MAlPostgraduate Diploma in Exhibition Interpretation

This is the first postgraduate programme to specialise in the dynamic field of exhibition and event interpretation. It addresses the widest spectrum of work from trade fairs to museums. corporate promotion to the heritage industry, galleries to events, and includes topics such as:

~new directions in interpretation theory and practice °intepreting private and public institutions to their public 'cross-cultural communication for international exhibitions °design. briefing, specification and contracting for exhibitions applications of audio-visual and multimedia technology 'finance and law for professional exhibition management

Exhibitions Interpretation attracts analytical, creative graduates from disciplines such as architecture, arts, business, museums and environmental studies who are interested in developing and managing innovative exhibition and event strategies for diverse clients.

Contact Les Maden, Programme Leader. Napier University, IOColinton Road, Edinburgh EHIO SDT. tel: 0l3l 455 2678/9, fax: 0I3| 455 2292. Email: or



OF THEATRE & FILM DESIGN (5 -— 14 August 1999)

Is your future in designing for theatre or film?

Then the Tron ’8 Theatre and Film Design Summer School could be for you!

The course is a unique introduction to the processes, principles and professional possibilities of designing for theatre and film. A 10 day practical workshop will be led by the Tron Theatre's Artistic Director. Irina Brown, and Sarah Paulley 'of Glasgow School of Art together with a number of other leading practitioners in the field of theatre and film.

The course Fee is £165 and 16 places are available. '

For more information and an application form send a large SAE to Sarah Paulley, Tron Theatre, 63 Trongate, Glasgow G1 5H8.

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go-karting, lire-eating, . badminton, rambles. meals and relaxed surroundings.

out. weekends away and ioreign trips. Phone Spice on

Phone Garry on

0131 661-6652

0131 662 9600 for a tree inlo


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z I . I” .l . Over 80% of the worlds HIV/AIDS Sufferers live in Sub Saharan Africa, 9 out of 10 babies with the HIV virus also come from this region.

* Working with HIV/AIDS " Improving living conditions for families in rural areas "‘ Subsisrance to commercial farming "' Income generating projeCts "


One World Volunteer Institute is running a 14 month programme with (1 months of education in Norway, 6 months in Africa and 2 months of information work in Europe.

Boarding expense, Scholarships available, qualifications not necessary other than motivation and ability to work hard.

Call Mark NOW! 0047 61264444, wwwoneworldvolunteersorg

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ADVANCE ,ncit 1‘ Prince

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Accompanied by 4-piece Liv I e,u ion a 'Groovisimo"! TICKETS A CE FROM: SALSA SABBOSA othe clessllled for detells) McCllll treat, Trongate

REM. MUSIC, 23 Pernle St, (behind the Tton Theatre).

All about ITALIAN

Alexander LESSONS TeCh n q“ 6 Would you like to learn some conversational Italian for your An introductory lesson balm”?

_ Help \xrth you 0 (iratlc. Higher or Degree to enable vou to decrde whether ,

' _ wursc.’ Individual or small groups. \cry m- to take your interest further.

Call Isobel Anderson Ring: Luca on 0141 334 165 0141 337 3137

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Spanish rn Spain, Cuba, Costa Rica, Mexico, Peru. Ecuador.

French, German, Greek, Italian, Portuguese, Russian in Europe. Spanish and Cuban Salsa rn Cuba (Oct '99 and Feb 2000) Spanish and Salsa rn Andalucra (Oct '99 and Mar 2000) French and Drving n Nrce, France (July/Aug) Gap year programes rn Lalrn Arnerrca and Europe

Caledonia languages Abroad tel 0131 621 7721/2 Fax 0131 621 7723


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