CLUBS listings


I Get Smart at Spy Bar. 5-9pm. Free. New loungecore evening of phuturistic music from DJ Mingo-go and Hush Puppy. Pre-cltrb.

I Gold ’n' Delicious at Archaos. llprn—Bam. £6 (£4). David Gilmore and Ryan Kerr playing quality house arid garage aririd the spectacle of the Friday night acts. Bungee juntpirrg acrobats. stilt walkers and much madness. Jamie Strang also plays soul artd R&B in bar one.

I Haptrc at The Gate. ()prn—niidnight. Free. Underground house witlt a deep funky groove. Pre-club.

I Havana Barcelona at Barcelona. 8pm-rtiidnight. Free. The sound of the Latino house underground frortr DJ Jazz. Pre-club.

I Katch at The (‘athottse

l().3()pm ~3am. £4 (£3); £| before

I l.30pnt. Three floors of rock. hip hop. chemical beats. grunge and contemporary indie.

I Lime at The lame. |t)..‘~()pnr —3am. £5 (£3). l).l Cttiitt‘i'tttt ('raig with house. garage. nu sotil arid hip hop.

I Love Bug at The (Garage. l().3()pm--3ant. £3 (£4). An eclectic mix ofgood-time party tunes with a yourtg. boppy. drittky and snoggy crowd. Wildly busy so it's well advised to haul yo ass down there early.

I October Cafe at ()c‘ltrliet’ (kite.

()ptii - midnight. Free. The Tunnel's Scott McKay. Stephen arid Key in Mcl-‘arlane w ith a funky house attd garage pie-club set.

I Paul Cawley at .-\ii ()tgatiic.

9pm» midnight. l’sy~pht's l’aul (‘aw by label boss of l-‘erietik Records. here every week for' a beta testing ltip hop. (hunt a bass and break beat set. l’re-cltrb.

I Polo Lounge at Tlte l’olo Lounge. llpttt 5am. £5. l).l Michelle itt main club with 90s club and indie arid the Trophy Rootit with Toni for a more commercial litt\. (iay. The I’olo l.()tttigc operates as a bar before all club nights with free entry before the club starts.

I Planet Peach at Planet l’eacli. llpni~~3. 15am. £1 (£3). l’aul .\".lie playing fresh and upfront house funked tip with a helping of Rth and soul Classics.

I Pressure at The .-\rclres.

10.3(lpin- «lam. £l5. 28 May and monthly. Another Slant superfine production with the legendary (‘laude Young. (jenc l'.tt'lls. Master H from Paris and of course yer hosts Stuart arid ()rde. 'l‘ttliiglil also sees Silicone Souls lii'sl like set otttside their bedrooitrs. Sec lltlllsl.

I Radar ill 'l-llt‘ (.lttss lilll'.

8pm midnight. l‘lt't‘. l’rogicsst‘.e dth and teclirto w ith an eclectic Illl\ ol ‘beats. bleeps and stjtteaks'. l’tecltib.

I Reds at Reds. llprtt inlll. £6 I. £5 !. \Veekly. l).| :\lait Ronald ith commercial house. dance anthems and club classics.

I Relief at The x\tches. llpiti 3am. £8 (£6). Weekly tescept for l’iessttie nights. so that means it's trot on 28 May ). The littlest electro disco littltk lcclt litittse l‘t'otti Laurence lltigltes attd Silicone Sottl (Sonia).

I Rum And Drum at Hay atta

8pm midnight. 'l‘chico's t'iriti-dieitclied musical journey playing party beats front west coast Rth to east coast |.atino liouse. I Shag at l‘iit'y Murry "s. llptit ,‘y. l5atii. £5 (£3). Mark and .laiires (i play mg to a good time party crowd in the guaranteed a w tnch l-(ir'y ‘s

I Soaterama at \ice "it. Slea/y (ground floor bar), 8pm trttdntglrt. l'ree. Regular l'iiday eyentitg do. with the best tn all sorts of fields from .»\rnet icaita punk to (ltib. (lt'tittt .v bass arid oi rgtnal indie.

I Soul Shine at Ha) I atitiec 's.

9pm lair). £2 (lree belore lltptrti. 'l hay c a dream. Soul 'Tltat's all the guys watrt to say about that. We club

I Strawberry Fields at strawberry l‘ields. 0pm in”). £6 (£2 attet I lpnr). (‘lassic party sounds troiir the 6le through to the 80s. Sinatra to Bryan Adams. licallcs ti) Abba. Madness it) the Hay (‘tty Rollers

62 THE LIST 1'51i "('i’i

The Spy Bar

Glasgow: Mon—Sat (tam—midnight; Sun 6pm—midnight.



-‘Tonight we have Penny H and the Duchess of POik. it's a mixture of dance mUSlC and ska and the idea is to mix up these two styles Although this place is titrite flash, ska isn't flash riitrsrt‘; it's laid back, but it’s still quite chic The Duchess of Pork lS a great DJ on Saturdays, and Fridays (an be a l)|l liOtrsc-y, but Sundays are more a free-ior-all, a little more (hi-t iii t's very dressy here, Merchant City crowd. But that suits the decor, all (‘litt‘rmi’ and stuff '

I Tangent at The Stib (‘lttb. l lpni—a‘sam. £8 (£6). 28 May and forttriglttly. A-Man arid Panic's regular night ofconsistent musical excellence mixing up deep funky lrottse. beats. bass. melodic techno attd good humour.

I Test at The Sub Club. llpnr-4am. £8 (£6). 4 Jun aitd monthly. lrtrrovative arid experimental techno bass night with the full complinrent of original Test residents w rtlt Neil l.andstrumm flying rtr front New York for the night. Tobias Schmidt playing live atrd yer regular testers Shandy and l)a\e Tatrida. True. honest to gotitlrictss. no messing about hard techno. I Three Room Fusion at Yang.

I lpni-iam (bar open from 6pm). £5 (free before llptri). Hip hop attd scratch mixing from residents l)ema (k .\'ice (Freek Merroovers) attd Btinty tn the newly renovated roortr two plus Stey re Donaldson and Domenic (iallacher (Fused) in room three.

I Trash at Trash. llptti 5am. £6 (£4 ). Busy. easy-going night with funky house it) the nraitt room front Stevie Smith and street sotrl. swing attd classic grooy es iii the second room from D] (iraltante.

I Traxx at g2. llpttt .‘yam. £6 (£5). 4 .liitt and monthly. This real quality deep house night continues with Traxx" Derrick arid Simon joined tonight by Alton '.-\phrodisiac' Miller who records for Trasmat arid (itridance. l’r'e-'l‘i'a\\ warmer at The \"ariety.

I Turbulence at The (ilasgow School or .»\rt. Ilpitt 3am. £4 (£2.50). (ilasgow 's only weekly drurtr and bass night bringing the 'l’tirbulence crew back together. with Tania Swift. Rob (3. Stey re and Rental playing the future sound of DivB. ZS May as pai't of the national Radio I drttnr a bass tour. l-abto and (il‘()t)\'t‘l'lthf join the Turbulence crew for a night of the finest DikB to be heard

anywhere iii the world. The night starts air hour earlier than tisual and ticket price goes up to a tenner. bttt it'll be worth it.


I Archaos at :\I'Cliilt)s l lprrr --lam. £8. Kris Keegan and .-\..I. this tip garage aitd house iii the massive dome rootrr dance floor. which has one of tire loudest sound systems attd most irirpressry e lrglrt shows (it Scotland. plus lull aerial display. laitr 'l'hoitrpson play tng chunky disco irt

Betty 's w hile l’atrl ’l'r‘aynor play s Rt\'B. \\‘- ing and hip hop iii the irrembers' Sky Bar.

I Ascendance at Tlte 't‘eiiiple.

llprrr 3am. £7 (£5). ('reoff Montford and (This Harris taking you on a musical journey frottt pnntpirrg disco to ttpliftitig house.

I Bar 10 at Bar It). ‘)ptii ~ midnight. Free Busy hard house pie-club with Nick Peacock atrd guests.

I Bennet’s ll.3()piit 3am. £6 (£5). l).l Sara wrtlr a good daticey mis downstairs that’s a bit heavier than her \\'ednesdays. pltis l).l (irant l)uff on the upper floor playing more lrandbaggy house. (iay.

I Bite The Bullet at ('lub Btrdda.

llprtr .‘iam. £6. ('olin Walker of New York .-\lltartce/l‘onka lame with his first club residency for a wltrle. playing his characteristic brand of deep New York house. .Ioined regularly by (iareth Sonrrtrery ille. (‘olin ('ook arid Neale Smith.

I Born at The Borit llpm 3am. £6 (£5). Stephen l-oy artd Mark l)onal|y with funky house attd garage at this dressy

I Bonkers at Bonkers. llptrr iani. £5 alter irrtdntght; £~l before ('ltib classics at this alter office lltlllg'aml with residents l)a\ id (‘attrpbell and \obble \\'ltitelaw.

I Budda at Budda. 8pm-midnight. Free. Solemusic‘s Stevie for garage and deep house. Pre-club.

I Business As Usual at The Apartment. t lpni—3am. £8. Funky house and disco. Check out the new era at the Apartment with more relaxed door policy. credible music spread and generally less stiffness. Trainers are now encouraged which showsjust how much they‘ve loosened up their attitude.

I The Cathouse l0.30pm—3am. £4 (£3.50) £2.50 before I I .30pm. Three floors of rock. grunge. contemporary indie and indie dance. in one of the best rock-styled ventres in the country.

I Classic PM at Ftrry Murry's. llpm~3ani. £6 (£4). Club classics iii the main room with [Ms Jim Downie and Sean Webster. Quality itrdie music front Twister upstairs at this generally studenty

I Club 69 at Rocksy’s Basement. l0pni—2.30am. £5. Martin. \Vilba and Barrie of dance record sltop Rub-A-Dub playing the best and deepest frorn the underground. joined frequently by guests of high standing who are not always announced beforehand. Well worth the taxi fare out from the city.

I Cross Wired at The Cross bar. 8pm—midnight. Free. New evening session of funked-up house and techno front those Knights on the round tables. Pre-club.

I Cul De Sac at C‘ul De Sac Bar.

9pm -midnight. Free. .Iitn Hutchison with hard house and techno. Pie-club.

I David Holmes at Nice 'n‘ Sleazy. 8ptir-niiditiglrt. Free. 29 May only. Ireland‘s finest tech house master back over again to rock botlt floors of Sleazys. I Divrne at (ilasgow School ofAi’t (downstairs). l0pm--late. £3.50 (£2.50 GSA students). Andrew Divine. one of the most familiar faces on the scene. joined by Hush Puppy for Northern soul. Hammond grooves. bubblegutii pop. w'ah-w'ah ftitik. Moog power and chemical breakbeats.

I D] Q at ()cho. 8prir--nridnight. Free. Glasgow's favourite deep cttt tip disco house 1).! resident here every week. plus a few guests too. l’re-club.

I Firebird at Fii‘ebird. 8.30pm—midnight. Free. l).ls Marco arid Norse Ned frorn Nimbus/Polar l’olar Productions playing for beer arid pizza. Pie-club.

I Free Form an The t3ih Note Club (both floors). ‘)pm-—-3airr. £3 (free before l().3()pm). Steven and Paul Watt with two floors of soul. Latin. jazz. funk attd conteitiporary beats.

I Fresh at The Ferry Renfrew Ferry. l()pm---2ani. £8. 2‘) May only. Fresh residents joined by [)iesel. front .lB( )‘s Xpress2 and Ballistic Brother's one of the finest l‘K house innovators.

I The Garage at The Garage.

I0pnr- 3am. £6 (£4); £l off before llprtr. Big. brash and unashamedly happy to ptit the good tinre party groove into your Saturday night with a wide spread of commercial anthems iii the main room attd indie inspiration upstairs.

I Hellfire at Blackfriars (Basement). 8pm -lam. £6 (£5). 5 ll!” and monthly. Fetish night Hellfire continues at this newly acquired venue. with wild eclectic music. strict fetish dress code atrd friendly atmosphere.

I Home Cookin' at Baba/a. 6pm- .‘yatn (l).ls from I Ipttt). £5 (free before llpiit). l’uttrping this from Jamie Strang: funk. rare groove and hip hop arid generally music of black origin.

I Inside Out at The -\i'ches. l0pni 4am. £lt). 2‘) May arid monthly. Hard house storntet's from l)ari'en Stokes. Sirrokin .lo and finite. plus lttside ()ut residents /.anrmo and Michael Kilkie. Bigger than a big thing that‘s jtist won an award for being by quite a long way bigger than other big tliiitgs.

I Knucklehead Presents My Machines at (ilasgow School ()fArt (upstairs). lllpltt-lalc‘. £4 (£2.50 (JSA students). Underground electronica presented by detrr l).ls .lrlkes and Hatch. liito its fourth year and corrsolidatirtg itself as the clttb it) which to hear true