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108 THE lIST 27 Liar—10 Jim. 1999



Their opening weekend is going to be a baptism of fire for the new Oblomov in Glasgow’s Merchant City. The Candleriggs bar and restaurant is throwing open its doors on the same weekend as the Old Firm Cup Final and the first weekend of Music Live! The fact that it's also a Bank Holiday weekend will do nothing to keep the hordes from the doors.

Diane Graham, the general manager of both the new premises and the original Oblomov on Great Western Road seems unpeturbed. In fact, she is planning on adding to the confusion by laying on a string quartet composed of what one source called ’buxom wenches' complete with powdered wigs and 18th century costumes.

It's all in a normal day's delirium for Oblomov but once the initial frenzy has died down, it’s going to be back to the serious business of beer quaffing. The new Oblomov is going to follow in similar footsteps to the original but Graham is aiming for a darker feel with what she calls ‘more of a Czech beer hall vibe. It's very long, thin and narrow with a definite Eastern European atmosphere. We're going to have big, long beer hall tables and dark Medieval-looking wood panels.’

Many of the features of the original Oblomov, like the burgundy drapes and the wrought iron candelabras, will be present

The original Oblomov: a sanctuary for philanderers and philosophers alike


and correct but Graham has concentrated more heavily on the beers available. She has moved heaven and earth to get the Czech brew Gambrinus on tap as well as Frambozen, a draught Belgian raspberry-flavoured beer. The usual extensive range of liver-frightening vodkas will be available from Poland and Russia at £30 a bottle or £25 during the 5—7pm Happy Hour. Absinthe will be on the gantry but, as always, checking that your medical insurance is up to date is advised before a night of gargling the green monster.

Back in the land of the sensible, the menus have been flavoured with a touch of Eastern European exoticism with Hungarian beef goulash saluting its neighbour Budapest chicken. Across the border in the starter section, stuffed cabbage leaves are staunch in their solidarity with the potato dumplings and Blintzes pancakes.

In the Great Western Road branch of Oblomov, there hangs an acoustic guitar which is available to anybody who thinks that they can hold a tune. The custom will be continued at the new Oblomov so that a similar bohemian atmosphere can be fostered. ’I want it to be a sanctuary for philanderers and philosophers alike,’ says Graham while verging dangerously on the poetic. (Jonathan Trew)

Oblomov, 24 Candleriggs, Glasgow, 0747 552 4257,

Spit or swallow

It’s all in the best possible taste.

Summer is here at last (or as close as we're gomg to get to one), and what could be more perfect to sip on a sunny day than a large glass of rose Wine. Rose has long had the reputation of being the poor relation to its white and red kinfolk, and there is some pretty rotten stuff out there; but good rose Wine is unforgettable. Look out for incrediny fruity White Zinfandels from California or the drier, more robust rose Grenaches from Australia. Both old world and new world are domg wonders in this field as these two examples prove;

Chateau Lacroix Rose (1997, Bordeaux,

£5 99) From the renowned St Emilion

h. ifs-we? region, t s Wine has 5:”?! strawberries and 9.17;; «’2‘

Cream soda on the nose, which leads to a clean palate of fragrant red apples. It is dry and refreshing, perfect for summer glugging or as an aperitif.


Cétes D'Oakley. CHnell996, California, £6.99) Raspberrry ripple on the nose is followed by a creamy palate with raspberry fruit and hints of toffee. The maturity of this Wine is revealed in its smoothness, but it is perfect for the time-served red Wine drinker With its robust Rhone-influenced finish. It Will accompany any light fare such as cheese or chicken, and WOUId be a bargain With a pound 0r two off the price

Both wines are available from Vr/leneuve Wines, 49a Broughton Street, Edinburgh, 0737 558 8447, with branches in Peeb/es and Haddington.

Five bars

Where you can enjoy the current puzzling run of sunshine.

Tailors Hall The latest

entire area in centuries gone by, the three different bars inside the building aim to prowde al: the booze for the Entire area In the

Cainpsies Very handy if you want to contemplate some strenuOus 'eil! walking over a few pints This spot can be a bit of a sun trap so Scots, the

addition to the Cowgate's drinking establishments boasts a ginormous courtyard that’s perfect for catching some rays The covered-over well used to provide all the dr:nking water for the

centuries to come Con/gate, Edinburgh, 0731 622 6800.

The Canal Not so much a beer garden as a beer roof, the top of tli.s art deco brew pub r‘as unimpeded Views of the

red-haired and anyone else With peelie-wallie tendencies should invest in sun block 300 Bearsden Road, Glasgow, 0/4! 954 5333,

The Pear Tree House As well as boasting the most