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Summer 1 999

FllliU'Nlllg 1998s success; sat/u SurnrnervFestival bookings. we are again urgently I{l()klllg for .-.ell-ftrrrrrslred and appointed centre Prospect of guaranteed rents from top quality overseas and other -.-'lS3ll.0l‘SS to Edinburgh Bookrng nowl

16 Forth Street. Edinburgh EH1 3Ll-l. Tel: 0131 550 3808 Fax: 0131 550 3807 email:

If you're thinking of letting your property or you want to live on cloud nine.




I Four students seek flat from beginning July. ('entral/uniy'ersity area preferred. We are friendly. house-trained. non-smokers. Please call (ll5l ()07 1095.


' literati


I Bedroom to let lll large llal inDennistounI(iart1:1and l)ri\eo. sharing \\llll one other. tmaler. wotrld suit quiet and considerate person £1st plus bills. I’htme (iaiy on 01.11 55-1 R9-ll

I Single room in beautifully situated house in (ilasgow 's West area. Shared liyiiig room. kitchen etc. (but telephone line. £250 pcm including gas and electricity. Two cats. (‘all Angela on 0141 942 5391).

I Room to let in spacious. three bedi'ooiii llal near Rutherglen train station. Sotilli facing rooms w ith \ iews. ('lose to all amenities. reliable public transport to (ilasgow town C'Jllll'c‘. £150t1eposriaut|£200 pcm -\ll enquiries phone (lio9.\' 515548. l‘.llll\ lrom .\Ia\ 14th two ' '

I West End double zooii; a\ailable in shared flat on quiet street close to underground/train and general amenities l’iol female. n/s. sporty .lll(l\(‘\1.ll‘l's' pref L2 50 pear -rrre1 ("I o bills Tel: 01-11 157 21M after 7pm

I Large room available in ls'mglitswood flat. sharing ‘.\flll two others. (‘ll etc Li 10 pin (inc ("Ti + bills Smokers .tnd students w elcome Tel (ll-ll 9-11 (Illlll

I West End liientlly llaiir‘.atcs for double room .-\\aiiable mid lune. single room ent: ol lune. in bright. spacious llat c lose to Bytes Road. l’m t\ HBO '\ll mod cons. Stiit ii/s. professionals. £250 A‘ £250pcm incl bills 0 phone '11 ll :‘1 .5032.

I West End house mate wanted to share with young. prof female and canine. KClVIlltIillC. end terrace two bedroom house. ('lose to Cll)‘ and all local anrenrties. Priy'ate parking. all mod cons. garden. Would stiit gay -fi'iendly person. £2o0pcm incl. CT t+ elec tk tell. Must be seen. Immediate entry. Call Lynne on 0411 151959 or 0975 was.

I Large bedroom to let in spacious. luxury. three bedroom .\1ount I’lUl'Hlil flat. £220pcm + bills 0141 (r32 7-153 or mobile 07587 598977

I Comfortable room West End one block from liyres Road. (jay -friendly. large sofa. single bed. cable TV tk y'rdeo: share kitchen and bathroom with one other. £295 pcm incl. ("T/gas & elec. Suit professional person. n/s.(‘all01-1| 5792505 L‘\es~-\\/Clltls.

I Southside house to share

w llll one other All mod cons £2~l0 pcm (incl. bills). Single room. Tel: (ll-1| (i-Il 5107.

I Langside near Victoria llllee good betlt'titiliis for three working people in smart flat. (‘11..ilaimsysteiir.

w ell- equipped krtclien. bathroom with shower. (‘oiiyemeiit shops. restaurants. bars. trains £200pcm o- bills. (‘ontact Stuart on 0141 M3 2050.

I Professional person required for West lintl flatshare lll spacious. comfortable. warm and rela\ed flat. (3(‘ll. \\'.\l/dry'ei etc. Tel: 0141 \57 in“ £225 pcm 1- bills.

I Flatmate wanted to share loyely two bedroom West land flat with one other gay-friendly female. :\11 iiiotl coiis. Would stnt n/s. gay-friendly female. £250 pcm incl ("T + bills. Tel (ll-l I 9.10 7818.

I Room to rent in gorgeous. Southside flat. (i(‘ll. all mod cons. shared kitchen. bathroom and lounge. Stiit friendly professional. £190 pcm + share (ll I‘lll‘ Llllll depth”. ‘11-“ III

I Double room ay ailable lll loyer West liiid flat. Responsible. considerate person to share with vegetarian male (early 10s). N/s‘ preferred. £200 pcm + bills. llowre (ll-ll 57(r 5-119. l.eaye message if I'm out I Room available in beautiful Southside f1at.All mod cons. (‘11 etc. £180 pm riicl CT esel bills. Would stiit. n/s. female. (‘oiitact Alyson on (ll-ll 339 0119.

I Double room to let in trendy new three bedroom apartment. sharing with two others +

,y designer cat. £250 pcm tincl

(‘Ti + bills. Centrally located with all mod cons. Gay-friendly. Tel (II-ll J29 6140. Ayail now. I Flatmate needed for large room in huge friendly flat. .-\11 mod cons. Close to transport. walk to (‘jeorge Square. .-\yailable 19/6/99. £50 pw inc bills. 0141 55-1 9585.

I Shawlands flatshare one other. (3(‘11. [\(chl'\l1(l\\’Cl'S.gill'LlL‘ll. Suit prof. n/s female wine drinker. Short term'.".’ .\lay more. or llalmate could moy e too" £250 pcm inc bills. Tel (ll-ll (on

ol 1%. Sorry no iron droppeis' last flatmale broke two uons' I Flatmate wanted to share

large flat in Hamilton Should be

gay friendly. dog loy er and non- smoker £200 pcm. rrrclusrx e ol bills escept telephone. Tel 01698 3317-18.

I Single room lll sptlc‘ltitls l’IllllICilLl flat sharing w llll three other n/s students. .-\11 mod cons. .-\\ailable now. £225 pcm + bills + one month deposit. Tel 0141 339 8673.

I West End room in large flat off Byres Road. All mod cons. electric shower. big liying room. to share with gay man and lesbian. Rent £200 pcm + bills. 1 .lune entry. 01110141 334 0505.

I Gay-friendly female required to share w rtlr one other and dog. Modern flat close to Glasgow (ireeii. £175 pcm electric + plume. £100 dep Tel (lay lll 59.5 (Illll L‘\l 5ll~lli. L‘\L‘ (ll-II 5“(3‘)

I Young, professional female [0 share w llIl three (llllet‘s .\llisl be domesticated. outgoing. who doesn't mind smokers. ('ity centre secure entry flat £50 per week plus bills. (‘all now' 0141 552 3010.

I Southside, double room (riiisJiii. in large. n/s. quiet llat. l)ouble mirrored wardrobe. rrroderu kitchen and bathroom. centrally heated. garden. handy for bus. train. shops. :\.s(l;l. \"ieloria l'ltis’p. £50 w 1. incl

lvh o;= Itnr<ss>

I Southside, comfy and spacious llal. one room available. lixcellent location (city centre 10mins). (it‘ll.

w ell-equipped fitted kitchen. large TV lounge £220 pcm lllICl ('Ti bills shared between four. Tel: (ll-II 4210022



I Relaxed and friendly flatmate required for room with spectacular \‘lL'WS in lovely two bedroom flat in \"iewforth. I’rof person required. share w itli female freelance liHll'llllllSl. Free parking. £250 pcirr + bills. Tel 01.‘y| 228.1(r70.

I Attractive modern flat lll conyerted warehouse oyer- lookiiig water of l.eith. l.l\ mg room. kitchen. double bedroom. bathroom. parking. lift. 0131 552 85-18.

I Roseburn single room Ill comfy. fully fitted. furnished flat. .\lod cons. (i(.'ll. suit student. .\'o l)SS. £225 pcm incl. bills Tel 0131 313 113.S rafter (rpmr.

I Leith Links female required. l'tlllll\llL‘(I double room w ithin loyely. well equipped flat. .\'oii smoking £200 pcm ~~ bills Tel (ll5l Jo" 509-1.

I Room in West End flat ayailable 12 .lune l2 .-\ugust :\ll iirod eons £155 pm ~ bills 0151 228 9007

I Flatmate wanted for New Town flat. to share willi two others. :\\ailable May 27. £192 pcm + bills + (‘T Tel Shoiiaglr 01315570819.

I Polwarth Spacious room in newa decorated flat. would suit. ii/s prof or mature student. Share kitchen/liying room. bathroom w itli shower and sep toilet w:th one other. (‘heerful flatmate tnraler. £200 pcm + bills. I’hone 0111J-I‘IJSHorllHI 229 9542

I Marchmont fabulous bay windowed. double room in spacious. traditional flat. Well— maintaiiied. new decor. all mod cons Sep sitting room. many estias. |o\ely flat. quiet area. fice parking. £220 pcm. 01501 7(i255l

I Central, large box/bedroom e\ccllcirt shared facilities £50 per week incl. (‘T Tel (il ‘\l 15.? 5'72“. rnobtie o‘so b297S12

I Large, bright, single room to rent in friendly. .\larchirronl flat tor the months of July and August only. Sharing with three lt‘llltllt‘s lelll pltls sllttl't‘ 01 bills l'ully lurnished 0151117 2*) to



0| 11 II" I Spacious double room .t\.llltll‘l.‘ 111 West 1".nd flat.

sharing w llll two others. All

tiiriirediately (st-"H

flatshare CLASSIFIED

I Dalry Road single room in flat to share with one other. Prof female preferred. £180 pcm + ("l' +- bills. Tel: 0l31 272 5477. I West End garden flat. single room available in spacious. basement flat. Sharing with two others +— cat £200 pcm excl. CT '~ bills (‘all Stephanie or Richard on 0131 225 4482.

I Newington two rooms in sunny. detached house with two public rooms. garage and garden. £200 pcm + bills. Call 0151007 7310

I Double room available in friendly liaster Road flat to share w rtlr one other. Security entrance. all iriod cons and garden. Suit n/s post-grad or professional. Rent £225 pcm + bills and ("1‘. .-\y‘ailable end June '99. (‘all 0131 (r52 0479 after 7pm oi email


I Young, professional gay— friendly male. Wanted for smalltislil room in fabulous Newmgton llat. £140 pcm + bills. .\'/.s. friendly. tidy person preferred to share with two others. .-\yailable from mid June. (11110151 003 2250.

I Male or female we don't care. wanted to share (irassinarkel flat. Large room £225 pcm + bills. To share with two ftiii guys. one straight. one not. Tel 0131 223 2506.

I Large bright room in quiet. homely central l1at..»\ll mod cons .\'/s. gay -friendly. professional. oy er 28 years preferred. Rent £2-10tincl CT) + bills ('athy 0131 467 2909.

I Room to let lll shared flat

w lill e\ce11ent \ rew overlooking city to .-\rthurs Seat and (.‘alton llill Would suit vegetarian. n/s prol £210 pm + dep. incl bills. Phone 01 ‘1 552 16014.


I Flatmate required large.

bright. double room ayailable.

(lff Slateloid Road. loy‘ely

l’entland \rews large funky llat. street parking. (‘ool flatmate included. £250 pcm. no

("1‘ but share of bills. .\'/s.

[‘ltllrglliltl. preferred (K‘ll.

cable 01 5l 5“) 9001.

I Room available for n/s' in attractiy e. shared flat tone

other i. \leadmyl‘allle area. :\ll mod cons. parking. good buses and .tlllt‘lllllt‘\ pcm tall inclusry e escept phonei. Deposit required. Tel 01 i1 (rbl 2592.

I Flatmate wanted for

bosioom in spacious. Marchmont tlat. ;\yailable from

July. sharing with three others.

-\l1 mod cons. including free parking 1. 150 pcm i bills. Tel 591‘)

mod cons. Would suit n/s. female £2(10pciriayail ('a1101‘1 225’

A'.'. 1 ' mi THELISTB?