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| l l Noise from the floor l

FRESH AIR FM will be going off air on Sat 29 May following its successful broadcast this month. Plans are already afoot for the October broadcast (bigger, better and so on) and they are looking for those who are interested in having a show as well those who want to work at the station, paticularly over the summer. ’Since it’s Fresh Air, no idea is too way out‘, apparently, so if you would like to get involved, call Marsha on 0131 229 2824 or Chris on 0131 662 1226.

APEX, PILLBOX AND MlNGlN' are banding together to throw a charity bash in aid of Shelter. The gig will be called Under Cover and should happen at Studio 24 on Fri 2 Jul. Look out for it and show your support.

THE VENUE’S COOLER will be made over every Sun-Wed from Wed 2 Jun to become ’V2'. There will be 015 from different clubs around the capital, a pool table, large screen and a draw each night in which you can win a pair of tickets entitling free entry for every night over a month. The opening night features DJs from Motherfunk, Disco Inferno, Digital Science and Camel Beats.

SCOTTISH HOMELANDS FESTIVAL The Royal Highland Centre, lngliston will host one of the parties of the year Homelands on Sat 4 Sep. For all information available to date, check out Surface Noise in the music section on page 37.

COLOURS VS HOMELANDS Colours have announced their own event at

Danny Tenaglia: champion of the world

and more recently a 12in collaboration with the vocalist Celeda ‘Be Yourselt“ out at the end of May. ‘Other musicians are quite respectful ol’ me because they acknowledge me as a musician.‘ says a surprised Tenaglia. ‘But l'm not ot't‘icially trained. I can‘t read music and I can't even tell you what keys my songs are in. it‘s an instinctual thing with me.‘

It‘s an indication of his talent that he‘s widely considered to be the DJ's DJ. Fast becoming legend is his recent gig at the Miami Winter Music (‘ont‘erence at which Carl Cox got tip on the bar and danced t'or two hours. ‘That was worth a lot to me.‘ says

If the cap fits

DANNY TENAGLIA is that rare breed of DJ who was at the forefront way back when and is still there today, grooving away and making records. i‘.’o:ds:5imone Baird

'liyery‘ aspect ot‘ my lite has been phenomenal.‘ pronounces Danny 'l‘enaglia. the enormously sticcesstul DJ and producer. ‘Imagine being a little boy ltiy‘iiig yinyl and watching TV and listening to jukeboses and the radio. then suddenly I'm a —- I hate to use the word. but - yii/it'l'slrii' DJ. That‘s what you .see in all the niaga/ines: "Superstar Danny 'l'etiagliau.‘

lt cotild be the start ol yet another DJ‘s ego trip; it's not really unusual to hear them belieying the hype oi their own and chemically enhanced audience. \Viih ’l’enaglia. tliotigli. yoti belicye iii his appreciation.

‘You know what‘.’ I l'eel like it‘s a gill li‘oiii (iodd he says oi his career. ‘I come ti'om a yery Christian iamily. we're ('atholic ltalian-American. and I really t'eel that this is all l could do. The pi'ool' til it is that l was a hiin school drop—out and (it no use to the sy steni. I wanted to do music at school and all I got was 45 minutes a week. What is that'.’ 45 minutes‘.’ Wheres the lltite. where‘s the \iolin‘.’ What thech teaching tn schools is \(l behind. I mean. decks out- sell gtiitai's three to one now'

Despite no l'oi'nial iiitisical education. Tenaglia has managed to can e hiniselt a producing niche. most notably \ ia his album Him/.lm/ .S'uu/ released in NUS

lCh\ldeC H.

Pl'c‘ss l't‘ lc‘ttScW

Danny Tenaglia


’People who have heard me know I can be soulful, I can be harder, I can be classier.’

Tenaglia. ‘You know. there was this poll in l)./ magazine ol’ the Top 100 DJs. Paul ()akeni‘old and so many others some I had ney-er eyen heard ot listed /ll(' as their favourite DJ. That is so special to iiie.’

You don‘t have to look too close'y at the llyers l’or Homelands. the heay'yweiglit dance l‘estiy'als in Winchester and lngliston this summer. to notice the brackets ai'ter ‘Danny 'l‘enaglia‘ which house the words ‘ten hour set‘.

‘Well l‘or me. ten hours is normal.' says a shockingly nonpltissed Tenaglia. ‘lt‘s completely natural to play eiglit-to-ten hours. Back iii the days or disco. there was only ey'ei‘ one DJ a night. Time flies: alter four hours. it l‘eels like two. eight hours l‘eels like l'otii'.‘

He might be Danny 'l‘cnaglia. in the scene since the tender age (it twelye. but is he sure that he has enough yinyl'.’ ‘Musically. that‘s the least ot‘ my problems] he chuckles. ‘l’eople who haye heard me know that I can be soull‘til. I can be harder. I can be classiei'. But ill be doing a lot ot' musical editing on yinyl that I can include in my set. You'll get to hear a lot oi start that you're not going to hear anywhere else.‘

Danny Tenaglia DJs at The Tunnel, Sun 30 May and the Scottish Homelands, Sat 4 Sep. ’Be Yourself’ is out on Twisted on Mon 31 May.

a certain five room venue half way between Edinburgh and Glasgow on

Sat 4 Sep. the same night as the

Scottish Homelands. Full confirmed

line up next for both events.


are now on sale for the key club

event of the West Event Festival on Sat 19 Jun. Wisely undercover at The

Queen Margaret Union after last

year's wash outs, the night features

4 Hero, DJ Q, Stevie Middleton, Laurence Hughs, Silicone Soul, Daniel lbbotson, Muchail, Nick Peacock and Neil McTaggart.

\\ ' _l‘

Q knows the summer’s groove