgra trrr) to! those strII Iot‘g'rtg to less the sky

'Jrrh' Ilehdrix 1he I.Iarr Ihe‘y I.1ade (rod portrays the [IS-hour, Iorrdou report as arr lt‘(li‘.r(ltlttt e'rrhrorled rrr ("‘HIOSS (orrtradrrtrorts ,\ hiark g...ta"st ‘.'.rth a ‘.'.l1‘1(‘(1;l(li(tl‘((‘, a map of oeare ‘.'.ho supported the (a'hpa:grr rh. \.’ etharu, ado'ed hy tI‘e ‘arrs hut


“'i Modesty blaze: Jimi Hendrix

pushed to the edge 1)‘;/ the.r nast exoertatrohs, a 'tatur‘al horn talent \.'.ho ":ad

'riass 2e doahts aooat hs a'o'lrt‘,

I"e."e ‘.'.as a t"ag< rrre‘atahrrrty aho'at hrs death art "‘.'.'tatro:\ to esrape Hardly any '.'.‘o'rder he grasped therh (orxsta'tx/ (lt"1‘.dlt(ll"(l a tt7e prere of hrrh,

:)t. l a gur‘. to 'orre "131‘. to (ortt'rrae piayr'tg


Destination Vladivar Clyde I FI.I, Fri 21 Hay, 109m

Ihrs rs a p.t tu exrr.se1or a radro proadrast ah exte'wred pro'rro stot tor \'ad:'.ar ri <1(lTl(".(‘S the r)r‘e‘.'r()trsiy

a'rth'rtkarfie ‘eat o‘ rrtak rrg rod‘xa

dhrr-tr'h ar‘. urrapoeai'rrg at tr‘.rt\,.'

Ifte to'rhat, s:.<" as It rs, evokes reeo' ';;s I.Ieg I.1at're‘.'.s spoathg ‘or‘tt‘ mane drt'.e1 at an tutdrstrosed :orat:oh IIe." 'thoughts' are therr edrted set rut’uffx together as ‘e arrs‘.'.er's to a strrrtg ot' guestrohs out o"; Iota: I)Js or) and don't. the a'xd, rh ti‘e ".()t)(‘ of (reatrrtg arr r usro'tary torrge'sat;or‘. between host ar‘d party garl ahoat toxzr‘.

We (().".((‘I)1 ‘afls spertarularl‘,’ :t’s ( ear 1.1eg ar‘d her YI‘ii‘l‘.r(“.'.(‘l have r‘epe' set t'oot rrr the sarr‘ue l)t."<i'r‘g, (1’T(l'ilt(‘()"iyS<1".‘t1(}(;l(i((‘i()t'iliOStfl'W

the (lf(‘1 ot' p'IIs and [SD \.'.ere .'.'rth the farrs

.'.I"rle hrs rriahager ‘.‘.'as prepared to Bryan Dor‘aidsorh

Voddy awful: Meg Mathews

ente'prise (orrres rrr the forr". of tae rustrhahie arrd artdrsgursed errrharr'assrrterrt ot

( lvde 11.1 fork ()(1‘.|l‘. Pear'sorr

I‘,«'p.<ai oi the o"o1essrortalrsr‘r ou display :s l-.leg's rrrahrllty to oroeouwe the

r‘ahre ot i\er ta‘.ot.rrte foothal'er, /:rredrue 7rdarre, who she also, \.'.."ohg'\,«', thzhlss piass ‘o' I.Irla': It's ertoug!‘ to rhake you srg'r the pledge Rob 1 rase"


Starsky 8: Hutch Night Channel 4, Mon 31 May, 9pm.

\.".hat do Bra: e, the Beastre ’roys a'rd Bli ’rartej,’ haue "r (orh'rrorr‘ .»\s'des trod] arr one!—ahurtdah(e ot the letter 'o' :u therr Marries, they 11(1‘.(‘(1l'\() a plate .t‘: ther heart for the (oolest I)<1(I()‘,’ <ardy-x'marrrrg tops 4" I‘.’ hrsto",

Ir‘e‘; .'.'I| speak ot the.r lone tr‘. a soerra? urght dedr(ated to I)ete(tr‘«.es I)a‘.'rd Sirlihk‘," aud Keh 'Ilutth' IIutrI‘hsorr ‘.‘.lt‘(.‘1 pays eguar "-orr‘age to the other three rtrarr‘, (hararters rh t"e sho'x.’ tt‘eu iii-martrrewd slxrpper (aptaru Dopey, hep-(at rrtlorr‘ra'rt Iluggy Bear arrd tr‘err drstrtt t:‘.e 'ed‘ lord I()ttlt()'.'.l1ll the ray"; ‘.‘.h'te slash

Ihe tribute '.‘.'rlr M It of? ‘.'.lllt the prlot epasode 'Ifre 1.1o‘.ue', Iolio‘.'.ed hy 'Ihe \'."ord ()h Ihe Street'

Cardy perennials: Starsky & Hutch

a (l()(t;lll("titll\".‘.|1!1 star arrd tau ruter\.re\.'-.s I\.'.o t'asst

ep‘sodes, ’Il‘e l'>;' arrd ‘(ullrarrj (()'11l)l(‘1(‘ the oat-\age \'.atrh a'rd MUN hat

darr't start srtrtrhg arross your (ar horruet You


rI‘ :()()i\t‘\11(‘t11t‘l\ i()()l‘sil 'B'.a"

‘01,“) THE llST101