I Grub CIUb good l'ootl. good wine. good conyei'sation. the best restaurants. It" you c‘liloy these and are interested iii

forming a group. Drop me a line

lsiiiall admin tee). Box No

013.573 _ -_ _ . fine Introductions

I/u' IlIlIr/Ilt' mum/m IIUII \t'rilt (' [in Ii’riwrc“. I’I'u/t'nlmml

\\ .IV'IIuImmI/ [It ti/i/t'

9 You enjoy your job ° You read The List

0 You buy CD's

0 You like Movies

0 You relish eating out You live day to day

0 You want more

You are alone and would like to meet a partner to experience and share these and other things.

Ifyou are serious about .1 long term relationship. Take control.

Call Elite and meet genuine people. who want to meet someone. just like you.

After 9 years and with 3 offices in Central Scodand. It works.

Elite Introducrions.

It's as logical as Mr Spock.

0131 620 7777 III-II 236 7777

Illam to 10me Open 7 days.

(II/It t'\ at run I/It’ ('K A" [thl't'

2 I Hill-walking (socialising ! club)

- exercise. scenery. l’resh

air. new friends! Whether

you‘ve tried it before/only done a little/or willing to share your

expertise - you could become a

lounder member of a new 20/30 solllc‘llllllg group (to include other social events such as eating otit. pubs. pictures.

theatre CICI llltll Will e\ol\'e o\'c‘l'

weekly Sunday Brunch. It yoti are It] a rut. new to town. bored with the same old laces or find all ol your friends married or othermse engaged and want to start haying fun and a packed social lllt‘ then write to tis. Box No (3/3()()/ I.

r turnooucrious

THE SINGLES DIRECTORY l‘iee iiiemhei'ship. Members throughout Scotland. For free colour brochure phone 01436 671032 (34 hours). or write to: I’() Box 542‘).

lleleiishurgh (384 ‘)Yli. .


EDINBURGH & GLASGOW Dinners, Golf, Go-Karting, Scuba Diving, Country Walks,

Concerts, Clay Pigeon Shoots and Weekend Breaks fir single people. e-mail: raeburn@supperelub.uk.com

(l-ll- l H llll



Scotland’s awn specialist agency for gay men and lesbians. Events and introductions

Call now in confidence

0845 606 3636

local call rate 7 days 2pm—l0pm

\\ hy plan for this year's holiday when you cati juing our eligible liigli-l‘lyers on a luxury trip to Florida? ,loiii Initial \pproath lulrmlut iiniis .lIltI ()t'iasiniis liy the curl of \pril l‘)')‘) and \HII I|.|lllt' “I” lie .llIIIHIIJIIt .i||\ t‘llIt'I‘t‘tI into .i (Iran Ior a “crisis

auntiiiiiotlatiiiti iti .I |ti\iir\ \tll.i in J” t-\t'lttsi\e 5 star resurtl

',-'m't!al (/Jproasll‘z 3

' lll786 82215777

(III: II IIIII/tlll (I. "(I o'l' equal/HI

2’ )V


Lineage: £6 for up to 30 words plus 25p per extra word.

Semi-display: £10 for up to 20 words plus 50p per extra word.

Recruitment Display: £10 per single

column cm, excl VAT. Display

(all other sections):

£8 per single

column cm, excl VAT

Box No costs £6 extra per issue for non-personal ads.


(Box No is

included in price). Lineage: £10 for up to 30 words plus 25p per extra ward.

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If your advert OOCSF'I carve under any of the aome sections, please contact us and it may be pass-ole to arrange a new secuan heading for yOu

This is display It nas a barder all {779 way 'o:.rnd and we can “cleue yOur company saga Rates are {IO/£8 per sin le column centimetre excl AT).

Minimum size 3 co umn cm. Minimum cost £24 (plus VAT).

This is semi-display It nas a line awe and 'oerow and the lineage is centred Minwnum COSt is {ID IO" UD to 20 words plus 50; oer extra word PeiSO"-al ads n tn.s sty:e inauce a Box No and cos: tram {1.1

I This is lineage. I‘.'l|l‘|'l\i.",‘. cast s {is ‘0' so to


:Print in BLOCK CAPITALS 5 Name ................................................................... .. EAddress ................................................................ ..

I ........................................ .. Tel: ........................... .. ADVERT

Print {71833899 one =3:ch per uax (N8 Tc-‘ephane Numbers (Cunt as 3"»:- watch

.Which Section?

' How many issues?

:T:c’-: if you want a Semi-display ad .1 :TICK if you want a Box No (obligatory in personal) ?.J

ITotal Cost E

, AYMEN'I' Not ~32 mu -<:v

All (itinerls must ire prepaid Cheques and Postal Orders should

be run/.23; out to The LISt Ltd I enclose cheque/postal order for £

' itsnaie

you may pay by tllasterCaro or visa credit cards

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Pleas debit my ii.- ~ MasterCard/Visa card

: Number: / / / E Expiry date __L__/

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:rname anci 'lellalS as an carol


“if not as abovel



T \

: Copy for Classified ads must reach us by second post on

3C, ._._,O.GS pm 25;) DE, (THURSDAY A WEEK BEFORE PUBLICATION ‘.’.O'O I’PlSO’ici‘ dub ' H E. - “.WLEQS d: if. y,- ::y\_ \‘t.(.,,'_ ‘1; i. 1- in." \rk's‘ ;\ Stilt? "(I “tide c3 80> (1' ii i .,:.U.,:. 3', 3 cost i'a'“. fit} I

p/ease note L (“I : Post this form enclosing payment to:

Sew -c:;sola~, acis a-e .t- I Classified Ads Baggaums l The List Ltd

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-1;::i:se;tit..eat‘.st-"-'" 20% .

t. v 25% For further details phone 0131 5581191