V I saw you looking mighty fine outside Edwards - so fine I had to take a photo and srtoke your baby soft cheeks. Next visit I'll move lower. You’re my favourite Glaswegian tourist attraction. Box No U/35‘)/l-ll. V I saw you tall. handsome. German gentleman. wearing a dark blue donkey jacket with long brown flowing hair. At the photography 3rd year opening. You were with your MFA colleagues. Box No U/359/l42. V I saw you in my dreams. Who are you? Male? Female? M - petite brunette with good looks - contact me for fun. friendship. more!! Box No U/359/143.

V I saw you buying Manics cd in Fopp. You reminded me of Bjork. Do you want some big time sensuality with me?? I'm latin-looking and mysterious. Box No U/359/l44.

V I saw you Monday at Tron Quiz. 1 batted my eyes you won first prize. let's shake that bottle next time. Boiler suit?! Box No U/359/l45.

V I saw you and you saw me. the rest is history. How about a re-enactment'.’ I will be at the same bar. same time. saute day for the same thing. drinking Sauza and Cranberry rather than the satne drink - some things need changed.

V I saw you three virgin marys of Guadelupe in your surgery pants having lunch and writing to each other. Would you like to play doctors and nurses... From the three amigos. Box No U/359/l47. V I saw you Debbie Donut i remember me your long lost flatmate. who knows you might l even phone me sometime. Take 1 care. love the bronzed bunterl! Box No U/359/i48. l V I saw you driving illegally l l l l

with no licence in the mountains unable to deal with first and second gear. It was very endearing. Baby you can drive my car - and yes you're gonna be a star (when you get to I Australia). Box No U/35‘)/l49. V I saw you on the art schOol dance floor - stripey shirt and shaking hips and fell in lurv with you all over again as we snogged on the couch. Love always from the Latvian princess. Box No U/359/l5l.

V I saw you Robert. when l was only l5. Three years on and we‘re still goin' strong. Luv ya tunz n sticky bunz. Mandy. Box No U/359/l52.

V I saw you Mandy and love that top you had on (oh. well off). Love Roberto. Box No U/359/l53.

V I saw you (all. blond. handsome hunk. U can serve me macchiatto all of the day and all of the night Neil!! From a short admirer xxxx. Box No U/359/l54.

V I saw you Alexis Anne invited you up for a spliff and realized it was love at first sight. Now four years later it is growing stronger day by day. Love You. Box No U/359/155. V I saw you Julianna Fitz with your Irish dancing. Do you want to get Jiggi with it!?!? Luke Skywalker. Box No U/359/156. V I saw you the love of my life. at the PL on Friday - me drinking VCR! Will you be my foxy lady forever and three days? Box No U/359/157.

V I saw you Norse Ned DJing at Brel on Thurs - you are fab! How d‘you fancy letting me skim over your l2-inches? Box No U/359/l58.

V I saw you at Thornwood bus stop. Stripe on sleeve from fur coat girl. Box No U/359/159. V I saw you... and your lovely little pharmaceutical face lit up my day. So glad you‘re not living in the wilds of the south anymore. Phone me and we‘ll get drunk together? (on alcopops of course). Box No U/359/l60. V I saw you in our favourite coffee place my sweet real life Drew Barrymore overload on cinnamon and wiping away eyelashes. Box No U/359/l61. V I saw you little Latvian girl getting your hemispheres confused in the penguin parade at Edinburgh Zoo. Can I reallign them again soon? Yours. An Irish Bogboy. Box No U/359/162.

V I saw you last year. every week at Millar Street. I fell in love with you but every time I tried to speak to you I lost my nerve. Box No U/359/163.

V I saw you bejewellcd princess in Tinderbox. Byres Road. You saw me tuned to the moon on caffeine. Box No U/359/l65.

V I saw you Annabella. I am a member of the Islamic “Annabella Fan Club". If you're game. my parents said you cart

come round for curry and chips.

Then we can be married! Box No U/359/l66.

' V I saw you Emma B.

Banchory's finest export. You were outside the library. painted

A toenails glistening in the sun -

you filled me with emotions. deeper than oceans. Be my study buddy. Box No U/35‘)/l67.

V I saw you Jamie Lee Curtis lookalike with a sore elbow. you here in sunny Scotland. me in Baywatch swimsuit in far off shores. Take care and be good. Box No U/359/l68.

V I saw you beautiful blond. luscious lips. enchanting eyes. wanna get together for a femme- a-femme? Box No U/359/lo9. V I saw you Blackfriars. Glasgow. loth April. You: red shirt. black leather jacket. corona. Me: smitten... Did you see me? Box No U/359/l70.

V I saw you in the Highland bog wearing goggles. drinking whisky under the shelter of a rock. I thought you were mad but want to kiss you again anyway. Box No U/359/l7l.

V I saw you Anna walking down Great Western Road looking very suave and groovy but you didn't batter an eyelid at me. I work in ‘Goodies'. Box No U/359/l73.

V I saw you Marcie M in Alaska. I’d like to snuffle up with your tummy buttocks! Show me your flexibility you sexy babe. Box No U/359/l74. V I saw you baby Mahoney Tierney in Tinderbox on Saturday 24th April. Happy two weeks birthday. love mum and dad xxx Box No U/359/l76.

V I saw you Billy the waiter at Gandolfi. You wearing red body-warmer looking ‘crisp ‘n‘ dry‘. god loves a trio! From your spoons. Box No U/359/l77.

V I saw you Emilie on Thursday night at the Hive. You blew me away but I know you live abroad. Give me your number. Box No U/359/l78.

V I saw you in the Tinderbox. You spoke about penguins. I laughed. Dark hero. Box No U/359/l79.

V I saw you Snip at the Tron holiday Monday. Box No U/359/l80.

V I saw you my Don Juan at your last gig - remember that night. Let's do it more. Hm xxxx. Box No U/359/l8l.

V I saw you obese. lardy. Me. skinny in a BHS anorak at the Savoy Centre. Saturday morning. I'll be the cocktail stick. you be the chipolata. Box

No U/359/l82.

V I saw you entrepreneur in World of Sandwiches with the blue eyes and the cute butt. The girl with the brown eyes and baggy pants. Box No U/359/l83.

V Isaw you Carol S at our O.U. graduation. Sat I May. Edinburgh. Warmest congratulations and very best wishes for the future. JM. Box No U/360/l.

V I saw you Sat 8 May. 1800 train. GIa—Ed. You cute. with glasses and very short hair. travelling with your son. Me. dark. curly hair. next to you. Love to see you again. Box No U/360/2.

V I saw you Thursday I l March. parking your little blue car in Leith. You looked wonderful. my roven haired beauty. Should we be apart? Box No U/360/3.

V I saw you Jonathon at Happy Mondays concert on 24 April. Lost you in the crowd. Get in touch and I’ll return the compliment! Box No U/360/4.

V I saw you Paula. one night in the Polo Lounge. your Irish eyes were smiling. I was the sane one hoping for a bedbath. Are you free for a drink? Box No U/360/5.

V I saw you Odeon projector. singing with Davey on Sunday afternoon. You‘ll probably not remember me. but I'd love to have a duet with you. Box No U/360/6.

V I saw you at Rosco‘s. 3 April. about lam in the morning. I‘m Terry (28 year old. Norwegian. Celtic supporter). You had dark hair and told me you were 27. We took a cab home together and in the morning you gave me a lift home. I'd like to meet again. so please get in touch. Box No U/360f7.

V I saw you Magic! Thursday I April on 4pm train from Edinburgh to Kings Cross. I got off at York. Both too shy to talk. why? Let‘s not make it another Brief Encounter! Box No U/360/9. V I saw you Raymond questionnaire man. at James Taylor Quartet gig. Arches. Fri 9 May. From the little sister. Box No U/360/9.

V I saw you Billy Bean in your van. but didn‘t bother with you. Then. I saw you in the Fitter and Firkin . . . Happy Anniversary. Love June. XXX. Box No U/360/10.

V I saw you Emma at Bongo Club. l5/5/99. You are a third year sociology student at Edinburgh Uni. We talked about Bambi and my painting. Shall we continue to discuss Thumper. Box No U/360/l2.

V I saw you Flapjack. you foxy. musky. stoaty. minky. vixen on the prowl. You're a gorgeous temptress. a golden diamond on a bed of rice and I love you millions. Stevie Boy. Box No U/360/l3.

V I saw you Honey Monkey get on a plane and fly away. I missed your monkey arm around me. Glad your home. Love the Weirdo. Box No U/360/l4.


V I saw you in Valvonna & Crolla. Sat 15 May. 3.30pm. We got off the same bus at Elm Row. You with two friends but it was you I fancied. Let's eat . . . Box No U/360/15.

V I saw you Andy. months ago it seems too much red wine floored me. (sorryl). Going down south in a week. take care. Be loyal in friendship. adios! Au Revoir! Beany. XXX Box No U/360/ 16.

V I saw you once. then we were friends: Through good times and bad. we tried to make amends; our time is up. I wish you well; farewell. my friend. farewell. Box No U/360/l7.

V I saw you beautiful but taken Zeschky boy. since 1996. Some day we‘ll collide over late night radio in foreign climes. but for now it's enough that you know. See you in September. Box No 360/18.

V I saw you at Aberlady dunes. Sunday 16 May. Liked your smile and the friendly way you said hi. saw you both next day going in and out of The Blue Moon. It must be fate! Box No U/360/l9.

V I saw you Noia d'Almenara, tan complicada com bonica. Quan tanco els meus ulls sento Ia tena veu. Pensa quant vulguis i truca'm (porta l’alarma). Abrazotes. Box No U/360/20. V I saw you German Nicole at the Garage with you German pal. Be my dancing queen again. Remember Scottish snogging? Love. Mark. Box No U/360/21. V I saw you when you fixed my stereo (twice). Which was nice. but not as nice as your smile. which lit up excel 01! That‘s you Jackie. Fancy a drink? Box No U/360/22.

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