The Doom Generation (18) 80 mins ~:'


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As one of the founders of New Queer Cinema with the stylistic sermonising of The Living End, Gregg Araki crashed onto the scene as the most in-your-face director around. Applying MTV camera quirks and a parent-baiting soundtrack to images of an impossibly beautiful cast, he continually gets under the surface of an entire generation’s sense of dead-end boredom, truly believing that these are the kids who will go out with a bang at the end of the world.

Hence his 'Teen Apocalypse Trilogy’ which began in familiar gay territory with Totally Fucked Up. The second and third instalments (related in mood and energy, but

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Generation sex: The Doom Generation

not in narrative) are now ready for video release, and they broaden Araki’s scope. In The Doom Generation, a pair of heterosexual teen lovers and an enigmatic hanger-on embark on a Natural Born Killers death spree through no fault of their own. In Nowhere, the fluid sexuality of the characters matches the melting pot of film genres that the director skips between: sci- fi, horror, soap opera, Brat Pack navel-gazing for the 905.

This is a world where laughs, campness and gore sit side by side with the screaming angst of Hole and the flash glam of Suede. Despite the channel- surfing fury of styles, Araki keeps his tone coherent, with plenty of posturing from the cast and a brand of self-conscious dialogue that sounds like Hal Hartley’s airhead cousin. (Alan Morrison)

The Doom Generation available to rent and buy on Tartan Video from Mon 74 Jun, priced £ 74.99, Nowhere available to buy on Twentieth Century Fox from

Mon 27 Jun, priced [74. 99.

becomes, qwte literally, a blur. Woody Allen has never been particularly concerned with Winning over new converts and this trawl through staple material Will only fully please the diehards. (Buena Vista £14.99l (BD) Hornblower The Examination For Lieutenant

(PG) 99 mins t

The latest instalment in the popular series adapted from CS. Forrester’s maritime adventures sees young naval seaman Horatio studying for his exams. ReVision is interrupted by the arrival on board the frigate of Dennis Lawson’s mad Admiral Foster, Robert Lindsay does his gruff sea captain bit, while loan Gruffud, last seen as Pip in the BBC’s Great Expectations, continues to exert a boyish charm, OtherWise, it’s business as usual for these salty old dogs of the sea. lVCI £12.99) (MF)

Six Days, Seven Nights (12) 102 mins t is

Harrison Ford and Anne Heche go head to head in this largely unsuccessful attempt to emulate the screwball comedies of the 1940s This odd couple he's a drunken pilot, she's a glossy magazine editor are stranded on a tropical island after his plane crashes during a storm. They fight, then help each other and, finally, fall in love. While Ford's no Spencer Tracy and Heche’s no Katharine Hepburn, the nevertheless talented leads do their best, but fight a losing battle against a lame script. (Buena Vista £14.99) (MF)

Lava TV (E) 45 mins 4 .«..

From the people who brOught you teleVisuai interpretations of a fish-tank and a fire, comes Lava TV. For three- quarters of an hOur, yOu can sit and gaze into the middle distance as a bunch of red globules ooze up and down your set. The makers adVise yOu to have the screen on with yOur own chOice of music playing as accompaniment. Anything other than the nursery rhyme porn vibe y0u have

been prowded With. Watch this narcotic-

free and go slowly out of your mind. (Visual Entertainment £4.99) (80)

The Crow Stairway To Heaven

(15) 88 mins "r

Don’t be fooled, this ‘sequel’ is nothing of the sort, merely a sad American TV remake, offering no continuation of the original movre which starred the late Brandon Lee. In this sorry excuse for a follow-up, it all happens again the old characters all spout the same dialogue, altl10ugh admittedly there are a few silly twrsts. We w0uld like to submit this as eVidence great films shouldn’t be remade five years after their original release. (Polygram £14.99) (SB)

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