.lllis/r For The Rural l5ii'eil'ul'lts and The .li'rll'tl/ ()f III/1e Queen (If S/Ie/Hl. See preview. page 3‘).


I Scottish Chamber Orchestra Ro_\'a| Concert Hall. 2 Sauchiehall Street. 287 55| I. 7.30pm. £8 ~£l8.See BBC Music l.i\c listings page I8.

I Brian Kay’s Sunday Morning Borders Books. 283 Buchanan Street. 222 7700. ‘)am. Free. See BBC Music l.i\e listings page I8.

I Glasgow Festival Strings ('ottlet' Theatre. ‘)3 ll_\lrdland Street. 357 38(18. 2pm. £7 (£5). 'l‘lris atterlloon concert features Rio/arts /)lr t’I'IIIllt’II/(t. .\lc(itlire's l'm/tl (ii/11 t'l‘lll. with (illllanne lladtlow as the soloist. and l)\ol’ak's Quill/e! //1 (i.

I Promenade Organ Recital :\i'l (iallel) 3; Museum. Kch irigrox'e. .»\1'g} le Street. 287 269‘). 2.30pm. I‘rec. .-\ free Stirrda) afternoon concert from organist .lulian .R‘llt‘t'Soll.

I Sunday Afternoon Concert House l‘or Arr .-\rt l.o\el'. Bellaliotlstoil l’ar'k. l0 |)rlmbreck Road. 353 4773. 2.30—4prn. l‘ree .-\ pl'ogr'arnlrre ol- llilornial classical music in the .\ltrs1c Room. on harp. flute. piano. cello and classical guitar

I Accent On Youth Roxal Concert Hall. 2 Satlchlelrall Street. 287 55|l (rpm. l‘rcc. Some ol Scotlanth llircst )tillllg rritislcal talent gl\e a lree earlx ex elririg pcr'lorrlrance. I’m! .11 li’l)’( ' Hum [.111'.

I Mackintosh .larrres -\111otl'l'l1eat1'e. (irllliorelrrll Centre lol‘ lllt'dllt‘. ‘) lillncl'sit} .-\\entre. 287 55l l. 7.30pm. £8.501£4.50r, -\ new opera.’intrslc theatre piece exploring the lrte. lo\ e. passion arld art ol'(ilasgow architect (‘lrai‘les Rellllie Mackintosh and his artist w 1le Margaret Macdorrald. l'ealurlng arias. duels. quartets alid prose. this \solk-rri-progl‘css performance is the brain-child of composer Rtrssell Currie and -\rrrericalr parrrter l'rarrk Stella

Edinburgh I Organ Recital s: l’t-rt-r \ (hurt-Ir. illprrr l‘rec '\llee

llllll‘ll l’lat’t‘. o allernoollrecitalIloln\l1clla;l Bolra‘.elltulc.

I St Giles' At Six SI (illes' Cathedral. Rosai .\lllc. 225 ‘1442. (rpm l‘r'ce Cralgrnouiit High School perlornr works h}. \lo/art. (ir‘reg. l’achellwl. Bernstein alrd Bach.

I A Space Odyssey tlopeiourr llotlsc. Shore Road. South ()ueelrsler'l'). 220 434‘). 7 30 l0pnr. £l7501urldei'5slicc;5-l(r _\cars £8.50) It all depends on the weather. but this has the potential to he a top night out. as the orchestra of Scottish ()pera set up stage 1n the grounds ol the beautiful llopetoulr House, The release ol the new 5711/ Hit) \ Irlin sets the agenda. \\ 1th theirles Iron) 16/. 2011/ aild or course Star “ii/\lth'll\t'i1llllllg\l\lk'll\ll\l-\ lil’lt' /’."1:Ir1/\. lolrarrn St1.lt:ss's/)’.’:r( [lulu/21' alld much mole The .-\eillllg ends w ltll a magnificent Illewor'ks tll\l)ltl_\. arld audience members are encouraged to bring picrrlcs alld lugs to see them through the t'\t‘|llllg'

I Dame Gillian Weir (ire). Irials Kirk. (he) trials l’lace. N18 20l‘). 8pm. £8 (£5). The renow lied organist per lol ins a \ aired pr‘t-gr;llllllle leatulrllg Bach's [11118111111111 1/1 I) rill/rm. \lo/alt's I’ll/11110.11” I” IIII/IHI' aild l'rallcks (7111111! \ll / .'ll /: III.'IIUI'.


I Mackintosh l.lltlt'\ -\lll-\tt'llre.1tle, (irllro-relirll('cirtle11-1 llleallc. ‘) l'lri‘.e1srl_\ >\\.-:rtre. 28‘ 55'l £8 51111-150. \.-(- Still 111


Glasgow I Ines de Castro Hit-.1111- Itoxal. 1.x: llwpe Stlcqt. ii.‘ "(100 '2 l5prn

I50 L15 50 Se." lllu 27

Edinburgh I The Wondrous Machine 8151.11}: Cathedral 23 l’allrlerstoil Place. (it) "

7 30pm

7776. 8pm. £5 (tinder lbs free). 'l‘irlioth)‘ Byram-Wigfield's spell at the Cathedral draws to a close with a selection of organ works including Mozart‘s ()l'(‘I'IIII‘t’.' 'I‘lre Mugie l’lrlre arr. Best. and \'ierlre's Sriirp/lmrie Nu /. And in case you've ever wondered what an organ player's face looks like while they're performing. instead ofjust looking at their back. a close circtrit camera will be in operation picking tip all those passionate facial expressions.


I Royal Scottish National Orchestra Proms - Conductor's Choice Royal Concert Hall. 2 Satlchlchall Street. 287 55l l. 7.30pm. £3.50 £2l (£3.50 £8). See Hi 28.


I Cooke County Chorale St (irlcs‘ Cathedral. Ro_\al Mile. 225 ‘)442.

l2. l 5pm. Free. The \ rsrtiirg choir from (iairlsx'ille. Texas git c a free lunchtime concert.


I Aida Theatre Royal. 282 Hope Street. 332 ‘)000. 7.l5pni. £3.50 £45.50. See Sat 2‘).

I Lord Todd Prom lord '1‘oaa liar. Campus Village. lillr\e1sit.\ of Stratllclsde. 5-18 3444. 7.30pm. £5.50r£2.50 £4). Colin Suckling and Man 'l‘axelrer conduct the Strathclydc l.‘1ir\'t'l'sil}' Concert Baird arid l-‘nserlibles and l'irnersrt} Clrarlrber' Choir in a programme of lollks‘tngN. lllatlrigals and rrlarchcs.

I St Petersburg Philharmonic Orchestra Rosa] Concert Hall. 2 Sauchlehall Street. 287 551 l. 7.30pllr. £8.5()--£22. Yuri Terrrilkarlos conducts the orchestra in some of the truest works Russia has to offer; Str'ax rlrsk} ‘s Sir/re l'il'fllll l'tl/H '\ Kiss. 'l‘cllalkm sk_\ ~s Srirrp/lu/ir .\'u. (r. and (5111/ /)'()i' b_\ 'l‘eniil‘karrm \ o\\ 11 teacher. l{llII\k)- K\)l\ilis\)\.


I Lunchtime Organ Music Sl(i1|es' Cathedral. Rtwal .\Iile. 225 ‘1442, l.l0pm. lilec. lir'ic \an der‘ Kolk perlol'ins works h} Sueelrirck. Bruhirs and PC. Buck.

I Royal Scottish National Orchestra Proms Conductor's Choice l'esti\ al 'l'lreatr‘e. l3» 2‘) Nicolson Street. 52‘) (1000. 7.30pm. £3.50 £l‘).50 1 £3 50 £17.50). See l‘l'l 21S.



I Royal Scottish National Orchestra Proms Classics By Candlelight l‘estital ’l’lleatr'e. l3 2‘) Nicolsolr Street. 52‘) (1000 7 30pm L“ 50 U” .50 1£.5.5(l-{l7.5lli. St't‘ Sat 2‘).

East Kilbride

I And Now For Something Completely Different liast Kllhirde .-\lts Centre. ()ld Coach Road. ()l355 201000. 8pm. :\ pcrlorrilarrcc llUllI l arrarkshire (itlrtar and Mandolin ()rclrcstra.



I Ines de Castro ‘l‘lrealrt- Rmal. 282 Hope Street. 332 0000. .7 l5plir.

£3.50 £45.50. See Thu 2".

I Concerto Caledonia Hart-11: llall. Cathedral Square. 287 5 5 ll 2 30pm

£2.01 lllc earl). lllll\l\ ensenrlrle are loilled lw soprano Catherine Bolt and tenor .lanrie .\lac| )wtigall tor a Cl) launch le.tlllltll_‘.' a \t'lt'cllull oi rrursrc bx lanres ( )swald 'l'lle plrr:_'i;irrlr;l.- also includesCarlssilnl'slat/111:11)): .'/.r(' [)1111/1 u/ .lltlll (A)1l(11.'u{.\111.'\ .rrld .lriolriale Scots song setting bx tello'a Italian ( it'lllllllltllll


I Royal Scottish National Orchestra Proms The Planets l-t-sux al ‘I‘Irt-arre. l3 2‘)Ntt‘1)ls()|ISIlt‘t'l. 52‘)(r()(ll). 7.30011)

L. Ll_.‘lllt.‘


classical 81 opera MUSID

, I 1.x, f, //

gonna Steppe on you again: Yuri Temirkanov conducts the St etersburg

Philharmonic Orchestra at Glasgow Royal Concert Hall. Thu 3 Jun

£3.50--£ l‘).50 (£3.50—£ l 7.50). Not for the faint-hearted. this giant of a concert features in o explosive works that are guaranteed to get the adrenaline flowing. Conducted by ()waiil Arwel Hughes and accompanied b) the Ladies of the RSNO Chorus. the orchestra present Elgar's li/rignrir lirr'l'uir'uirs and Holst's T/ie I’lurreli. See preview page 3‘).

I Chapter House Singers Sr Mary‘s Cathedral. 23 Palmerston Place. 226 3253. 7.30pm. £5. The singers perform Rossini's l’elile Meme Sn/eIt/te/le.


I Concerto Caledonia Queen's Hall. Clerk Street. (1(17 7776. 2.30pm.

£7- £ I 2.50 (.£5--£l0). See Sat 5.

I Royal Scottish National Orchestra - Kids Prom Festival Theatre. l3—2‘) Nicolsoll Street. 52‘) 6000. 3pm. £8 (£4). See Sat 2‘) and preview. page 76.

I St Giles’ At Six St Giles‘ Cathedral. Royal Mile. 225 9442. (1pm. Free. ()rgaiirst Fabio Ciofini performs works by Bach.


I Scottish Chamber Orchestra MacRobcrt Arts Centre. University of Stirling. 0l78o 4o l08 l, 8pm. £l2 (£(i—£‘).50). ()la Rtrdner is the conductor. with Rornolo Tisano on clarinet and Ruth Iillis on horn. as the orchestra perform Ha) dn's Sriiip/iu/ll' .\"u ‘H 'Sril'pris'e '. .\Iendelssohli's Kurrrer/rlrle/s‘ and Mozart's Srirlp/m/lr N1) 35' 'l’ruglie '.



I Sunshine State Chorus St Giles' (.‘athedl'al. Royal Mile. 225 9442.

I2. I 5pm. Free. A free lunchtime concert hour the Visiting Florida choir.



5 I Aida Theatre Rt));ll. 282 Hope Street.

332 ‘)000. 7.l5prn. £3.50-£45.50. See Sat



I The Wondrous Machine St Mary ‘s Cathedral. 23 Palilrel'ston Place. (1(17 7776. 8pm. £5 (under los free). See Tue l. 'l‘onrght‘s‘ programme is errtrtled 'Iiririlnls lire .IIr/lenrrrunr Purl /. with music from the earliest lisIu/rl/rie to the Will century.



I Competition RSAMI). l00 Renfl'ew slit-c1. as: 51157. 2pm. r-‘l-ct». The


Governors Recital Prize Competition for singing.

I Royal Scottish National Orchestra Proms - Music From The Movies Royal Concert Hall. 2 Sauchiehall Street. 287 55! l. 7.30pm. £3.50—-£2l t£3.50—£8.5()). From the early days of the Kc’a‘NIUIIc’ Cops to the blockbusting 'lirtuiie. Carl Davis conducts the orchestra ill a thrilling programme of movie classics. Pianist Martin Roscoe joins them for the concert highlight. a full performance of Rachllraninov‘s Piurro Cmreerm No 2 (as heard in Brief [fawn/tier). and the familiar strains of Star Hit/11‘. ET and The Great Escape should also raise a smile/tear. See preview. )age 3‘).

I Antonine String Quartet Adelaide's. 20‘) Bath Street. 248 4970. 7.30pm. £o (£4). This new quartet comprising Katie Htrll and Liz Jones on \‘l()llll. Andrew Lees on viola and Helen Duncan on cello perform Beethoven‘s Sir/ire Quarter No (1. Shostakovieh's String Quartet No 8&2 (lllt/ Rtll'e/ is String Qlltli'let ill I” nut/or. Price includes a glass of wine.


I Lothian Schools Concert Queen's Hall. Clerk Street. (1(17 7776. 7pm. £4 (£2). A varied programme from l.olhian Schools Classical Guitar and Rock Ensembles.

I The Glorious Company Christ Church. Morningside. (1(17 3(133. 8pm. £5 (£3). The company celebrate the onset of summer with a programlrre of seasonal music by .l. S. Bach and James Douglas. Pie-concert reception with wine and Cl) promotion at 7pm.


Glasgow I Competition RSAMI). loo Reiill'ew Street. 332 5057. 4pm. Free. The

Governors Recital Prize Corripetition for Percussion.

I Ines de Castro Theatre Royal. 282 Hope Street. 332 9000. 7. l 5pm. £3.50—£45.50. See Thu 27.

I Kirov Opera And Chorus Royal Concert Hall. 2 Sauchlcllall Street. 287 55l l. 7.30pm. £850 £22. Conductor Valery (iergiex‘ heads this thrilling ensemble in ’l‘chaikorsks 's .ilum'p/ra.

I In Victorian Style Pollok llottse. Pollok Country Park. 20o0 Pollokshaws Road. (1 l() (14H). 7. 30pm. £8 (£7). 'l‘r'lo Serenata. on flute. piano and VOICC. celebrate the lost art of the Victorian soil'ee. Ticket illcltitles glass of wine.


I Lunchtime Organ Music s: titles” Cathedral. Royal Mile. 225 ‘)442. l.l0prir. Free. Michael Harris perforllls works by Cabairilles. .l.S. Bach. .Iorrgerr and Dupre.

1.1.11 111 a. («is») THE LIST51