Concentric Cities Throughout the year. Various venues. info: 3S7 I999. Part of Glasgow I999. this is essentially a do-it- yourselfguided tour to the city. Split into three parts. it highlights many significant landmarks throughout Glasgow. to create the largest ‘exhibitron' in the world. Dance Classes Various venues. Get your limbs moving Latin-ster with these salsa classes Academia de Salsa is at Porter's. Sauchiehall Street (Mon 6.30pm for intermediates: S..‘~0prrr for advanced; Tue 6.30pm for beginners: call 56-1 I983): Salsa Sabrosa at l3th Note Club. Clyde Street (Ttre I0. ISpm for beginners and intermediates; call 339 4 I93). Salsa Sabr‘osa is also at Bar Hay aria. Hope Street (Thu S-~9..‘\0pirr for beginners; call 339 4 I93). lf‘iau and street dance is more your thing then jazz-based exercise and dance classes (rauet‘crser are available at Northcote Street Ilall. Victoria Cross. Hytrdlarrd on Sat I045am & l|.-15arrr. Bring loose clothing and trainers for this one.

Glasgow Architectural Tours Throughout the year. Various venues. info: 665 7964. One thousand years of the city's architectural de\ elopment are celebrated in these walking tours as part ofGlasgow I999. Among the venues you can visit are Merchants House. Glasgow School Of Art. the Torrrb of St .\Itrngo and the Lighthouse Building. For ftrll itinerary and hooking details. call the above number

Cornerstone Lecture Series Thu 37 May. 7.30pm. Adelardes. Bath Street. illit): 343 4970. \ltit‘c‘ (ilttsgow I999 related goings-on w rtlr a lecture entitled (Till/1f! xll't‘th'r III/1' //I (f/tlvquii INN)- /‘l/-/ conducted by St Aridiew \ l'rrr's Pl'ttlic‘sstrl' l);t\ Itl \Vrtlkel.

Scottish Computer Fair Sun .‘str .'\lay. |0arrr 3pm. L3 (L3). Sli('(‘. l'IIIIlIL‘sItrII Quay. info (H.706 399709, l-'.\erytlrrtrg you ever wanted to know about corrrputer's btrt were too afraid to ask. A day of talking l’('s. megabytes and hard (ll‘ch‘s Itr Ilttrst‘ (It the know

Charity Fun Day Sun 36 May.

I lane-5pm. l-ree. Is'elvrngiov e Park. A day otrl for all the Iamrly w ith non stop entertarnmeirt as well as adv rce. information and application forms for the lrn Bru Great Scottish Rtrrr which takes place tn September.

On The Streets: City Of Design Sun 30 :\’1ay.\'arious venues. rrrfo: 387 5000. Glasgow (’rly rs lreing petlestttanised and turned ov er to the people tor a one day extra\agan/a or tashron. music. street theatre and live art. See photo caption tllttl lettltll'c‘. page ltr.

lrn BI'U TOUI' .\ltrlr il .\la_\. lllattr iv lpltr. Info 553 6045. .\leet tip at the (‘it_\ (‘harrrbers in George Square to be taketr on a belund the scenes totri of the lrn Bru site in (‘urnhernauhl Your mission to discm er their well guarded secret recipe. Scotland for Kosovo .\lon H May. 7pm. £30 :35. SI-'.(‘(‘. l‘ilttltesltrlt Quay. info 387 777". A benefit e\ ent corrrpered by Gail Porter and .lonatlran \Vatson rrt aid of Kosovo relugees. The line-up includes Simple .\Irrids. (inn. .lriimiy Soinrrrery Ille. Hrg (‘otintry and 'l‘eeirage liarrclub and let's not forget l‘Iv‘tl MacAulay and \lly \lc’t‘oisl

Glasgow Airports Conversation Pieces'l‘ue l .luir. lprri. L: SHILZSIII Glasgow Royal ('onceit llall. Sauchrelrall Street. min 5 4 -il l" l-.'i.'trr\ Spake (rl lilfi's .lII/rru.’ tairr.‘ takes the slave to tell you about life at lleatluow. lierirg on TV and his trew tound celebrity status

Sir Edmund Hillary l‘II -l luir. "‘prrr. Morr' llall. .\lttclrell 'I‘lreatie ('orrrples. (ir'anvrlle Street. 5‘3 “*0 The lost rrran it) set Tool (ill the strItrItrII (rI \ltrttltl l'.\erest It‘lls it like It was. tlr Ilrls llls .\'(llll birthday year.

78 THELIST 271.1.“ '. j .: ‘. rm

Scotland's National Gardening Show Fri 4 Jun. I lam—7pm: Sat 5 Jun. l0arii—6pm; Sutr 6 Jun. IOam—Spm. £I3. Strathclyde Country Park. info 0990 9()()I33. The Royal Horticultural Society brings its flora and fauna to Scotland for the third year running. They will be displaying marquees of flowers and show gardens as well as answering all your horticultural questions.

Glasgow Evergreen Sat 5 Jun. I0am—5pm; Sun 6 Jun. 10am—4pm. Free. Botanic Gardens. Great Western Road. 387 5065. The British Cactus and Succulent Society invite you to look at their beautiful plant life at their annual show (Sat) and display day (Sun).


Art Gallery 8: Museum. Kelvingrove Argyle Street. Glasgow. 387 3699. Mon—Sat I0am—5pm; Sun Ham—5pm. Free. This fine example of late Victorian architecture houses a permanent collection of work by such names as Rembrandt. Botticelli. Whistler and Cadell. plus numerous historical artefacts and animal displays. Also showing: Foot/s Design ct (TI/lure. (int/re Out In Style and Arc/rifeclru'ul :i'list'e/lttnv. See also Art listings. page 7 I.

Burrell Collection

3060 Pollokshaws Road. Glasgow. 649 7I5l. Mon—Sat I0am—5pirr1Sun

I lam—5pm. Free. Sir William Burrell‘s world farrrous collection of beautiful art objects from around the globe. housed in a specially designed. award-winning building. Also showing: .lI/ev \illl Der RU/It’. See also Art listings. page 7 I.

Fossil Grove

Victoria Park. Glasgow. 337 3000. .\Ion-~Sun noorr-—Spm. l-ree. Glasgow‘s oldest tourist attraction. designated as a site of special scientific interest by Scottish Natural Heritage. provides interpretative displays and the opportunity to exarrrirre 350 million year'- old geological specirrrens.

Glasgow Zoopark

(“alderpark L'ddingston. Glasgow. 77I

I I85. Daily 9.30am 5pm (last admission 3.30prrrr. £4.60 (£3.70). A popular haunt on school trips. Glasgow '/.oopark boasts a varied collection of animals. front lions to guinea pigs. as well as a well-stocked reptile house. There is also a ftrll programme of interactive events. such as snake-handling and birds of prey flying displays. plus Children's Farm. anruserrrerrts and an orienteering course. Greenbank Garden l’lenders Road. C'lai'kston. Glasgow. 639 3381. Daily 9.30arn--sunset. £3 (£3 ). This walled garden. tucked away in the Glasgow suburbs. contains a wealth of interesting plants and flowers as well as- woodland walks. a glasshouse and water displays. The gardens house. an Its’th century tobacco merchant's home. Is open for viewrrrg on Sunday afternoons (Apr ()ct I. subrect to function bookings.

Hunterian Museum

l'ntversity Avenue. Glasgow. 330-133I. .\Ion Sat 9.30am 5pm. Free. Dating from IS07. the lluirterran is Scotlaiitls oldest public museum - it lost its artworks rir I9th w ith the opening of the purpose-built art gallery in the grotrrrds. but it is still home to a collection of the university's treasures. Also show mg: The .'\Il/IH(I/ (kitty/I'm Ito/I ('oirr/ru/ir. See also Art listings. page 7|.

Motherwell Heritage Centre ‘85 High Road. Motherwell. 0|69S 35 I000. .\lon- Sat |0am 5pm; Thu

I()am—7pm; Sun noon—5pm. lintry to local history laboratory £3 (L'I ). The centre's fully interactive exhibitions tell the story of Motherwell's people and landscape front Roman times. through the Industrial Revolution. to the present dav.

Museum Of Transport

Kelvin Hall. I Burnhouse Road. Glasgow. 387 3730. Mon—Sat I0arrr--5pm; Sun I lam-5pm. Free. A rrruseurn crarrrrned with buses. trams. frre engines. ships and other paraphernalia. devoted to the history of transport. Permanent exhibitions include S/ri/i/mi/t/i/ie ()n The River ('lvt/e. a large mural by David McFarlane; Hit/Ame Drum. an interactive sculpture by Stephen Healy; and lie/run ()1 'I‘m/rx/mr-r by .hrstitr Carter.

People’s Palace 8: Winter Garden Glasgow Green. Glasgow. 554 0333. Mort—Sat Itlarrr-Sprrr; Strrr llam—fipm. Glasgow's best-loved irrstittrtiorr has recently undergone a major facelift to celebrate its centenary year. The new displays are set out thematically with subjects including The I’ulle/z H's/om ()f The (71v and (Time .'i/l(/ l’u/rlv/rme/rl.

Pollok House

Pollok Country Park. 3060 Pollokshaws Road. Glasgow. 6 I6 64 I0. Mon-Sun |()arrr—Spm. £3.30 (£3.30); famin ticket £8.60. ()ne of the rtrost elegant I8th century btrildirrgs in the country. this house features sonre of the finest Spanish paintings in Britain from the collection of Sir William Stirling Maxwell.

Scotland Street School Museum Museum Of Iiducation. 335 Scotland Street. Glasgow. 439 I303. Mon—Sat l()arrr-5prrr; Sun 3--Spm. Free. Designed in I904 by Charles Rerrtrie Mackintosh and now home to archive material on education in Scotland from l873 onwards. Reconstructed classrooms give a flavour of Victorian. lidwardian. World War II and l960s school days.

St Mungo Museum of Religious Life And Art

3 Castle Street. Glasgow. 553 3557. Mon-Sat l0anr—5pm‘. Sun Ham—5pm. Free. A museum of world faiths. featuring a Zen garden. priceless art works front the world‘s six major religions. Dalis ('ltrixl ()fSui/r! Jolt/r ()f The ('mvv arid the story of religion itr Scotland through words and pictures.

A Quick Look At 0n the Streets: City of Design

What exactly is ‘on the streets'? A huge day long prograrrrrrre of fashion. music. street theatre. and ll\t' art celelriatrirg Glasgow I999 l‘ls' fit) of Architecture ck

Design and BBC Music lave.

What's all this about a fashion extravaganza? for one day orin Royal Iixcharige

Square will be trarrsloiirred the day. 'l'ashrorr 99'

rato Britain's largest outdoor eatwalk for the highlight of

Fashion 99 - like Top Shop? \o \\e are talking fashion w rtlr a capital 'l' . Top designers |)l\'.\'Y. \rc‘ole l'.IllII. lhesel arrtl lltesel Sty le lab will be featuring their Sprirrg/Surrrnrer collections and sly lists Irorrr \'idal Sassoon w ill also he on-hand. wrtlr

.\l.-\(' pr‘o\rdirrg the make-up

Top designers normally mean top prices too? Not lltts lIItIc‘. tickets are available for a lrrrrrted riurrrber' of seats round the catwalk priced '4 I0 is {I5 l‘tll you can see it .rli for 'ree III the standing area .rdracerrt to Queen Street.

On the. Streets: City of Design, Sun 30 May. Various venues, 287 5511. See

feature, page 16.