Tubeway smarmy: Gwyneth Paltrow and John Hannah are going underground Sliding Doors (CIC, 15, 95 mins, *tt). Available to buy now at £14.99


Hilary And Jackie

(15) 117 mins : a n‘ it

Based on the Jomt memOir of Hilary and Piers du Pre, the world renowned cellist, their Sister Jacqueline, is portrayed here as a manipulative, sex- crazed egomaniac whose flamboyancy With the cello appeared to be as rampant as her appetite for men. Despite the non-neutrality of the him, there is no room to fear the vrrtuOSity of all concerned. Stunnineg acted, gorgeOusly shot and scored, you Will only be niggled by the feeling that Jackie’s vorce is still to be fully heard,

(Film FOur) lBD)



102 THE lIST 10—24 Jun 1999

The Negotiator mins '1; 4- c a

Hollywood action thrillers don’t come more psychologically compelling than this. Samuel L. Jackson plays a Chicago police negotiator framed by someone on his own team. Taking Internal Affairs investigator J.T. Walsh hostage, he begins a mental chess game to save himself and lure out the real bad guy. Kevrn Spacey is his peer from another precrnct, the only man who might guess his moves in advance. The acting lS far better than this type of movre usually requires for deserves), and the audience's brains are engaged from the first to last frames. (Warner) (AM)


Talos The Mummy (15) 115 mins 1 t

The first of two films to resurrect the old movre monster. The problem With The Mummy was that it painstakingly stalked it's Victims With a limp bang went the suspense. Director Russell Highlander Mulcahy attempts to patch this up by re-imagining the creature as a pile of flying bandages which wraps its Victims up, leading to a painful, if somewhat comic, death. SWitching locations between Egypt and England and guest starring the venerable Christopher Lee, this Mummy nevertheless creaks along much like its forerunners of the 1940s. (Entertainment) (ME)


Citizen Kane

(U) 120 mins Ir tr fir 1'. *

There’s this little boy IiVing in the sticks, right, and his parents deCide to cash in and transfer him to the City where he is to be rich and famous as a press magnate. And that’s exactly what happens until the recession hits his papers, while scandal forces his political career and love life to go down the tubes at approximately the same time. He dies a lonely death, leavrng nothing but a mysterious last word behind. And, it's rather a good film, actually. (Polygram £14.99) ('80)

The Apostle

(12) 128 mins * i :l: s-

A lab0ur of love for Robert Duvall, who works both behind and in front of the

camera to produce a masterful tale of redemption. Duvall's Bible Belt preacher is a superbly contradictory creation: a con artist on a phoney miSSIon from God and on the run from the law after committing an assault. At first covering his tracks and falling back into his old ways by setting himself up as a smalltown preacher, he eventually finds the humility to do the right thing. Praise the Lord! (CIC £10.99) (ME)

The Simpsons Go To Hollywood (PG) 88 mins a r: 7! it

In the never-seen-before episode on this latest compilation, a dumb TV cop called Homer Simpson forces Our big- boned hero to change his name. Hilarity naturally enSues Plus, you get the reason behind Marge’s fear of flying, the moment when Krusty's show is taken off the air wrth Bart and Lisa concocting a scheme to get his popularity back; and the test of true friendship when Moe nicks Homer's recrpe for a hot new drink. Good to see there are still some things you can rely on. (Twentieth Century Fox £14.99) (BD)

Deconstructing Harry (18) 94 mins r: 1 wt

Woody Allen in ’c’ word shocker. Asides from this Cursory utterance, the star-studded Deconstructing Harry is pretty much a standard Allen romp of intellectual ideas and instinctive gaggery wrth crisis-ridden author Harry Block confronted by characters and scenes he has created. Eventually it all

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