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Paisley Arts Centre: Sat 5 June 2::

:2- er

Expectations for Martha are high, coming as it does from the co-creators of the hit children's show, The Red Balloon. And true to form, it’s a show which holds its target audience of five to eight year-olds entranced from the start and enchants their keepers over the ensuing 50 minutes.

Martha is a simple story of redemption and growth, told with strong narrative drive and a good deal of humour. Gillian Robertson stars as Mrs Donald, a miserable old besom who lives alone by the sea in her rickety, driftwood house. All she wants to do is grumble about everyone who comes too close and listen to her big band miisic on the wireless.

But one day a goose drops by and inveigles its way first into her house, then into her heart. Nothing can last, but although the goose has to fly away with its migrating family, it leaves Mrs Donald with a newfound sense of friendliness towards the rest of the world.

What is really special about this production is its pacing. From the opening scene when the house stirs into life, with a twitching of curtains, a spot of smoke and the occasional protuberance of an arm the company know how to get their audience intrigued. And director Annie Wood knows precisely how fast to keep the revelations coming to maintain that interest.

The goose is first introduced as a noise off stage, which works up through

a spot of disorder and mayhem to the point where it pokes its head round a door. By the time it comes running round the corner, you hardly notice that it is, in fact, a life size, hand held puppet. Jay Manley works it very well,

Golden goose: Martha

mirroring its body language and facial expression to create a character with whom the children can easily identify.

A strong piece of children’s theatre. Borrow a child, if you don’t already have one, and the delight will come at

seeing the world through their eyes. (Thom Dibdin)


'l'l‘ indicates \ enues vv heie 'l‘heatre Tokens can be e\change(l tor tickets. Tokens can be bouglil ll'Hll) 'l‘icket Centre. (‘;iiitllei'iggs. (ilasgovv. “MI 387 59H); most branches ol' W H Smith. .lt)llll Men/res and James 'l‘hin Booksellers; or by credit card liom ’l‘okenline. l) i '71 Ni) Hb’llll.

euseow om L


.‘~() Midland Street. It tool j\\ (2 WA] A Collage Thu i l'l'l 4 hit). .\'piii. £4 (£2). l’ieseiitetl as part ot' the RS:\.\ll)'s (iei man season and peitoi med b} students or the .-\tlianoi \k.i.leiiiie. 'l'he e\entng teatiires scenes bout /\’it lain." /// .llltl llin'fr’t A.

Sweeping Out The Dark tire I sat I2 .luii. Rpm. £7 Hell i, Kate \\ooltlridge and Stephen .\lc(‘re.idies (‘oiiipaiiv 'l‘heati'e present their long cherished celebration ol the poems ol' l‘.tl\\‘lll Morgan. See preview page 53


(iilnioi'ehill ('entre lor'l'heatie. ‘) l’niversitv Avenue. 287 551 l.

The Dwarfs and Ashes To Ashes lii-i 38--S;it 2031a}. 7.30pm. £5 (£3). Young and thrusting (ilasgovv coiiipanv ('i'ovvd Shot with a double bill of Harold Pinter pla} s. See previevv page 5-1.

Mackintosh Sun 30 —.\lon .‘il .\la_v. 7.30pm. £8.50 t£4.50).\\'oi‘k—in-progress perloimance. part opera. part music theatre. looking at the lite and work (it (‘harles Rennie Mackintosh. and his relationship u llll his artist vv ile Margaret .\lacdona|d.


t)3 liviidlaiid Street. 35" vv.-\]

Looking For Sarah 't‘iie I Sat 5 Jun. Rpm. £(i ( £4 l. Legendar} thespian Sarah Bernhardt is brought to life b} l’ene llerinan-Siiiith in this vvorld pretiiiere ol John ll;ll‘\‘L‘} 's pla_\.

Tartan Pagodas 't‘ue s .lllll spin. to

336%, Ill. \\'('.

combines Shakespeare‘s 'l'lie ’li'ni/u'x’l

(£4). Norman Macleaits (jaeltc comedv from the acclaimed ’l‘S()(j company. KING'S THEATRE

297 Bath Street. 287 55 l l. lll. WC. \\'.»\l Return To The Forbidden Planet Mon 7—-Sat II but. .\lon Thu 7.30pm: Fri—Sat 5.30pm t& 8.30an L‘s-£33.50. As cult as it gets. this rock and roll musical

\vitli 50s \L‘l-lil.

Stiff! 'l’ue i Sat 5 .luii. 7.30pm.

£05” £18.50. l-oi'bes Massons tale ol se\ and death. heaven and hell. art and coiiiiiieice. crime and politics amounts to .in exciting ot riotous entertainment. ()utstaiiding tune in geneiall) excellent scoie is the Bacharachtastic title song. The \v hole thing is big um/ clever. and i corpsmg on stage has ne\ei' beett so much lllll.


b (iranv Ille Street. 337 55 l l. [l‘l. 'lvl‘. \vr‘. vvuxi

Man Of La Mancha Wed 3-—Sat 5 .ltiii. !

1 7.30pm. £6 (£3). Pied Piper . Productions bring Cervantes' most

famous creation to me as Don Quixote does musical battle with giants in the

windmills of his mind.


Albion Street. Phone bookings. Ticket Centre. Candleriggs. see Ticket Link details above.

King Lear Wed ‘)--Sat l2 .lun. 7.30pm. £8 (£5). Theatre Babel present what is. amazingly. the first Scottish production for 50 years of one olcivilisation's great

. achievements. More coverage in the nest : issue ol. The UV].


New Street. Paisley. 887 l()l(). [.Access:

5 PP.-\. |.. R. Facilities: WC. “'8, H. G. C.

Help: A. AA]

The Kaos Metropolis Thu 27 & l‘ll 28 Ma). 7.30pm. £6 (£2). Kaos

return with a typically audacious

; interpretation of Fritz. Lang‘s famous

dystopian classic of the silent cinema

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