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Edinburgh Literary Pub Tour Daily. 7.30pm. £6 (£5). Beehive lrtrt. Grassmarket. irtfo: 226 6665. The capitals favourite literary tour returtts with daily jaurrts rourtd the city's literate ltaurtts. Trace tlte footsteps of scribes such as Scott. Burns. Spark attd Welsh wltile getting slowly inebr'iated.

Ceroc Dance Tue. Thu. 7.3()—l().30pnt. St Stepltens. Howe Street. info: ()l324 (0320‘). Ceroc is art easy-to-learn forrrt of modern jive which requires little dance experience to master. No need to book. just ttrrrt up arid transport yourself back to tlte rock 'rt' roll years.

Volcano Tours Wed. Fri. Sun until Sun 26 Sep. 2pm. £5 t£4/£2.5()). Holyrood Palace Car Park. Discover Edinburgh's volcanic past aitd explore the natural artd human ltistory of Holyrood.

Wild Fling Sun 30 May. noon—5pm. Hermitage of Braid. Braid Road. irtfo: 447 7 I45. Tltis event will tell you all you need to know about wildlife in the capital and give you fresh ideas on ltow to keep Edinburgh green. Activities include facepainting. storytelling. chainsaw sculpture. a puppet show. willow weaving artd a birds of prey display.

The Philosophy Cafe Tue | Jun. 7pm. Free. Irtstitut Francais d'Ecosse. Randolph Crescent. 225 5366. Those deep folks at the lrtstitut discuss the pertinent topic of ‘The Nature of Knowledge iii the Age of lrtforrttation' to discover whether the inrernet. cyberspace arid such like. are good things

Try A Taste Of Europe Thu 3 .lutt. ll.30am—5pnt. Free. Assertrbly Roortrs. George Street. 220 434‘). Ajoint collaboration frottt the Europeart Parliament attd Europeatr Commission to raise awareness about that thing we call Europe. ahead of the elections on Thu l0 .lurt. The event takes the forrrt of art exhibition w itlt information available on European furtdirtg etc. There are also trade stands offerirtg such delights as German yoghurts. Italiart wines. Austrian wafers arid Belgian chocolate. Live music comes front all-female Edinburgh bartd Kaluna.

The Meadows Festival Sat 5 6; Sun 6 Jun; Sat I2.45—6pm. Stilt l2. l5—6pnt. Free. The Meadows. info: 620 ‘)I08. ()ne of Scotland’s best loved community events celebrates its 25th year with a bartg. See photo caption.


Camera Obscura

Castlehill (Royal Mile). Edinburgh. 226 370‘). Mon—Fri ‘).30attt-6prtt: Sat & Sun 10am-6pm. £3.95 (£l.‘)5—£3. I5); family ticket £l (.50. Pick tip a pedestrian in your hand at this attraction. which gives visitors a real-time. 360 image of the city. There is also art e\hrbitron devoted to ltolographs artd photography on the lower floors.

Craigmillar Castle

Niddrie Mains. Edinburgh. 66l 4445. Daily ‘).30ant—6.30prtt. £ | .80

t75p-—£ l .30). For a real taste of history. take a drive out to this ramshackle old castle. which although not L|UIIC as intact as EdinburghCastle. is far more atmospheric and the scene of rttuclt plotttrtg during the reign of Mary. Queen of Scots.

Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh. 225 0846. I)arl_v 9.30am—5prtr. £6 (£2—£5). Although ntuch of the castle's medieval character w as lost when it was converted ittto barracks irt the l‘)t|t century. continuing excavations arm to redress this. Other attractions include .lames l\/"s famous

cannon. Motts Meg. lots of military silverware and. ofcourse. The Stone ()f Destiny. used to crown Scottish kings since time began.

Edinburgh Zoo

Corstorphine Road. Edinburgh. 334 ()l7l. Mon—Sun 9am—6pm. £6.80 (£3.80—£4.80); family ticket £ |‘)—£23.50. Widely accepted as one of the fittest Zoos irt Britain. there's plenty here to while away an afternoon. or even a wltole day if you take your time. The penguin parade at 2pm is a must and the newly built African planes afford a fantastic view of the city.

Hopetoun House

Shore Road. South Queensferry. Edinburgh. 33l 245l. Mon—Sun l()ant-5.3()pm (last entry 4.30pm).

£ I .60—£4.70. This stately home was build iii the l8th century by architects Sir William Bruce artd \‘s’illiam Adam. It houses furnishirtgs artd artwork collected by the farttily over the past 400 years. Other attractions include the Red Deer Park and gardens criss-crossed with woodland walks.

Museum Of Childhood

42 High Street. Edinburgh. 52‘) 4|42. Mort—Sat 10am—5pm: Sun l6 May 2—5pm. Free. Founded it) 1955. the museum ltas five public galleries with all manner of archive material attd old toys relating to childhood through the ages. From antique dolls to (980s computer games. there’s plenty here to send you off on a trip dowtt memory latte. Also showing: IV’IIt/V ll’nml. See also Art listings. page 74.

Museum Of Scotland

Chambers Street. Edirrburglt. 247 42 l‘). Mort—Sat l0artt—5pm (Tue 8pm); Sun noon—5pm. £3 (£1.50); urtder IBs free. This is the newest addition to our natiortal museum selection artd the only one dedicated solely to Scotland‘s Itistory. The buildirtg contains five tltentatically-arrartged exhibitions. moving front pie-history. through the Industrial Revolution. to the present day. at which poirtt rtatiortal heroes suclt as Billy Connolly artd Elaine C. Smith get involved.

Old Town Weaving Company

555 Castleltill. Royal Mile. Edinburgh. 226 I555. Mon—Sat ‘)artt—5.30prtt; Sun I0ant—5pm. £4 | ): fantrly ticket £8. Watch tartan appear before your eyes at this weaving wonderland. You'll get the chance to try your hand on a real loortt attd visit two mixed-media exhibitions. .S'Im‘v ()1 ll’l'ut'rrre attd l/ig/tlrrrrrl /)I‘('.\'_\ T/rmue/r ‘l‘lre :Ieey. Arid tlyou're feelirtg brave you cart dress up rtt Scottish costume artd ltave your pltotre taken.

Palace Of Holyroodhouse

Royal Mile. Edinburgh. 556 MW). Mon—Sun 9.30am—6pm (last entry

5. l5pm). £5.50 (£2.7()—£4); fantily ticket £13.50. Starting life as a |3th century abbey. the palace has evolved rrtto a surttptuous regal residence crammed full of paintings attd artefacts dating back primarily to the l7th century. The tow er apartments housed a sad arid lonely Mary Queen of Scots' for a time bill. with a beautiful view over Arthur's Seat. it's hard to feel too sorry for her.

Royal Museum Of Scotland

2 Chambers Street. Edinburgh. 247 42 It). Mon—Sat l0am—5pm (Tue 8pm); Sun noon—5pm. £3 | .50): under lSs free. A l9lh century rrruseurtt ltousrttg international collections of natural history. geology. science. technology artd the decorative arts. pltrs two permanent exhibitions: /II'I A" llulrri/rv and The /t'\'

. w...fl~ WA, ,!;’r/"Mwhzw/ .4, 211,", a, .,

THE MEADOWS FESTIVAL Sat 5 81 Sun 6 Jun; Sat 12.45—6pm, Sun 12.15—6pm. Free. The Meadows, info: 620 9108. This is the jubilee year for The Meadows Festival, possibly the country's best-loved community festival and as such is a cross-section of fun and frolics, aiming to attract over 20,000 people. There is music from The Thanes, Cruyff, Pigpen and Solar Invasion, the Little Red Hen puppets, storytelling from Simon Radcliffe, Tai Chi, Crusaid's tenth annual Walk For Life, the Taylor's Traditional Funfair and five-a-side tournaments.

ll’rr (iti/lei'v. Also showing: l)r'.v<'or'eri/r_e Jtr/mrr. 'I‘I'mruvlm's attd 'I'lrr' .I’If/lt’lllllll/ll (‘mrlr'e/r ()/ ('rrI/er'v. See also Art listirtgs. page 74.

Royal Observatory Visitor Centre Blackford Hill. Edinburgh. 66% S405. .\Ion--Sat l0ant—5pm; Sun noon—5pm. £3 (£2); family ticket £7. This attraction is a mine of information on the heavens. frortt the latest interactive CD-Rortts on space arid astronortty to the observatorys ort- gorrtg work it) Hawaii attd Australia.

Royal Yacht Britannia ()cean l)r'r\e. |.ertlt. Edinburgh. 55.5 5566. l)arly l030artr~6pm tlast erttry 4pm). £6.50 ( £3.75--£5 ). The forrtrer royal yacht opens its doors to :tlc‘lttbet's of the public after a £25 ntrllrort refit. The on-sltore vrsrtor certtre contains lttstorrcal information on the boat artd its furnishings while. on the yacltt itself. members of the public cart have a good ttosy round the royals" forrtrer quarters.

Writers' Museum

Lady Starr's House. Lady Starr‘s Close. Edinburgh. 52‘) 400l. Mort-Sat l0am--5pnt. Free. A treasure-house of items relating to three of Scotland‘s most famous wrrters: Robert l.ours Stevenson. Robert Burns arid Sir Walter Scott. Also showing: Isl/ll liter l’irlrl‘t. See also Art listings. page 74.


Special Events

Perth Festival Of The Arts l'tttrl Sun 30 May. Various \ettues. info: ()l73S 472706. This year's e\travagan/a front the fair ('ity concludes vvrtlt top attractions such as l’ertlt l'esttval ()pera's /)rIII (irmu/rnr (Thu 27 & Sat 2‘) May).

i Tommy Srtrrtlt and the Scottrslt National

Jazz. Orchestra (Fri 28 May) attd a rtigltt of stand-up contedy front .loe Heettart. Reg Anderson and (iordon Brurttort with \'t\ (See and It” Peacock doittg tlte competing (Sat 2‘) May).

Highland Festival l‘ntil Sat 5 Jun. Various venues. tnfo10l4637lll12. Another corttettder for the second biggest arts festival lit the country and the Highlands~ fourth annual cultural estravagart/a. Venues across the area will be packed to the rafters for acts suclt as .lools Holland. Ruttrrg. (iuy .\lasterson's .Il .S'u/r/It'r'v Sui/e attd ('In/t'r .l/i/ls llilrrtl. l'retl .\lac.»\ulay as \\ ell as lrttked festival e\ettts ll‘. food. harps. pubs. clubs and street entertarnrttent.

Festival Of Flight Sat 2‘) Mon 3| May; l0am-A4prtt. Kelburn (‘astle and Country Park. Fairlie. 0l475 568685. l0artt ~5pm. A day of ltot arr balloons. kite flying. rttodel r‘ocketry. aerobatic displays arid a whole ltost of other fun actrv rties. Plus a special appearance by Don (‘artterorr the first rttatt to cross the Sahara Desert artd the .»\I )s by ltot air balloott.

Scottish Beer Festival Sat 2‘) s Sun st) May. l|am~~5pm. 7 llpttt. £3.50. 'I‘raquarr House. litrterlertltert. (H806 S30323/S30":5 The etglttlr artrtual beer‘test has a large line-up of ales front tlte Scottish Independent breweries pltrs live til/l. krds' erttertarnrttent and tasting

Loch Fyne Seafood Fair Sat 2‘) .v Sun 30 May. noon llpttt. £2 £5. l.oclt l'yne ().‘\tet‘ Hat". (‘lacltarr (Krrrrrtlovs. off the .-\3.5. Hill): (ll-100600264,’l‘ltebest UIiIIlC \\ est coast's \Cdl‘tMRI is celel‘t‘aletl here

vs ttlt selected \v tries and beers. cookrttg deittonstrattorts. krtls' entertaitttttent. ttttrsrc front 'l‘lte l~elsons. Salsa ('eltica and the l)unoott (irarttttrar Seltool .l;t// Hand.

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