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Happiness ( I8) (Todd Sotontlz. US. l998) Cynthia Stevenson. Lara Flynn Boyle. Philip Seymour Hoffman. l.‘~9 mins. Three sisters. two small boys. one psychologist and a phone-harassment specialist. Out of these unliker elements 'I'odd Solondz has wrought pure cinematic gold. which veers from belly laughter one moment to stark pathos in another. (ilttsgovv: (iI'il'. Edinburgh: Cameo.

Hideous Kinky ( l5) ((iillies Mackinnoii. UK. l998) Kate Wiiislet. Said 'I‘aghiiiaoui. Bella Riza. Carrie Mullan. 99 mins. Winslet’s young Iiiiglishwoiiian takes her two daughters to Morocco in I972. where she leads a carefree life until the girls demand .sorne stability in their lives. Adapted from Iisther I-‘i'eud‘s semi- autobiographical novel. Iidinburgli: Cameo. Hilary And Jackie ( l5) (Anand 'l‘uckei'. UK. I998) liniin Watson. Rachel (iriffiihs. David Morrissey. 123 tiiiiis. 'I‘his biopic of Jacqueline du I’re. who died from multiple sclerosis in I987. has incensed the classical music world: however. it tells a complex. honest and moving story. In its L‘\pl()t'ill|0II . of the tangled skeiiis of sibling rivalry and love. HI/ti)ji'.»I/ii/ Jar/tic is superb. Edinburgh: Bi'uiitoii Theatre. liast Kilbi'ide: Arts Centre.

Hétel Du Nord (PU) (Marcel Carne. France. I938) Annabella. Jean-Pierre Aumont. 96 mins. The life of lingerie Dabit. a gifted young writer who died in mysterious circumstances. provides the inspiration for this drama about the working class residents of the family -run hotel. As the residents celebrate a I“irst-(‘oiiiiiiunion. a young couple arrive planning to commit a double suicide. (ilttsgoyy, (iI’I‘

Human Traffic ( IS) (Justin Is'ei'i‘igaii. UK/Irelaiid. I999) .lohn Simm. Lorraine Pilkington. Danny Dyer. 95 units. ()ne of that rare breed a good mov ie about contemporary dance culture Set in Cardiff. although it could be anywhere. the film follows a gang ol friends over a non-stop weekend of boo/.iiig. mobile phoiiecalls and drug-inspired clubbing. See preview and review. Glasgow ()deoii Quay. \irgiii. Edinburgh: ABC Multiples. Cameo. LTCI

In A Year With 13 Moons ( I S) (Rainer Werner I‘assbiiidei‘. (ierinany. I978) \‘olker Spengler. Ingrid Cay en. (iottlried John. 124 mitts. Iirvv in goes to Casablanca for a se.\ change operation and returns to I-‘rankfurt as lily lI'il. Abandoned by the lover who suggested she would be better oil as a woman. Iin ira is subjected to a series of rejections Inspired by the suicide of his own lover. Fassbinders film is fuelled by vehemence and passion. lidiuburgh: Iiilmhouse.

The Inheritors ( l5) (Stefan Rti/ow itzky. Austria. I997) Simon Schwarl. Sophie Rois. Lars Rudolph. 95 nuns. ‘l‘his .\lpine Western set in the I9.‘s()s. opens on the death of a local farmer. his w III demanding the land be divided amongst his seven servants. Of course. local dignitaries are ptit out. The film details consequent tensions as this mini class war is fotight to the death. See review. Iidinburgh: Iiiliiihouse.

I Still Know What You Did Last Summer (IS) (Danny Cannon. L‘S. I993) Jennifer Love Hewitt. l'reddie l’rin/e .lr. Brandy. I()I mins. last summer’s survivors win a holiday in the Bahamas. but soon discover that someone with a fish hook is gutting the hotel staff. Jar/etc Dru/t! director Cannon .stay's depressineg close to the horror formula. (ietiei'al release

Ivanhoe (U) (Richard 'l‘hoi'pe. I'K. I953) Robert 'I‘aylor. Iili/abeth lay lor. .Ioan litilllillllc. I(l7 iiiitis. (ireat costume epic with the leads in dashing torm. Okay. so it unashamedly Americanises Scott and countless other literary inspirations s- just sit back and descend into matinee mentality Edinburgh: Lumiere.

Jack Frost (I’(i) i'l‘roy Millet. US. I998) Michael Keaton. Kelly Preston. .‘ylark Addy. I02 mins. Neglegent husband and father Jack I’t'ost chooses to go on a road trip with his band rather than a holiday with his family and is killed iii a car accident However. he gets a chance to begin afresh when he is reincarnated as. erm a snowman. Simple. pllL‘l'IIL' Illll, (ilasgow (il'tisy'elltil'. \‘u‘giii lidiiiburgh. ()deon.

28 THE “ST 27 May—It) Jan "999


Irvine: Magnum. Odeon: Kilmarnock. James And The Giant Peach (U) (Henry Selick. US. I996) Paul Terry. Susan Sarandon. Simon Callow. 79 mins. From the director of Tim Bur/mt iv The Nightmare Before Christmas comes a wonderfully colourful adaptation of Roald Dahl's much- loved novel. Live action tops and tails the story. but for the most part. it’s fun times with stop-motion puppets.

Le lour Se Leve ( PG) ( Marcel Carrie. France. I939) Jean (iabin. Arletty. Jules Berry. Jacqueline Laurent. 87 mins. Standout performance by (iabin as a doomed factory worker. holed up with a gun in an attic. surrounded by police. remembering in flashback the circumstances of jealousy and murder that brought him there. Screening as part of a Marcel Carne Study Day: run by James Steele of (ilasgow University. (ilasgow: (ii-'I'.

Juliet Of The Spirits ( IS) tl-‘ederieo liellini. Italy/France. I965) (iiulietta Masina. Mario I’isu. Sandra Milo. I45 mins. Iiellini's‘ wife. Masina plays the bored. bourgeois housewife who fears her husband is unfaithful. Increasing unhappy. she finds she

can conjure spirits who lead her into a life of

escapist sensual pleasure. Iidinburgh: Italian Cultural Institute.

The King And I (U) (Richard Rich. US. I999) Ian Richardson. Miranda Richardson. Martin Vidnovic. 87 mins. Animated version of the true story of Anna Leonovveiis and her experiences as a teacher for the royal famin iii I9th Century Siam. Cracking songs by Rodgers and Hammerstein and. being animated. the facility for more active roles to be taken by talking elephants. sentimental chimps and proud panthers. It‘s a cracking ride. See review. (iL‘llCl'ilI release.

The Land Girls ( I 3) (David Leland. UK. I998) Anna I’riel. Rachel Weisz. Catherine .\Ic('ormack. I I I mins. Set during the confusion of World War II. btit against this dramatic backdrop the human story The lum/ (i/rlv describes proves curiously affecting. IIII'L‘C contrasting young women

join the Land Army. only to find themselves

knee-deep in rustic accents and bad weather on a remote Dorset farm. Iidiiiburgh. Lumiere.

Legend Of The Overfiend ( I8) I Hitleki 'Iakay'ama. Japan. I989) I08 iiiins. In this mythology. the planet comprises of three separate worlds: humans. Man-Beasts and Monster Demons. who pour their energies into the bodies ol human girls livery .‘~.I)(Xl years. the ()verfiend arrives with the power to unite the worlds and destroy the barriers that protect mankind from the evils of other realms. Iidinburgh: Cameo.

Life Is Beautiful (La Vita E Bella) it’tii (Roberto Benigni. Italy. I993) Roberto Benigni. Nicoletta Braschi I I6 lIlIIIs. A comedy about the Holocaust" Surely not. Well. that's what Italiati wtiter-director-star Benigni has done in fashioning a poignant comic fable about the resilience of the human spirit and the power of the imagination. A humane and iiiov ing film. (ilasgow: ABC Muirend. Edinburgh: I'iliiihouse. Stirling: MacRobert

Little Voicet I 5) (Mark Herman. L'Is'. I998) Jane Horrocks. Brenda Blethy n. Michael Caine. 97 mins. Hori'ocks recreates her acclaimed performance iii Jim Cartwi'ight's I993 hit play as a repressed Northern girl who reveals a remarkable gift for impersonating great pop divas (ilasgow (ii-'I~

Lola ( l5) (Rainer Werner I'assbiiidei'. (iei'inany. I9S‘I ) Barbara Sukowa. .'\l'llllll .‘ylueller-Stahl. IIS niins lassbiiidei”s remake of The Blue Angel is pei‘tect territory for him. particularly when he gives the original a touch of melodrama in the Douglas Sirk style Iylueller-Stahl plays a respectable building commissioner w hose desire for club singer/brothel madam Sukow a leads htiii into corruption. (ilasgow: (ll-"Ii Iidinburgli: I‘ilnihouse.

Love And Death 0n Long Island r I5) (Richard Kw ietiiiow ski. L'K/Canada. I99") .loliii Hurt. Jason Priestley. Iiiona I.oew I. 9“ mins. Celebrated writer and 20th century anachronisiii (iiles De‘Ath falls loi‘ teen heart throb Ronnie. and eventually tracks him down in Long Island to offer Iiiiii a new. cultured way of life. Deal/i In \i'iiit't' is the obv ioiis i'elerence point. yet it is hard to avoid seeing De‘Ath's blinkered e.\isteiice

Siamese, if you please: Master Little and the Kralahome in The King 8: l

il\ :1 ‘)Ils version ()I (-Il't tit/It't' /)III:t/t't'. Iidiiibui'gh. I‘ihiiliotise.

Madeline (l‘) (Daisy \oii Scliei'lci'. l'S. I99S) I'i'aiices .‘yIcDoi'iiiaiid. Nigel Hawthorne. Ilatty .Ioiies S9 Illllls. Madeline is a hybrid ot the 'adorable pie-teen childrens' heroine '\s intelligent as .\Iatilda. she‘s also as piecocious .is I’ippi I.otigstocking and. like :\miie. shes aii orphan \Vcll-iiitentioiicd but desperately dull lidiiibiii'gh. Dominion .-\_v r ()deoti. Iiast Kilbi‘idc‘ l (I. Is'ihiiainock. ()deoii The Man Who Drove With Mandela I I5) ((ii'eta Schiller. I'K/I'SSoutli .-\fi‘ica. I998) S3 iiiiiis Reiiiai'kable docuiiieiitai'y about (‘ecil Williams. a leading Johannesburg theatre director. commuted political activist and gay man Ill l9(v_‘. \\illianis accompanied Nelson Mandela who was travelling across country to oigaiiisc an armed rebellion against the apartheid i'egiiiie - Mandela took the role ol chariltetii‘. Williams the elegant white man (ilasgow (il'l'

Message In A Bottle r I 3- I tins .\lantloki. I‘S. I999) Robin \\'right I’enn. Kevin Costner. I‘atil \cwiiian I ‘3 iiiiiis Newspaper researcher IIiei'esa is ititiigued by a love :iotc iii a bottle she Iiiids washed tip on the shore IIei seaich tor the author biiiigs Iiei into contact with mourning widower (Iai‘iet Blake It all makes tor. predictable and tindeiiiaiidiiig romance (ialashiels I’avihoii, Iiviiic .\la_s iitiiii. l’atsley Showcase

Mighty Joe I. I’( i) ' Roiil iidciw ood. IS. I99.\'i ('Iiai'li/e Ilicioii. lliII I’ayton H iiiiiis \yhicheyei‘ way you cut it. Vie/n". Joe

is lost another big monkey iiiov ie Despite infinitely more sophisticated ellecls than its (949 predecessor. this \cis:oii is In less involving oi entertaining !I s so predictable you would think the monkey \\IUIL' II (i'c‘llt'lal ICIC.I\C

The Mission rl’(i~ -lt.-I.mtl tout-.t Is'. l‘tsto .leieii‘ry lions. Robert De \iir Is’ay .\lc"\ll.:ll\ I35 nuns Il‘. I\'tli century South \iiieiica a l’apaI I’ielate is called III to iesol\e .i tciiitoiial dispute between Spaiii .riid I’oitugai li'ieiidsliip and an cyploiatioii oi mans capacity lot the noblest altruism and the

\ii operatic Illlti (\I tI'c‘I‘IIl alitl collsltleltildt‘ pow 'c‘! Izdiiibuigli l.umieie

Mother Kiisters Goes To Heaven i Is- (Raiiiei \\ei'iiei I'assbiiidei. (ieiiiiaiiy. I9") IDS iiiiiis laced with being.‘ laid oll. .i factory worker goes berserk .iiid commits iiirii'dei and suicide \\ hen his l.l'llll\ is

Ilotli a study ol iiiale

Illl‘\l Ileac'llel \‘lts selllslili'c‘ss

besieged by reporters. one daughter leaves the country. the othei eyploits the situation to further her career. while the dead iii if

wile attempts to clear her husband s name.

(ilasgow. (il‘vl'

Murray Grigor Special Event (I’(i) I.\Il|l‘lily (ii'igor. l'ls'. 1999) III) mins approy. I’ilmmaker. writer and cyliibitioii designer ( irigor hosts the premiere of his new film. .\‘/)ir'i ('/I ()ii The ('Ivt/t'. 'l'he filtit csaiiiiiies the work of eminent architect '\It‘\;tlltlt‘l' ( ii'cek' IIIUIIlpstlll. whom (irigoi' credits with nothing less than the creation of Victorian (ilasgovv (ilasgow, (iI-I.

My Favourite Martian (I’Ii) (Donald l’etrie. IS. 1999) Christopher l.|o,\d. Jeff Daniels. liIi/abeth Hurley. 93 units. 'I’his movie remake oI an American 'I’\‘ favourite. scaiccly kiiowii iii the (Is. is a breer family adventure that's amusing atid disarmineg entertaining. Some eycelleiit special effects help. as we meet a hapless .\lartiaii visitor who has crash landed on

Iiarth .iiid is keen to leave as soon as prissilylc‘ Sec" l'c‘\ IL‘yy (iL'lIL‘l'dl l'CIL‘ilSL‘. Niagara Niagara I IS) (Bob (irvsse. ('8. I99") IIenry I'homas. Robin 'l'uiiney 93 miiis ()llbeat love story which pairs two young shoplitters who sulter from 'I‘out‘ette's I sy iidi'oiiie \\'ith the emphasis on roiiiaitce. Ilit' IIItti cottc‘t‘tilt'ales or) two otilsltlel‘s coming to terms w ith a hostile world. Part of the .\iiiericaii Independence 'I‘oui‘. (ilasgow; (’iI’I

Night Of The Hunter I l’( i) (Charles Laughton. I‘S. I955) Robert .\litchutii. SIIL‘IIs‘} “inlets. l’t'lt'l‘(it.t\e\. I): llillls laughton's sole directorial effort is a genuinely oiie-oI-a-kind movie. cotilui'iiig tip a weird. Iit‘i;.'litciietl wot Id set III the Deep South during the I‘tills I cw actors have eyer tilled the screen with as much aiiiiiiaI magnetism as \Iitchiim. who stars here as coiiman picacliei Ilaiiv I’oweII See review. I-diiibuigh liltiihousc

Notting Hill -|<I i Rogci \Iichell. IR. 1999- Hugh (ilalll. Itilta Is’obei‘ts. Roger \lichcll I II) iiiiiis Scicciiwtitei' Richard Corliss s'.l_‘.!t'l Iv awaited follow up to l7oiii‘ llt ‘t /.---t Ilas (ii'aiit playing \\ illiam I hacker. the div. :cetl owner of a have! bookshop iiito whose Iile walks Ilolly\\\‘od lilt't'.l\I.lI \iui.: Scott 'Roberts)

and, betoie you know it :riey kiss See

it‘\ IC\\ (ic'tls'tal tt‘It‘as'c‘

Orphans is". rl’t-tei \Itillatt. t‘ls'. NW) Douglas Ileiishall, (iaiv I cwis. Stephen \Ict'ole 95 iiiiiis (hi the eye oI tIieti‘ iiiotliei's Itiiieral. loiii frown-up orphans cypress thei: g'iiet .:s stoizo. clouds gather iii IIlt‘ \lsl'c‘s I C\\ Illt' si‘ctal lt'.lIl\lll (ll, Kt‘ll I.oach. more a surreal eypi'essioiiisiii which takes t‘\s'l'_\IIllll§' to its illo;‘ical coticltisioii. (ilasgow ()deoa ()uav. \iigm Izdinburgh: [(‘I I .ist lsiibiidc I (‘I Stirling, \IacI-iobeit

Orphee ( I5) (Jean Cocteau. l‘t‘ance. I950)

.It‘all \laiais. \Iarie Ilea. \Iaiia ('asai'es 95