V I saw you Elaine. from Phace West. Del‘s 8/5/99. I was just about to talk to you. btit you left to feed your puppy. Let‘s get together. Box No U/360/23.

V I saw you Debbie. counting votes at Meadowbank. Your cue- handling. style gets my vote every time. Can I show you my manifesto? Box No U/3o()/2~I. V I saw you Question 302 do you repeat yourself? I refuse to be told I have a balanced personality and am diplomatic. “Look at me! I'm a drama queen. baby"!! Love ya. Dx. Box No U/3()()/25.

V I saw you Anna. (too long ago). in Cockburn Street. did you see me? Box No [HMO/36.


V I saw you ()llie. "we go together. like ramalama" . . . the way. when the hell are we getting married? You have the ring. you've heard me sing. God‘s sake set the date. Box No L'BoII/Z‘i’.

V I saw you (‘harniaine in Canonmills Tesco‘s. Your prices were slashed; my hopes were dashed. Your lace w cut as red as the tulips you refused; won‘t you mark down some time for me? Box No [3/360/38.

V I saw you behind the counter. So you think you're a virgin. eh? With your shiny red one. we don't think so Horny! Box No IF/3bII/20.

V I saw you at I)i\'as. dancing so cool and deadly. Praise ti. Simone blues girl. my ears were burning to lahrenheit I876! Didn‘t mean to dis ti. Praise friendship - right here. right now. let's say hi again? Box No U/3()()/3(l.

V I saw you girls in taxr. Yoti accepted Chai'maine‘s ttilips. Can we haye them back now please iii case she calls. Love and ruin. Steve Dallas and the Bloom County Bicycle Buys. Box No [7360/3 I.

V I saw you Clay mores \ei'sus Barcelona Dragons by ticket booths You beautiful \\IIII long. blonde hair and two friends Me iii blue coat. fancy a drink .’ I‘d loy e to learn your llillllL‘. Bo\ No I'/_‘s(i()/.‘\l

V I saw you Meltsstt - IIUI IIIL‘ \’II'I.I\ -- althotigli similar ellect oti my system. Red hair. Strathclytle L'ni. 3/5/99. Asked lor pen tyesi. phone number ino). Say yes to third request: A letter. Adrian. Box No [WWII/33. V I saw you in the Attic at the Ctil de Sac. l‘)/S. Pound ottt your name is Jim. Me. blue v neck with friends. Could not keep my eyes off you. Fancy some dinner? .‘ylartin! Box No [7360/33.

V I saw you sitting in the garden with Spike and Stiiian. eating coconut. llaryey thinks you'll do Illtt‘ Him Nu I:/.’s()()/3»I

V I saw you cheesy disco iiicister in ()Tyll' tiiiioii. \N'cdnestlay ltlgIII. St) Ross do you w ant 'oohh. alih' iiioic ’( me. Iltix .\'ti I/ViII/SS.


92 THE lIST 2 /' my I‘.) Jun 1999



V I saw you Pad Indian woman. Where's your bindi'? We love . . . U/360/36.

V I saw you woman with brown suede coat. now zen. now zen? Box No 360/37.

V I saw you Robbie Williams' twin browsing in HMV. You never made it to the front of my queue. Me. Cameron Diaz(ish). not there anymore. How's about some late night shopping? Box No U/360/38.

V I saw you Frankie-boy. quite often in the Citrus and Robbies. You know who I am. Get in touch. handsome. Age doesn‘t matter! Box No U/360/39.

V I saw you in EH I. long. flowing. blond hair does it for me baby will I see you there again?! Box No U/360/40.

V I saw you Tron bar I told you that you looked like Gail Porter you said I looked like Cole Porter. I get a kick out of you. I)! Box NO U/360/4l.

V I saw you Dave in blue. for you I make some pasta. wanna

I come? Box No U/360/42.

V I saw you smoking a lag. l

f think you're great Moira. Why

. don't you test out that sucking

action on me sometime! Box No


V I saw you I know you saw me too. What a night it was in that Bar Blue. I love birds with curves like you! Box No U/360/44.

V I saw you Jen. little Miss Groover. the sexiest lass in Edinburgh. Box No U/360/45. V I saw you lookin' glam at Lamb. You beige windcheatei'.

; pint of Guinness; me - spikey hair. big boom. The one I'm

1 searching for? Box No


V I saw you on Thursday l3th took you up the Art School I thought I were great call me big boy. Krystal. Box No U/36II/47.

V I saw you you. gorgeous birthday girl in Tron restaurant me sexy techze. Flick my switch! Graham. Box No U/360/48.

V I saw you Anna. again and again. since Easter '98. I'm still feasting alter you. Your African

' accomplice! Box No U/3(i()/-I‘).

V I saw you Cuban chica - Tron Bar. IRIS/9‘). You said

; you'd spice my salsa. Ready . when you are. baby. Che! Box

No I,'/3()()/50. V I saw you Patrick on Princes

E Street . . . no beep

. . no uniform . . .jtist you. me

and the rest of Edinburgh . . .

next time it's personal. Box No U/3()()/S l.

V I saw you on the 5pm train. Edinburgh to London. l3/4/9‘). You smiled. I should have said something. What use is a mobile phone in the toilet! Box No U/3()()/52.

V I saw you Danny the man of my life flared nostrils and let's rock and roll! Box No I.'/.‘y(i()/53.

V I saw you cute boy. blue eyes and cheekbones. working in World of Sandwiches. limit

the girl with the brown eyes and

the baggy pants. Box No


V I saw you Art Exposure.

Followed to Tron. then to Bargo.

then back again. You; blonde. green eyes. Peruvian jacket. Me; tall. dark. handsome. Be my guiding star. Venus. Box No U/360/55.

V I saw you Diane. scantily clad. dashing about with your long leatherjacket! I wish I was you man! Box No U/360/So.

V I saw you wearing a necklace with a ruby on it. It was iii Tinderbox. and you ate your muffin in big mouthfuls. Box No U/360/57.

V I saw you Ferg. at the Cul de Sac. as sexy as ever and you served us our pasta cheers love Nina & Manchie. Box No U/360/58.

V I saw you the giant baby from Gorgie. You’re my Bungle. I‘ll get involved with your Zippy. Box No U/360/59.

V I saw you numpty in Tinderbox with your sexy pigtails. Don't be a rectangle and giz an espresso wi' Htintiei's ay chocolate! Love Stinky. xxx Box No U/360/60.

V I saw you in Tinderbox. You were dark and interestingly bespectacled. I was the smoothie stipping lady in grey. Are you famous or have I seen you in my dreams. Box No U/3()()/o l. V I saw you Tron Bar - Italian beauty - marketing chic? Launch my love life into orbit let's see the stars together. Space Cowboy. xx Box No U/3(i()/62.

V I saw you Most. handing otit Ilyers for Christies Comedy Cellar. you gave me free entry. now I want to return the layout! Box No U/360/63.

V I saw you red-haired Audrey Hepburn type at Vegas Do you know the way to San Jose?! Box No U/360/b-I.

V I saw you sucking a blonde (beer) in the blue bar. You; grey v neck. pulfa jacket. drinking mates. Me; sex maniac. Ptill my Box No U/3()()/()5. V I saw you here. iii Bat Sirius. I knew you were the one the word ‘sexy‘ was inyented 4U. Box No U/36II/60.

V I saw you Chris III Negotiants. you are gorgeous. lots of love. your girl from Meadowbank. xxx. Box No U/360/67.

V I saw you at Wilton Street party. Sunday morning. green shirt. funky blonde hair. He met you before iii Bar 9 l. friend ol Brian. anyway can I haye a deitii—way'e‘.’ Box No U/Ron/os.

gorgeous unrelenting pint. loye.

. V I saw you you sexy beast oii

: the Glasgow tour bits at the

classy Bai'ras Market. on Sat

ISIII May. Call the for casual

sex tagainl. Box No L'/.‘~(it)/(w), E V I saw you sparkling .leiiny.

working III the Southern Cross cale. Yoti'ye got to get up .iiid

; dance girl! Box No I'/3(i()/7ll

V I saw you Damon at the Stib Club! Where can we meet? I'm a friend of Olivia‘s. Box No U/360/7l.

V I saw you dance like David Lee Roth you sexy. sexy canuk. Hula Hoop-o-rama Cathouse boy! Box No U/360/72.

V I saw you at the quiz iii Delmonicas. You are the master tall. dark. hairy and sexy. Pop me a question. Box No U/360/73.

V I saw you my servant at Nairns. Saturday l5 May. the late session. You. tall. spiky boy. Me. bunches. parents and sister. I don't think I tipped you well enough. Box No U/360/74.

V I saw you cooking on gas in the Tron Bar you can warm my buns any day. Del is it? Box No U/3()()/75.

V I saw you in Sirius. You had a blue denim jacket. I had dark brown hair. Phone me! Box No U/3()()/7(i.

V I saw you Jimmy Windy. Bar Sirius. comfy couch. it was nice while it lasted! Keep in touch. Luv Betty Door. XX. Box No U/3()()/77.

V I saw you Betty Ford at Viva. Mercado. you lit tip the night and lit tip my life. Can we do it again next week? Box No U/3(i()/78.

V I saw you at the .Iaffacake

with a leopard skin dress and a

beautiful smile; get back. Box

No U/360/79.

V I saw you iii that purple shirt. your cheeky grin and talking smut with your friends. I think I like you. Is your name Stephen? Box No U/360/80.

V I saw you at Lost in Bass. btit your face I can't erase. Will you scratch my back the way you scratch those discs? Red [III I. can I be your Princess I.eiah?? Box No I.l/3()()/8I.

V I saw you at Waverly ramp. You stopped III front of me. turned and stared at me with your beautiful eyes . . . and stared. I smiled. You lelt without a word. why? Box No LT/roII/SZ. V I saw you at Droothys pouring pints. You have short. blonde hair. a sweet smile and my interest. Please. don't let me dream about

: you. Box No U/3()I)/83. V I saw you Jan from Slovakia

and would loye to take you otit. Don't be shy to call before you go home in August. Box No I.'/.‘s(i()/b'-I.

V I saw you with your red

shoes. drinking white Russians You cra/y lady. Box No b/RhIl/XS.

3 V I saw you at the Bunac stall at Glasgow L7ni I asked you

lot' advice and you gave me so much more! Don't be ptit ofl by my name -— I'll change it for yours. Box No CHOU/86.

V I saw you Mtindo. you saucy bugger -- you with the wean and the cool I shirt and me eating cajun chips. l‘ancy another bun? Box No [7300/87.

- V I saw you wee Clilly.

shoulder shuffling in Sublime. .i deyaslatingly handsome Malcolm. Can I be your Manga Higgins" Box No I.’/3(i()/b‘b’.

V I saw you Mti/zer. you are the sunshine of my life! You can see my 'Pery .ii' anyday' I'll check you out \ery soon Bo\ \o li/Shll/S!)

V I saw you in the A&E waiting room looking damn good for someone whojust knocked themselves out. Let‘s never shower together again. Love Lee-dee-dee. Box No U/360/90.

V I saw you Take everything. take everything. take everything. i want us to jus switch off the television and go and do somethin less borin instead. Honey. hop and hit it of wit some fine ole slipstream slidin carnal sleuthin rose. rose. Box No U/360/9l.

V I saw you in Cafe Gandolfi filling out a postcard. I hope you were writing it to me. I was the girl drinking Sauza and orange writing to you.

V I saw you Chef at Lost Sock Diner at Stills. strut your funky sttifl big boy. I love you. Box No U/360/92.

V I saw you Sharon at Room at the Top. I saw you then nobody else. you are so gorgeous. hopefully I will see you again. ‘soon'. I'm iii love with you. Box No U/360/93.

V I saw you in EH I. you were the guy with amazing eyes. do you have a blonde ambition? ll so then give us a call . . . The stairs to the toilet will be missing something. Box No U/360/94.

V I saw you the man from the

' Cameo at the Maltings opening

night. You left without buying your round. Rocco. Box No [1/360/95.

V I saw you walking on .lawbone Walk back to Mai‘chmont iii your jeans and denim jacket. you long. dark hair in a pony tail down your back. It was the ()th. at I|.()Sam. The hood was tip on my green eskiiiiojacket, Box No Ij/Rhll/Qb

V I saw you iii Tesco Metro oti Nicolson Street on Thursday lunch. wearing a grey jacket with blond tresses. I think your Chris. I want so badly I can‘t walk. Pei‘lorm a miracle. Box No [7360/97.

V I saw you gorgeous bar man front liHI on l-riday night. You had gorgeous arms. I had cheap lager. you sexy thing you. Call Me what a man! Box No [UNIONS

V I saw you I think it's Bella. Beautiful strawberry blonde wearing pink top. Thurs l5. Iguana and Hi 3| at Studio 34. I want to lick your stomach. Box No Ii/3()(l/!)‘)