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The Millennium Canteen 0f Cutlery t'ntil Stilt 27 Jun. Contemporary silversmiths create unusual cutlery for the millennium.

Transistors t‘ntrl Wed 30 Jun. David Mach. Will Maclean. Dalziel & Scullion. Andv (ioldsworthy and Sir Eduardo Paolo/xi are among the line-up of leading Scottish sculptors exhibiting small-scale work. Created for the lwate Art Festival in Japan. the works receive their first Edinburgh show tng.


Lady Stair’s House. Lady Stair's Close. 52‘) J‘)t)l. Mon-Sat It)am-—5pm. Free. IAm Ever Yours t'ttiit Sat 3I .lul. A selection of manuscript letters from Robert Burns to \ ariotis correspondents spanning the period from I783 to l7‘)(i.


l52 Nethergate. (H.382 432000. Tue—Sun lI.3()aiit~7.3()pni.

Ian Davenport: Paintings t‘niil Sun 27 .Ititt. Large-scale abstract paintings using household gloss paint by the I‘)‘)l shortlisted Turner prize nominee. Ian Davenport.

Calum Colvin l'nttl Sun 13 Jun. tCentrespace. Visual Research Centre). A chance to view the processes involved in Caltttn (‘olv tn's 'constructed‘ photographs. from the technical process of ltglttittg and photographing to the tinished pitnt




Main Street. ()l877 382873. Daily llam—fipm tclosed Wed & Thu). Spring Collection t'ttttt Sun I3 .lun. New work by .lanice Gray. Rowena l.atng. Christine Woodside. Maggie Beveridge and Muriel Barclay. plus ceramics and nietalwot'k.


MCLEAN MUSEUM AND ART GALLERY l5 ls'elly Street. (H.175 75624. Mon—Sat ltlatit 5pm.

Inside Stories t'nitt Sat 5 Jun. Stilt Iit'es atid Iloi'al paintings by a selection of artists including Peploe. (iillies. Mary Armour. William Scott .tttd many others.



35 The Stirling Arcade. 01786 47936 I. Ttte Sat Haiti-4.30pm.

Victoria Morton: Decapoda Sat 2‘) May Sat lt) .lttl. A series of specially coiitnitssroned paintings arid sculptures by ('ilasgow-based artist Victoria Morton.


lectures & events


North Area Festival t3tttit Mon 3t May. \r'itt‘tttlls venues from Maryhill Road to Royston Road. For further information call Glasgow l‘)‘)‘) on (II-ll 287 7346. "Taking To The Streets' is the theme of the first of four area festivals as part of (ilasgoyy l‘)‘)‘).

Charles Rennie Mackintosh Society Tours Hi 287 Stiit 30 May. £95. Various Vt‘tttlc‘s. To book a place. call the Charles Rennie Mackintosh Society oit ()l41 ‘)4() (iotlt). Weekend tours including introductory slide show anti talk on Friday evening aitd guided tours to the main Mackintosh buildings on Saturday and Sunday.

On The Streets City Of Design Sun 30 May. from 12 30pm. Royal l{\change Stiuaic and Ingram Street. (‘all IIMI 552 l‘).37 tot information or BBC Music Live on 0845 30‘) ‘)8‘)‘). (ilasgtm l‘)‘)‘) and BBC Music l.t\e bring lashton. inusic. street theatre aitd live art to the streets of

76 THE LIST .t ,' -'.t,t,.

iii Jun i’)‘)‘)

i |

Glasgow iii this one-day extravaganza. Highlights include Britain’s biggest outdoor catwaik featuring Spring/Summer collections of DKNY. Diesel and Nicole Farhi and an eclectic selection of music. There is also live art featuring Desperate Men's The Four H()I‘.\‘L’III(’II Of'I‘IIc A/mr‘ulva The find /.\‘ Neigli. a 30-minute long. visual installation based around a horse box. Duncan Whiteman's Living Sculpture in which three figures hang suspended beneath a branch like Chrysalis and emerge slowly by shedding layers. Gavin Lockhart‘s II’i/it/mi'x 69 comprising three inflatable tower blocks which will be erected and demolished at intervals throughout the day and the world premiere of Improbable Theatre‘s Sui-kit T/tc Tmrt'l'.

What Is Cultural Heritage? Sat 5 Jun. l().30ani—2pin. Free. Burrell Collection. 2060 Pollokshaws Road. (34‘) 7 l 5 l. Following Glasgow's return of the Lakota Ghost Dance Shirt. the British Committee for the Restitution of the Parthenon Marbles present a seminar featuring speakers Graham Binns. Richard Gott. Edward Enfield and Mark ()‘Neil to debate what constitutes cultural heritage.


British Drawings Fri 28 May.

I2.45— | . ISpin. National Gallery of Scotland. Ailsa Turner gives a talk. Street Of The Trams Mon 3| May. l2.45— l . ISpm. The Dean Gallery. Victoria Keller talks about Paul Delvaux's painting.

Sir Walter Scott In His Own Words Wed 2 Jun. l2.45—l.l5pni. National Portrait Gallery. Duncan Thomson. former keeper at the gallery gives a talk. Kate Gray Thu 3 Jun. l2.3()pm. City Art Centre. Exhibiting artist Kate Gray gives a talk.

Audience And Interpretation: The Artists' Perspective Fri 4 .ItIII. 2—4.30pm. City Art Centre. Charles Esche. co-director of The Modern Institute and research fellow at Edinburgh College ofArt. chairs this discussion looking the work of Contemporary artists.

The Human Figure In 20th Century British Painting Mon 7 Jun. I2.45—|.l5pm. National Gallery of Modern Art. Michael Cassiii gives a talk. Sir Walter Scott And The French Romantics Wed ‘) .llIII. I245» I. 15pm. National Portrait Gallery. Peter Read from St Andrews University gives a talk.


Warhol Night Fri 28 May. ().30piii—l2.45atti. Dundee Contempoiary Arts. Mark Francis. formerly Chief Curator at the Andy Warhol Museum itt Pittsburgh discusses Warhol attd his work. Following the talk are screenings of Warhol's films: Kin/ten and Paul Siva/i. ending with Susanne ()fteringer‘s Nit'r) It'mt.

Ian Davenport: Gallery Discussion Sat 2‘) May. 2—3pm. Free. Dundee Contemporary Arts. (Gallery II. Artist Paul Dignan discusses the Ian Davenport exhibition.

Calum Colvin In Discussion Wed 2 Jun. 7—8.30pm. Centrespace. Artist Caltitti Colvin talks about his work.

Ian Davenport: Talk With Slides Thu 3 .lun. 7.30-‘)pm. Free. Dundee Contemporary Arts (Gallery I ). Davenport traces the development of his paintings from his participation in the 'Freeze' exhibition organised by Damien Hirst in I988 to his current show on display in the gallery.

Meet The Artist: Ian Davenport Sat 5 Jtiii. 2—2.45pm. Dundee (.‘onteinporary Arts. A chance to meet Ian Davenport. whose work is currently oit show iii the gallery.

The New Ceramics Wed ‘) Jun. 7.30—‘)pm. Free. Dundee Contemporary Arts. Suleyinan Saba discusses his work with Julia Hallewall.

The Mediation Of Digital Information Thu l0 Jun. 6.30—8.30pm. Dundee Contemporary Arts. Adatn Lowe talks about digital print processing.


RSNO Kids Prom


After years of wowing classical audiences with the diversity of their concerts, the RSNO Proms have finally decided to let the kids in on the act. Conducted by Christopher Bell and hosted by Paul Rissmann, ficket To Ride is a roller-coaster ride of music and fun designed entirely for children. Based on the theme of transport, Malcolm Arnold's Tam O’Shanter forms the centrepiece of the concert, but apparatus far swifter than the horse carries the programme along, with John Adams' tribute to the sports car, Short Ride In A Fast Machine, Eduard Strauss’s Train Polka and Ron Goodwin’s 633 Squadron (aka Dambusters) on the bill. Bringing us right up to date are James Homer’s Titanic and the currently ubiquitous Star Wars by John


Devised primarily for 7—12 year olds, the concert aims to rid the genre of its often stuffy image once and for all. ’The great thing about these concerts is they’re aimed exactly at their level,’ says Rissmann. 'And the children can respond in any way they like, not just sit there waiting to clap at the end.’

Much of the work ties in with the music curriculum in schools, turning the theory in the classroom into something vibrant and alive on stage. Each piece is preceded by a short exploratory session, but Rissmann is quick to point out that it's not a lecture. ’We’re really encouraging critical and educated listening exploring the motivation behind the music, how composers make sound, how they construct their music but it's all jargon-


And as with all the best children’s shows, there’s plenty of audience participation, including a rendition of the Skye Boat Song, during which budding musicians can accompany the orchestra. As Rissmann says, 'We're developing a generation of listeners and a generation of performers.’

I RSNO Kids Prom. Cairo Hall. Dundee Sat 29 May; Festival Theatre, Edinburgh Sun 6 Jun and Royal Concert Hall, Glasgow Sat 7‘) jun

i I t I I

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Activities And Fun

lrn Bru Tour Mon 31 May. ltlam & lpm. Free. City Chambers. George Square. 552 6045. Advanced booking required. learn about the production of Scotland's favourite soft drink iit this visit to Barr's state of the art juice-making factory in Cumbernauld. Part of (i/uvgmt' /‘)‘)‘).


BBC Concert Orchestra Bugs! Sat 2‘) May. llain. £8 til-l J. Royal Concert Hall. 2 Sauchiehall Street. 287 55 l I. For most of the year. BBC stands for British Broadcasting Corporation. btit for one day only it metamorphoses titto the far hipper Beetles. Bugs arid Cockroaches. Part of BBC .llusu' [.II'(’. this family concert features a host of tunes relating to all things arthropodic and youngsters are encouraged to come dressed as their favourite btig or bring along art utsect friend ttoys only! I.


Paddington Bear's First Concert Sat 2‘) May. I lam & lpm. £4 (£2 ). Paisley Arts Centre. New Street. Paisley. 887

l()l(). Ages 4—7. Mark Ray provides live musical accompaniment to the tale of Paddington's first arrival itt England and his visit to the Royal Albert Hall.

The Little Red Hen Sat 2‘) May. 2pm. £3 (£2). Scottish Mask & Puppet Theatre

Centre. 8—l0 Balcarres Avenue.

Kelvindale. 33‘) ()I85. Ages 6—8. The Little Red Hen needs to make a cake for a very special guest bttt as her friends are of the lazy variety. will she be ready in time'.’ Shotta Reppe brings this traditional Scottish tale to life using colourful glove puppets.

: Cheesey Tales Sat 5 Jun. 2pm. £3 i£2).

Scottish Mask a Puppet Theatre Centre. 8— I() Balcarres Avenue. Kelvindale. 33‘) ol85. Ages 3-8. lati Turbitt's Puppet Theatre brings to life a selection of stories including The [Jon And The Home. The 'liiit'u Mouse And Country

.lluuvt' arid The I'm Am/ The Crow.

Martha Sat 5 .ltiti. ilani & lpm. £4 (£2). Paisley Arts Centre. New Street. Paisley.

1 887 |0l(). Ages 5+. Meet Martha the

obstinate. eccentric old woman who lives by the sea. Self-reliant in her nature. she doesn't need any friends or family

: around her until one day. her life begins

to change when a seagull lands at her

w indowsill. A touching story about friendship arid trust from new children's theatre company Catherine Wheels.

; Exhibition

Designed To Wear Until Fri 4 Jun. Morn-Fri 10am-5pm. Project Ability.