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Edinburgh Festival Fringe

8 30 August

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Katie Puckrick

Best known as that American With the funny eyebrow off The Word, Katie Puckrick has penned an autobiography which is surreal, irreverent and movmg. W:th chapters named after songs with speCial meaning for her, Shooting From The Lip moves from Puckrick's misfit Childhood in Berlin, Moscow and indiana through a life in the entertainment biz. You may think that at 33, she’s too young to be getting into the memOir busmess, but any book which begins With ’When I was three, I wanted a penis’ is alright by us. (Peter Ross)

Shooting From The Lip is published by Headline on Thu 3 Jun, £6.99.

\ «lie, The Rolling Stones

It’s amazing to think that 32 years after police raided a Rolling Stones party and discovered Marianne Faithfull wearing nothing but a fur rug, the band are playing Edinburgh amid another sex scandal - lviick Jagger's current paternity suit. After support act Sheryl Crow, fans can look forward to a stage spectacular by rock’s original bad boys. Half way through a set which Will mix greatest hits With material from new album Bridges To Baby/on, a massive hydraulic bridge Will extend from the stage to a small stage in the middle of the crowd. From this platform, the Stones Will perform two acoustic blues tracks. By a quirk of fate, Marianne Faithfull and ex-Stone Bill Wyman are also playing Scottish gigs around the same time as the Murrayfield concert (Peter Ross)

The Rolling Stones, Murrayfield Stadium, Edinburgh, Fri 4 Jun; Marianne Faithfull, Queen’s Hall, Edinburgh, Mon 27 Jun (call 0990 321 32 7); Bill Wyman & The Rhythm Kings, Gaiety Theatre, Ayr; Thu 3 jun. See rock and pop listings, page 46. To Win tickets for The Rolling Stones concert, turn to

page I 72.