MUSIG folk & world

FOLK & WORLD: SUN 30 MAY continued

£7.50 in advance from Coda on the Mound. Information 650 42 I 3. Afro-celt world fusion. I).ls. drummers and BM: music from the Skye-born groove phenomenon. the Peaibog Faeries.



I Lucy Kaplansky Ritltlslltn'll 'l'heatre. 8pm. £7 (£5). Tickets 287 55I I. ()ne of the renowned names on the American singer/songwriter' scene. Part of Big Big Country.

I Alan Tall Clutha \atrlts. Stockyvell Street. 0pm. Free. Actor. say player. multi- instrumental string picker and singer- about-town.

Livingston . I Dougie MacLean Iloys den Park Centre. (II 506 433634. 7.30pm. £0 (£6). See Fri 28.


I Guy Davis Rarnshorn Theatre. 8pm. £7 (£5). Tickets 287 55I I. Great black American acoustic bltresiiian/guitarist in story. song and performance pieces. Part of Big Big Country.

I Weekly Scots Fiddle Workshops Kinniiig I’ark Complex. Cornwall Street. . Kinning I’ai'k. 7.30--0.30piii. £4 (£1.50). \\‘orkshops on Scots and Cape Breton fiddle styles. for adyanced player's. beginners and intermediate levels. Young beginners classes commence earlier in the eyeinirg. Inlorriiatroii 770 0047.

I The Linda Jackson Band Scotra Bar. Stockyyell Street. 552 868I. 0pm. Free.

Edinburgh I Annual Folk Song Competition

lidnibui'gh l-olk Cltib. l’leasance Theatre Bar. The l’leasance. 650 2340. 8pm £4 (£3). Children free.


I Samba Workshops llowdeir l’ark Centre. Inforiiratroii and booking. ()l 506 433634. 7 30pm. £l0 (£7) for four sessions led by the lzdinbtirgh Samba Band

Glasgow I Clave Y Guaguanco ()ltl I-‘riirtrnarkei. 8pm. £l0 (£8). Rurirba - 40s style by a famous Cuban band formed yyay back then .-\ (Io/en or so musicians and singers in party mode. Part of Big Big Country. I Dan Crary and Beppe Gambetta Raiiisliorn 'I‘heatre. 8pm. £8.50 (£6.50). Tickets 287 55l l.Tyyo geniuses of the acoustic guitar. Part of Big Big Country. I Martin Curtis New Dawn Folk Club. RI‘-('I'\I(l(‘ Club. I-os Street. 248 3l44.

£5. .-\ return not after four E

8.30pm. £3 )ears for the .\'e\y /.ealari(l folk guitarist and singer.


I Peter Rowan's Party Pieces Noble's Bar. Constitution Street. l.eitlr. 8pm. Free. lnloi'niation 07050 l60684. :\ ireyv opeit stage Ioi musicians. poets and storytellers hosted by the eporry mons pet'lor'rtiet'.



I Pastures Of Plenty ()Id l-i'uitriiarket. 8pm. £0 i £7). Tribute to Woody Guthrie in music. dance and song performed by the :\III('IIc'(iII \.tII.I‘..tI Carayan Music and Dance (‘oiiipany Part or Big Big Country.

Edinburgh I Feis Dhun Eideann Ceilidh Dance

.-\ssenrb|j. Is’oonis. (ieoige Street. 220 I722 8pm.)

c." (£5- .\I(isie II'(ilII Bella .\l.ic.\;ili\ Baird.


Glasgow I Ceilidh Dance Rrycrsrde Cltib. Fox

50 THELIST rt... 3"

'.I'. I‘i‘I‘l

Street. 248 3144. Doors open 7.30pm. £5. Live bands.

I Ranters, Lovers and Chanters Cumbernauld Theatre. Kildrtim. Cumbernauld. 01236 732887. 7.45pm. £7 (£4). Contemporary arrangements of Burns songs by the Song Factory with the South Side Chorus and the St Francis Pipe Band.


I Set Dance Weekend (jittis Centre. Whitehouse Loan. Information 553 5I89/667 8856. Weekend ticket £ I 2 includes Saturday night ceili ~- that's the Irish spelling. as the Dublin-based teacher Pat Murphy wrote the definitive set-(lance book Toss The Feathers.

I Lizzard Lounge Cale (ir'alliilt. Mansfield Church. liast London Street. 557 8003. l0pm—2aiii. Tickets £6 (£5).


I Set Dance Weekend (iillis Centre. Whitehouse Loan. Information 553 5189/667 8856. See Sat 5.



I Weekly Scots Fiddle Workshops Kinning Park Comples. Cornwall Street. Kiriiiing Park. 7.30-030piii. £4 (£1.50). Workshops on Scots and Cape Breton fiddle styles. for adyanced players. beginner's arid intermediate leyels. Young beginners classes commence earlier in the

evening. Information / :0 0047.


I Rory McLeod Edinburgh Folk Club. Pleasance Theatre Cabaret Bar. The l’leasance. 556 6550. 8pm. £4 (£3 i. Children free. The legendary human dynamo on rrrouth organ. \oeals. foot percussion. picked strings and brass.


I Samba Workshops lloyydetr I’ark Centre. Information and booking. 0 I 506 433634. 7.30pm. £ 10 ( £7) for tour sessions. l.ed by the lidinburglr Samba Band.



I Handset New Dawn Folk Club. Riyei'side Club. Fox Street. 248 3I44. 8.30pm. £3--£5. Strong Scots songs and instrumental music from a recently fornred quartet led by Brian Miller .iiid (iay in Livingstone.


I Peter Rowan's Party Pieces Noble's Bar. Constitution Street. l.erth. 8pm. Free. Information 07050 [60684. See Thu 3.

classical &

opera listings

Performances will be listed, provided that details reach our offices at least eight days before publication. Classical listings compiled by Kelly Apter.


I Ines de Castro Theatre Royal. 282 Ilope Street. 332 0000 7| 5pm.

£3.50 £45.50. .Iames .\lac.\lillan's Iirsi foray into the world oI full-length operas i'eceiyed its premiere at the I006 lidiriburgh International l'estiyal. to yery Illl\(‘(l I‘('\ Ic'\\ s. Three years later tlte highly-charged tale ()I loyers bartlrrrg against the odds in Ioth century \yal' torn Spain returns to the Scottish stage. III the capable hands of Scottish ()peia.

I Louise Winter (ialleiy oI .\Iodern .-\it. Royal lischange Square. Queen Street. 22l 7484. lpm. Free. See BBC .\Itisic Live listings page I7.

l I r r

I Radio 3 Classics Princes Square. Buchanan Street. lpm. Free. Liven up your lunchtime with a series of informal performances by RSAMI) students. Part of BBC .llusit' Lire.

I Hesperion XX The I’iping Centre. 34 McPhater Street. 287 55H. 7.30pm. £I0. See BBC Music Live listings page I7.

I Baamfest Iii-Service Suite. .Iordanhill Carirpus Strathclyde University. 548 3444. 7.30pm. £4 (£2). .-\ chamber orchestra performance forming part of a series of concerts given by students of the BA Applied Music Degree.

I BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra St Aloysius' Church. Hill Street. Ciariiethill. 287 551 I. |0pnr. Free. Members of the orchestra perform Mozarts haunting Sere/im/e Mr /3‘ III/lily. Tickets by postal application or at the door froiii 0.40pm (subrect to availability ). Part of BBC Music Inc


I John Harris Si (iiles' Cathedral. Royal Mile. 225 0442. I.l0pm. Free. Lunchtime organ music from Harris. \y ho plays Bruhns. Messiaen. Bach. Boyce and l.anglais.



I The Steve Martland Band Royal Concert Hall. 2 Sauclriehall Street. 287 55| l. l0piir. Free. See BBC Music l.iye listings page I7.

I Ilia Gringolts (iallery of Modern Art. Royal Iiscliange Square. Queen Street. 22l 7484. Iprir. Free. See BBC Music the listings rage I8.

I Radio 3 C assics l’i'mces Square. Buchanan Street. lpm. Free. See Thu 27. I BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra - Orchestral Pops (ieorge Square.

.5 ()I‘Ill. l'iI'L'c'. See BBC \llts‘ic‘ l.i\t‘ listings page I8.

I Friday Night Is Music Night Royal Concert Hall. 2 Saticliiehall Street. 287 55l I. .7 30pm £8 £I8 See BBC Music l.l\ e listings page I7.

I The Keller Quartet (iallcry of Modern .-\it. Royal F..\change Square. Queen Street. 22I 7484~ .7 30pm £5 The quartet pcrlorrir .\Io/art‘s (JIIJIU’I III I) HIIIIUI' and Schubert's /)(’(II/I irlii/ .I'llt' l/iiltlt'ii. l’tirl u] /fl)’( .l/II\.'( /.II c.


I Come Into The Garden The Edinburgh Society of Musicians. Bellord Road. 468 7500 7.30pm. £6.50(£4.50r. Soprano .Iudith I’Iriit and pianist Richard l.eys rs eyoke the elegant and romantic gardens of (Ierniany and France. \y IllI a programme of songs and short readings by Schumann. Wolf. Fatne. Clianssoii. I)eliu.s and others.


I Royal Scottish National Orchestra Proms - Conductor's Choice (“and Hall. City Square. III 382 434040. 7.30pm. £8-£l5 (£5). It‘s" a family affair at this year's RS.\'() Scottishl’ower l’i'onrs opening concert. as Principal Conductor .v\le\arrder l.a/aiey is routed by his pianist (laughter Tatyana l.alareya tor Rachmanrnoy 's flariiboyaiit l’ltllltl

(‘n/ri ('I'Iu .\'u /. .~\Iso on the bill tonight are 'l’chaikoVsky is infamous Swim /.tIAt’ Suite and ersky -ls'orsako\ 's sy mplronrc suite. .St /It'/I('I'ti'.'(r'(/('. See Wm 16“. page .59.



I Young Person's Guide To The Orchestra Royal Concert Ilall. 2 Satrchieltall Street. 287 55H 7 30pm.

£8 £I8 .-\ (IeIrnrte leather in BBC .\lll\l\

l l\ C.\ c l.l\\lC.Il LtII‘. llllS Ly'IlL'Cll \c't‘S :eyereil .-\nieiicair conductor l eonar'd Slatkin and \ iittioso Russian \ rolrrirst l)mitry Sitkoyetsky Ill town for a yet)

spec ial e\ enrng Slatkm Irasrrt \ isrtcd Scotland since I035 and tonight he conducts the BBC Symphony ()ichestra III Bi‘rlten‘s .Il lint/3'4 /’('I \m‘.‘ y (rim/t It) Hit ()I'i /I(’\II'(I

to tilt surprise gtrcst narrator). Bruch's LIN/III (‘iuii wr/u \‘u / t\\llll young lliintry at the boys i and lmrslres on Shostakovrclr's Soup/tutti Vi) .5

I BBC Concert Orchestra - Bugs! Royal Concert Hall. 2 Sauchiehall Street. 287 I 55l I. I lam. £8 (£4). For nrost of the year. BBC stands for British Broadcasting Corporation. but for one day orin it metamorphoses into the far Iiipper Beetles. Bugs and Cockroaches. Part of BBC Music Live. this family concert features a host of tunes relating to all things arthropodic and youngsters are encouraged to corire dressed as their layourite bug or bring along an insect friend (toys only!) i I Radio 3 Classics Princes Square. 1 Buchanan Street. Iprn. Free. See Tliti 27. 1 I Aida Theatre Royal. 282 Hope Street. I 332 0000. 2.I5pm. £3.50 £45.50. Scottish ()pera bring one of (irnseppe Verdi's most radiant and compelling heroines to life in

this new production directed and designed

by Antony .\Icl)oiia|d (the man behind (Ire company's successful I008 production of Surirs'u/i (Illt/ Deli/tilt). Set iii a mythical ligyptian court. the role of the tragic

refugee Aida is performed by Moldovian dramatic soprano l.ada Biriiicov.

I Concerto Caledonia Royal Concert

Hall. 2 Sauchiehall Street. 287 55I 1. 6pm. Free. See BBC Music Live listings page


I Junior Academy Chamber Orchestra RSAMI). I00 Reiifrew Street. 332 5057. 7.30pm. £6.50 (£4). .larries I)urrant and

.-\nrre Strachan conduct the rumor

orchestra in lflgar's /IIII'H(/Itt'II()/I (im/


Beethoven's Syrup/rout .\'n l and with the Junior Academy Chorus. Ilandel's ('lru/u/os xill/llt’ltl.


I Edinburgh Bach Choir SI (‘tirIiber-t's Church. Lothian Road. 220 l I42. 7.30pm. ; £ I0 (£8). Neil Mantle conducts the choir ' in Bruckrrer's .Ilm‘s No 2 iii [2' minor. l’urcell's .li'try/t [iii' I’ll/let'iil of Queen .lluri. Stanford's T/iit'e Mule/y and Tallis‘s 40-pai't tiiotet Ste/ii //i .-l!riu)r.

I Edinburgh Light Orchestra Queen's IIall. Clerk Street. 667 7776 7.30pm.

£4 £7.50. .latnes Beyer conducts the orchestra in an eyening of iiitisical and film fayotii'ites. ()ri the hill tonight are top tunes from ./(!Ill(’\ li’oiiil. Jesus Christ Superstar and Cir/s plus a smattering of lrglit orchestral numbers

I Electric Voice Theatre Workshop. Hamilton l’lace. Stockbrrdge. 226 5425. 7,45pm. £6 (£3 i. ()rie \‘orce present a mtrltr-niedra eyeirriig or electroacousttc and h\ e music featuring \Iiiigelis‘s Spiral. Denis/r (). .luditlr Weir's Kine Hunt/dis

Siren and Steye Reich‘s l-J/ei mt


I Guest Recital SI Cecilia-s llall. Cowgate. 668 20I0. 7.45pm. £6 (£3). .-\ guest recital to inaugurate the Russell Collectron‘s neyy forteprano. made by Christopher Barlow and Donald Macls’imion. r\l.\‘()~|(IIIIIII:_’ the collection is a copy of an instrument tirade by Johann Schantz. iii I705.

I Scottish Chamber Choir SI .\lary 's Cathedral. 2.3 Palmerston Place. 667 7776. 8 0.30pm. £5 (£4). The Chamber Choir perform works by Is’odaly. .Ianacek and Vaughan Williams


I Allan Neave with the RSNO String Quartet Dundee Contemporary .-\i'ts. I52 Nethergate. 01382 432000. Noon -lpm. Free Launching the I000 Dundee (iuitar Festival. this recital Ie‘atin'es pieces by \'i\al(li and Boccherirtr.

I Royal Scottish National Orchestra Kids Prom Caird Hall. City Square. 0I382 434040. 3pm. £7 (£3.50) I’iesenter l’atil Rissniann and conductor Christopher Bell tom the orchestra lot the Iit'st e\ei' children‘s proirr .-\rnred .it I2<yeai olds. the line-up includes lariies Iloiners theme front liltr’lllt and John \\'r||iams’ Sin) Ilizri. I Royal Scottish National Orchestra Proms Classics By Candlelight Caird Hall. City Square. ()I 382 4 34040. 30pm, £8 £I5 (£5). The RS.\'() continue their I’ronis season \y IIll this aiiirospheric concert featuring .\lo./art's /)iii IIIIIII )iio. '\ll‘llltllll'\ alt/(rem. Bach's ()lme out! I'm/iii ('u/rt em) and /)’)ti/i./e/r/tii/e

(Ii/ii ('I'Itl .\'o 5. l’aclrelbel's ey erspopnlar Cit/run and too great pieces from Ilaiidel.