Regular Fries Glasgow: g2, Sat S Jun.

'We want to break down every conceivable musical barrier and embrace the unpredictable at every possible turn. There’s no time left for purism in music, for people to be in cliques or musical cul de sacs. We take a far broader view than that. And, in the end, I think a complete demolition of narrow- mindedness is our final destination.’

Welcome to the worldly wisdom of one Paul Moody, former NME scribe and one seventh of the Regular Fries. Frequent star-turns on Mary Anne Hobbs ground- breaking Breezeb/ock Radio 1 show have seen the collective attract comparisons with fellow astral eclectisists Lo-Fidelity Allstars and Campag Velocet. However, with their forthcoming debut album Accept the Signal, the London-based Fries aim to prove that not only is theirs a sound unhampered by the vagaries of convention, but that their scope also prods areas of the sonic galaxy others can only dream of.

‘I feel there’s a kind of invisible mafia suggesting that you can’t like certain sorts of music and films,’ explains a fired-up Moody. ’We’re at war with the concept that you're not allowed to use that kind of stuff. I mean, there’s still so much stigma surrounding the 80s and, for some reason, it’s considered brave to delve into that era. We want to step outside of what’s "cool". We want to challenge preconceptions of what a group or set of individuals has to be. We’re trying to fight against convention at every turn. And besides, I'm far more interested in what an alien might think of our music than what someone who thinks they're cool might think.’



Afro Celt Sound System Glasgow: The Arches, Crt 28 May. Cultural (OlliSiOll is big money HaVing sold over a quarter of a million copies of their oehut album Volume 7 SOuncl Mag/rt, the Afro Celt Sound System are

Pump up the Volume: Afro Celt Sound System

The Afro Celt SOund System's unique soundclash came together three years ago in Peter Gabriel's Real World studio complex near Bath, over one of those legendary weeks where producers and musiCians from all corners of the planet get together in an endless Jam —7 With the tapes running. Some of

Moody moody yum yum: The Regular Fries

In keeping with this philosophy, Moody and his far-out mob have enlisted the help of such freethinking luminaries as Mercury Rev’s Jonathon Donahue (who appears on the ominously atmospheric ’Anno Domini’) the Scratch Perverts' 1st Rate (who tears up his record collection for the purposes of ’Can’t Face the Animals') and the knob-whirling production skills of Tim Holmes, whose previous credits include the Chemical Brothers and Death In Vegas.

And the ideal state in which to chill to the Fries’ all- encompassing space-groove? ’lt's definitely a solo venture,’ says Moody. ‘I think you get further when you're flying on a solo mission. It’s also a proper late night record - real psychedelic city music. Our recruitment drive will probably go on late at night. Hopefully, through the power of sound, there will be recruitment centres in every bedroom in the Cosmos.’ (Sarah Dempster)

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News mongered, tittle tattled

SCOTTISH HOMELANDS WILL take place in the Royal Highland Exhibition Grounds at lngliston between 1pm on Sat 4 and 6am on Sun 5 Sep. As exclusively revealed in The List last issue, The Chemical Brothers will headline the dance music festival with a live set. 015 so far announced for the 20,000 capacity event are Carl Cox, Danny Tenaglia, Pete Tong, Sasha, Danny Rampling, Slam’s Orde Meikle, Funk D’void, Jengaheads, and Tunnel residents Steven McCready and Colin Tevendale. Keep reading The List for the up-to-date bill. Tickets for Scottish Homelands, which is sponsored by Ericsson, are priced £36 each plus booking fee. Credit Card Hotline: 0171 344 0044/0541 500 044. Mean Fiddler Information Line: 0181 963 0940.

T IN THE Park continues to add bands to the bill. Remy Zero, Regular Fries, Death In Vegas, Indian Ropeman, Dark Star, One Lady Owner and Bellatrix may not be massive unit-shifters just yet, but they are all well worth checking out.

BELLE AND SEBASTIAN re-release their legendary first album Tigermilk on Mon 12 Jul. The album was originally released in 1996 in a strictly limited vinyl-only edition of 1000. The original now changes hands for upwards of £250, although a signed copy recently made £810 at a charity auction. The re-release will be available on CD, cassette and heavyweight vinyl with 605-style packaging. A new album, as yet untitled, is pencilled in for an autumn release.

SHED 7 WILL be meeting fans and signing copies of their new greatest hits album Going For Gold at HMV, Argyle Street, Glasgow at 1pm on Tue 1 Jun.

JIMSON TRANCE MAY still be a low~ profile Edinburgh band, but they will soon be playing on the same stage as some of rock’s most legendary figures. They have been offered a gig at Whiskey-A-Go-Go, the legendary Los Angeles venue which has seen classic performances from the likes of Jimi Hendrix and The Doors.

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