Shrill communication: Whistler play The 13th Note Cafe, Thu 10 Jun

I The Lightning Brothers \\ lll\il‘c‘ Bllllxlt‘\. Niddi} Street. 55" < l l~i l lpiii, l-i'ce.

I Jonathan Kemp ('oninion ( hounds. 3'3 North Bank Street. Ill» i-i lo '. ‘Ilpiii

l‘lt‘t'. (.l;t\\lc\ll li‘ It‘ggat‘

I Living Room Legends \\ I (‘linsiit-s. 3" 3| \\'esi l’oii. SIN "(‘5 “pm l‘ree

l.l\ e acoustic set


I Deacon Blue ( lule .\udiloiiuin. Sl-.(‘(‘. l‘llllll'c‘sltitl ()ua}. 3S“ ""— _i‘|ll. Ll.< £22.50 \o .igc restriction. See Thu I" There are \llll tickets leli tor llll\ shim tot those \\llo \\;llil to see Deacon Blue l‘tll couldn't get It] to the l{o_\al (‘oncert Hall shim.

I Steve Forbert 'l'tie l't‘ll}. t‘ltde l’lace. IS“ <5 ll Spin 1 1H t Lh- l'olk and l‘lllt'\l‘.l.t|l xiho. il‘kt‘ Bills Bragg, has ieeeiill}. iecoideti with .ili-cuuiili} coinl‘o \Viico l’ail ot Big Big (‘viiiitzs See

[‘l't‘\ tt'\‘.. flag"; 3"

I DNA Cowboys, Fenster, Degas, The Freewheelers and The Rodriguez Brothers Strata iieii} l-ieltis. ( )\\\.tltl Stieel. III "S"! ‘lpn. L.‘ I Guavara and The Haze tint-n: lial. Sti.ill‘.cl_\tie l'niwisilj. l !‘.li‘|i. loiiii Sliccl. ‘(7 “CF ‘ti‘ni l i.:' Stialenis and guests I Glasgow Songwriters Blackout“. Bell Sheet. 5‘: VD; " i‘pn: l'iec l’lus open one guest spot

I Live Music 'l":~..- i ;:i: \.~t.~ t‘.a.-, King Street. 55: l(\‘.\ \pni L:

I Live Music ’I h.- (ilt-is Box (inlets.

litres Rt all. 11> I“ i?


I Highland Drifting Festival: Durutti Column, Pan American .iaia Matmos l..i lit‘lit‘ x\!‘.}_'e‘lt'. ll.t\ile'\ (':~‘\e‘. 3:; :q—J Spin L 1') Sect nd niglil ol this Ilillil- I't'stiiai \ Illl l<t‘lll\. the thinnest iiian iii [li'l‘llidl :iiusic. s us his iiieieurial .\l;'.llc".llll.ll‘. amiss as pail ot cull heroes

\'\I\‘ l-ru.k

l)ti:iit'.i (I i.l!lll. l’.:!: \:i..‘i:e.::i .iie post li‘c'r-.t'i\ l .z?‘ iii 1:: ills-gals.- See i‘it"~lt"-‘.. :x-s' 1"

I The Dynamic Duo Show .la/l Joint. s

Morrison Street. 22l l288. l()pm—3am. £3. Breakheal and hip hop act including

i rappers and hrezikdancers. ()ld skool cool.

I Latin Quarter Whistle Binkies. Niddr)‘ Street. 557 5| l4. llpiii. liree.

E I Colin Campbell Common Grounds. 2/3

North Bank Street. 226 Lilo. 7.30pm.

3 l'l'CL‘. Acoustic ballads.


I Deacon Blue C|_\de .-\uditorium. SliCC. l-‘innieston Qii;i\'. 387 7777’. 7pm.

£22.5(l/El850/L15. No age restriction. See

Thu 37 ck Tue l.

I Dr. Eugene Chadbourne King Tut's Walt Walt Hut. St Vincent Street. 331 537‘). 8.30pm. to plus hooking lee. (‘ult

ltllpt'ti\ isational guitarist \\ itli a psychedelic loucli.

I Guy Davis Ramsliorn 'l‘liealre. Ingram Street. 387 SSI l. 8pm. £7 (£5 i. Acoustic liliies Iirmly rooted iii the .-\l't'o—.-\iiierican \l()l'}lClllll‘:! tradition l’ai‘t ot‘ Big Big (’ountr).

I Blast Nice 'n' Sleax). Saucliieliall Street. 333 0637 9pm. l’opp} punk.

I Happy Anger and Miles Apart The 13th Note (Kile. King Street. 553 INNS. 8pm. £3.

I Suspicion Of Rain, Locarno, Trident and Liar’s Edge Slraulierr} l-ields. ()s‘oalil Street. Ell 7S7l. 0pm. £3.

I The Waltzers and Tibor (xix em Bar.

Strathchde L‘iiitersit} l'iiion. .lohn Street.

507 5023. 0pm. Free. Students atid guests. I Wig Wam Bamz l'lares. Bath Street. 331 Slot). 9.30pm. Free. (Elam sounds.

I Jonny Logue Brel. Ashton Lane. 34: 4066. 8pm. l-"ree. Regular acoustic set.


I Cathie Rae's Jazz Singers’ Night Jal/ Joint. S Morrison Street. Ell IZSS. l()pm——.‘~am. £4 iL'3i. .\ls Rae hosts an melting or mellou sottlitls \\ itli ;I\'\til'lc‘tl guests.

I The Potbelly Pigs \thktc House. 33.1 (’ongaie. lidiiihurgli. 235 5583. 9pm L3. I Big Eyed Beans Whistle thirties. .\'iddi_\ Street. 557 5] H. l 1pm. l-i‘ee.

I The Music Club 33: (‘aiioii's (iait. (‘anongattx 550 JJS’I 0pm. l‘tt‘t'. Open mic night - acoustic and electric. co\ci\ oi originals.

I Jacquie Hanham (‘oiiimon (irounils. 3/.“ North Bank Street. 330 NH» ".Rllptii. l‘t'ce. Ne“ [caland-liorn singer-song“rilei'.


I Dan Crary atid Beppe Gambatta Ramshorn 'l‘healre. Ingram Street. LS"

55l 1. Spin. Lhfil) lit) 50» Too e\poneiils ol‘ the lilttlplc‘klllg guitar stile l-olk and bluegrass artist ('rar} tcceiitl} hooked up it itli the (ienoa-liorn (i;lllll‘illl;l to huge a Ierlile partnership, l’ai't oi Big Big C‘ounli}. I Cornerstone, Sweet EA. and Andromeda 5 King Tut's \Vali \Vali Hut. St Vincent Street. 331 527‘) S ,lem. 25.50 '.ltl\;tllL‘c’l. £4 idooi'i.

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rock & pop MUSIC

Afro-celtic global fusion with his anb live music

e Peatbog Faeries

e 1’1

bane on 9.30 witla full set - club until 2 _

tickets from Avalanche 8r Cabs [on the Mounb] _ -

llCBRll )l IAN f‘CS’l‘lVAl ..

This years dazz 'ng line-up includes: LA BOTTINE S URIANTE - __ . MICHA L MCGOLDRICK & FRIENDS THE BARRA MA CNEILS Bumblebees Mackenzie Michael Marra Tartan Amoebas Alasdair Fraser & Tony McManus Fraser Fifield & Graeme Stephen Alyth McCormack and Band

Plus many more surprises....

14th - 17th July, 1999, Stornoway, Isle of Lewis For spectacular supershows, early evening concerts, fringe events and an opportunity to discover the wonder of the Hebrides themseIVes. For further information: "

Phone: 07001 878787

Or write: PO Box 9909,

Stomoway, Isle of Lewis H82 ODH

Email: http://www.hebrides.c

previewing their new Album of celtic Dance grooves from Slcwe at

café graffiii

on Sunbaq 30'" mag




“3°”? ‘~_’/ http://www.mantrarecordingscom



Pressure Point


17 BRISTOL Fiddlers

18 SHEFFIELD Boardwalk

19 MANCHESTER ‘Hop 8. Grape 20 GLASGOW King Tuts