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FAMILY MUSICAL Danny 306 8: Me (4 Ever)

Edinburgh: Traverse Sat 29 & Sun 30 May a a it: a

The List is not the sort of publication to advocate the abduction of children, but if 'borrowing' a nipper for the afternoon is what it takes to unself-consciously purchase a ticket for this delightful entertainment, so be it.

The scenario is simple: Stella, an octagenarian movie star revisits the sea side town of Cumdoon, and the hotel in which she was ‘discovered' by a Hollywood producer decades before. There, she recalls her youth, her friendship with bell boy Danny, and the gallery of good natured grotesques who make up the establishment’s staff. Through inspired use of song, dance and puppetry, the story of Stella's search for an identity and voice of her own unfolds. The gifted youngster’s main problem comes from an overbearing, oppressive mother, and it's not just her apron strings that need to be cut. Iona Carbarns, as usual, is

A Grand day out: Danny 306

excellent in the lead, but the entire cast are equally impressive. The contribution made by the three actors who bring the puppet of Danny to life (Ian Skewis, Joel Strachan and Louise Ironside) is vital since they it is who must imbue the character with a winning personality. The greatest compliment one can pay this remarkable trio is to say that despite

operating Danny in plain sight, they soon become invisible.

Callum Cuthbertson and Elaine Mackenzie Ellis provide rounded characterisations where lesser talents might have opted for simple comic relief, and Jack McGowan is similarly subtle at the piano. The whole merry band benefit from John Tiffany’s typically assured direction, Marisa Zanotti’s engaging choreography, and Nick Barnes Spellbinding designs. David Greig’s lyrics fluctuate between sly wit and perfectly judged pathos, all the while ideally matched by Tom Bancroft's music. Highlights include ’Baby You're just Grand' and the initially melancholy, ultimately uplifting, ‘She Can't Be Me.’

Go along and prepare to be captivated, and if anyone asks, tell them you’re taking your inner child. (Danny 306 represents the first fruit of the Traverse’s participation in the Sainsbury's Checkout Theatre initiative.) (Rob Fraser)

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Nederlands Dans Theater 2 The young Dutch masters explode into life once more. Vibrant, thrilling, and wrth enough kinetic energy to power a small town, this is an evening that will leave you breathless, if only from having to applaud for so long. See prevrew page 52. Edinburgh.- Festival

Theatre, Fri 28 at Sat 29 May.

in \\ hrcli clones replace androids. ' RAMSHORN THEATRE These are the otin Scottish dates. I ()8 Ingram Street. 287 55] l. [P. WC. WA. representing quite a coup for Paisley WAA]

Blood Relations Fri J—Sun 6 Jun. 7.30pm. £7 (£3). Theatre Fusion look at the myth. reality and misconceptions surrounding the Lizzie Borden murders. A Scottish premiere of Sharon Pollock‘s play.

Once A Catholic Tue 8—Fi'i I 1 Jun. 7.30pm. £4 (£2.50). Bawdily r'ambunctious comedy of religious

Arts Centre.

Polarities Tue l .lun. 7.30pm. £6 (£2). Video projection combines with physical comedy in a double hill from Fecund Theatre. (flirt Rm and The ('lir'rr'v ()l't‘lltll’tl are the pieces given the l~'ecund treatment.

Martha Sat 5 Jun. llaiir ck lpiii. £4 (£2). See Kids listings & review opposite page.

THE PAVILION THEATRE I2l Renl'ield Street. 332 1846. [l’. WC. , SCOTTISH MASK 8r PUPPET THEATRE WA] 2 CENTRE Carry On Up The Clyde l'ntil Sat 2‘) I 8-l0 Balcarr'es Avenue. Kelvindale. 33‘) May. 7.3(lpiti: Sat (ipiri ck ‘inii. £ll). A ()l85.

- Cheesey Tales Sat 5 .lun. 2pm. £3 (£2).

Glaswegian CUlllc‘tl} ol' the nudge-nudge- Ages 3-8. See Kids listings.

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Sandra Bernhard Sat 5 Jun. 7.30pm : GLASGOW DANCE

£l-l~-£ l 5. The unique and always

compulsiver \vatcliahle Ms B brings I DID FRUITMARKET

her Broadway \IllilsllL‘l'tH) I'm Still Here Albion Street. Phone bookings. Ticket . . . /)tl/llll Ir." to (ilttsgrm, See t'eatur'e. ' Centre. Candleriggs. see Ticket Link page l4. details above.

Pastures Of PlentyFri 4 Jun. 8pm. £9 (£7). Folk legend Woody Guthrie is celebrated by Vanaver Caravan Music 8: Dance Company. Guthrie knew a hoe down when he saw one. as you might expect. btit he was also involved with more modern dance in New York. a surprising eelecticism the show celebrates.

Stiff! Forbes Masson's bold and brash musical may JUSl find its spiritual home in Glasgow. The gags are sharp and the tunes are as mu5rcally catchy as they are lyrically sophisticated About as much fun as there is to be had, in this life or the next. Glasgow; King’s Theatre, Tue 7—Sat 5 Jun,


244 Gallowgate. Tickets from Tramway Hotline 287 3900. [NOD]

K'dar Fri 4—Sat 5 Jun. It means nerve in Arabic. which gives you some indication of the thrills to expect from the Hush Htish Hush dancers. See preview 54.



Lady-well Way

Musselhurgli. 065 2240. IP. H. Ti". WC. WA] Our Environment: Past, Present 8r Future Sat 2‘) May. 7.30pm. An evening of green themed drama. comedy and music.

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Sweeping Out The Dark Company Theatre bring the poems of Edwin Morgan to dramatic and comedic life, in a show created in close collaboration With the author himself. Glasgow, Tlie/Irclres, Tue 7-55” ler'l

Sandra Bernhard The devastating diva blazes into Scotland for a one night only performance of her Broadway-conqtiering new show. See feature page 14 Glasgow: Paw/ion, Sat 5 Jun.

Performances shown in brackets are free or reduced price previews.

This grid includes theatre and dance performances at Glasgow and Edinburgh's main theatres. More information, including events at smaller venues, can be found in the listings above and over the page.

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