RENTAL Out Of Sight (15) 118 mins

On the soundtra( k, Davrd Holmes rubs shoulders vvrth Dean Martrn On

8( reen, George Clooney bumps uglres Jennrt’er Lopex- thrs rs about as good as rnovres get Brrllrantly shot,

s( rrpted and performed, \'-.'lllt a rogues gallery of support from Denis Farrna, Vrng Rharnes and lylrthael Keaton, tne irlm nonetheless belongs to the stars The (hemrstry between on the run (on Clooney and on hrs tarl Fed Lope/ :nvests the whole enterprrse v.rth a tangrble and unforgettable

sedu< trveness. See rt \.'.'rth someone you love rClCr RF»

Dead Man's Curve

(15) 87 mins

There's a small (orner of Amers(an rndependent (rnema \.'.'hr( h lrkes to rebel agarnst shrny, happy Hollywood Dan Rosen's debut feature rs one of them a tvrrstrng black (ornedy thrrller irlied ‘.'.’rtb desprtable, mrsogynrstr( assholes ‘.'.ho repel us but hold our attention to the end In order to get rnto Harvard, a (ouple of teenagers pass off the murder of ther roommate as surt rde, so they'll get an autornatr< straight 'A' The s( rip: savagely satrrrses Aniertta's (ultare of greed and arrtbrtron, but, boy, rs rt nasty High Hiersl ~Al.l


(12) 85 mins

Set rn the Proh;brtror‘ era, a ten-yea."- old boy from a ‘.'-."(>ll-()ff iarnrly goes to stay ‘.'.'rth a pennrless Southern t'arnrly for the summer A dyrng 99-year-old former slave s'iovxs up (larmrng hrs r‘rght to be burred on therr property ar‘d the farnrty rea( tron rs to be both rn awe and repulsed by hrm Desprte a tour hrng s(rrpt and Harvey Kertel and Andre Dowel: playrng t'rne leads, t'nrs f'rlm drsapporntrngly falls short of the rnasterpre< e rt rould avell have been lNu-Imager rSP:

Ronin (15) 117 mins

John lrankenhermer's Tire /"/la/r(/'rur'ran (arrrlrtlate rs .rnguestronably one of the best t'rlms of all trrne, so ‘-.'.'e (an probably iorgrve hrrn thrs old t'as'rnoned, pedestrran thrrller Robert De lslrro rs frne as the leader of an

Mud bath: Steven Spielberg takes a trip to the killing fields in Saving Private Ryan (CIC,15, 162 mins, ****). Available to rent from Mon 7 Jun


rnternatronal mer<enary gang \vrth former spres and soldrers redu<ed to hrred gun status by the nev; \.'.'orld order Sean Be. n, hov.’e\.rer, rs drabolrral, and even the muth trumpeted (ar (hases tarl to (ome up to speed Hrgh (omedy value rn the lrlm's perspe< trve on the Irrsh troubles, too :l\lGl\.rh :RFr


(15) 87 mins

Brlled as 'one of the most memorable s(r-fr movres ever made', Cube rs (loser to the Crystal lr/la/e as envrsroned by Chth Norrrs. er strangers rnexplr<ab|y frnd themselves In a (ube-shaped torture (hamber Eat b has one element rn therr (hara( ter (ould save them all but natural s(eptr( rsm and rrsrng t'ear make rt hard for them to (ope The real sympathy should be set asrde for the poor ‘\.’l(‘\.‘.(‘l‘ who has to get through ropey effer ts and t'rayed dralogue Shapeless and dense rColumbra Trrstarr rBDl

Shadowchaser: The Gates Of Time (18) 90 mins

l’.lus(Iebound Strrtg-alrke Hank Zagar‘rno heads a no-star' (ast rn thrs darep a( tron thrrller A (ouple frnd a n‘rysterrous eirxrr \.'.hr( h null save the We of therr (ornatose son 'lherr (hret' problem rs that an andr'ord (alled Srrnrs needs the same r.r:(e to get ham home and he's none too keen on shar‘rng Desprte vague plot borrov.rng from the Indrana Jones trrlogy, thrs oddly pa(ed, flatly-a( ted frlm farls to satrsly, vgrth Zagar:r‘-o's harnmy Itv‘mrnator'-style antr<s orovokrrxg gasps of honor for all the ‘.'.'rong reasons rNu-Irnager

Don't Go Breaking My Heart

(PG) 90 mins

let's be honest, thrs rs too du‘l, even for a rornantr( (omedy, lhe (entral (hara( ter rs a \"Jl(l()\.‘.’(‘(l mother \‘vhose lr‘rends' lame efforts to frx her up wrth a date fall as flat as therr (harar ters A male frrend trres to sedu< e her vra hypr‘rotrsrn whrle her lotrrteen-year-old son keeps (omrng last rn all the s(hool ra<es liverythrng (omes up roses though, when an Arnerrt an sports theraprst stumbles rnto her lrle, helps her son to \/r( tory and tear hes her to love agarn rl’olyGramr (SB)

RENTAL The Driller Killer (18) 85 mins

First it was The Exorcist. Then it was The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. And now, almost unbelievably, Abel Ferrara’s The Driller Killer. Films which had terrified a generation into keeping them under lock and key have now been unleashed firmly into the public arena, where they can be seen and discussed at will. So now, the films once smeared as 'nasties’ can have their artistic merits rather than their very existence debated.

So, what was all the fuss about The Driller Killer? Asides from the first and final murders, there is little to make the most timid child cover their eyes. There is way too much cutting to a stage where a series of underground sub-punk bands tear through some dischords juxtaposed

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Pneumatic for the people: The Driller Killer

to the puncturing of flesh and bone by our eponymous anti-hero Reno, played by Jimmy Laine aka Abel Ferrara.

Being driven to despair by the decaying world around and within him, Reno turns from tortured artist to torturing anarchist. His victims are the debris on the streets, the bums who sleep in cardboard and now die in

alcohol-soaked agony.

While the film is largely a ritualistic repetition of‘bloody action and reaction, there is more psychology behind it than anyone would have been able to give it credit for. Though, that should hardly be a surprise given Ferrara’s later works such as The Bad Lieutenant where the old Catholic

guilt is played to the max.

And as the film's epitaph goes to show 'dedicated to the homeless people of New York' the joke has pretty much always been on us.

(Brian Donaldson)

Avar/ab/e to rent on Vrsua/ Fr/m from Tue 7 Jun.


The Eel (18) 150 mins

Kr( krng oll ‘.‘.'rth a very grath murder, Sitoher lmamura's Palme d'Or \.vrnnrng lrlm takes that hysterra-laden start, pulls rnto reverse gear and gr’rnds to a halt tvxo thrrds of the ‘.'.'ay through llavrng grven hrmself up for the Jealousy-fuelled slayrng of hrs ‘.'-.'rle, Takura serves erght years and attempts to adjust to lrte v.rth lrttle su((ess unlrl the attempted sur< rde of a v.oman brrngs hrrn to hrs senses It you (an get past the hrdeous openrng, there are moments ol beauty to be found bare rArtrlK ral liye f lb 99' rBl)

Century Of Cinema: Russra 8r Poland

(E) 114 mins

lhe rr< hly re\.'t.'ardrng Bill/C hannel r1 serres (ontrnues vvrth Serger Selyanov's phrlosophrral essay on ‘the Russran rdea' order to form a perfett \.‘.'orld A

the ne<essrty ot revolutron rn

(ontrnuous flow of wonderful rrnages rs hampered by deathly dull narratron, and Selyanov never really (onveys \.vhat rs truly great about Russrar‘. (rnema In Poland, ho\.'.'ever, Pavel l.o/rnskr (aptures the people's love for the rnedrurn by rnter\.'re‘.‘.rrng several generatrons of audrenr es v.lro r‘evrve ernotrons and mernor’res surroundrng



Very good

Vlortn a shot

Belov. average You've been warned

the Polrsh t'rlrns that have rrnpressed them the most rA(ademy £15.99l rAMr

Midnight In The Garden Of Good And Evil (15) 143 mins

Wrthout Kevrn Spatey and John

(.usa( k around, C lrnt Eastwood's versron of John Berendt's bestseller would have fallen apart Savannah rn (leorg;a rs a pearelul rl etrentru rdyll rnto vshrr h murder (ornes and all the to\.'.n's prrdes and preludkes surla<e Drd Spa< ey's mousta( hroed trgurehead shoot dead hrs lover rn sell delente or rn (old blood) By the setond hour you wrll probably have stopped (arrng but rt's v-xorth a look for Spatey and the assorted Tax/In Parks-esgue tr'urt and nuts WNar‘ner f 1.2 9% RIM


(U) 76 mins

Another restored srlent (lassrt from the ar'( hzves, thrs stars the rnrrnrtable and, rl you're rnto bobbed mutes, deeply sexv Clara Bow And sex rs what It rs all about rn thrs lrlrn based on the llrnor (rlyn short story rn \'\.'hr( h a young ternptr‘ess goes around ternptrng

ba< helor‘s vvrth nothrng so mut h as her raw sex appeal (lrne Datrs ( ornposes the s(ore and (rary ( ooper appears fleetrngly Also avarlable rs lire Blot, lors \"v'eber's stark portrayal of poverty rn srnallto\.'-.n Arrrerrta rBll l l‘) 99' rBl):

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