'There are just so many.‘ Storm sighs when asked to namecheck those who were especially deserving of their backing. ‘We‘ve always tried to support as many different styles as we can. I think that the key to what kind of thing we liked was always something well done. We have always had respect for real talent.’

As well as their involvement in the label. Kemistry & Storm had a huge role in London‘s Metalheadz club right from the outset. “We played a part in the initial set up of the club.~ Storm says of the now

legendary drtun & bass night. 'Kemistry and myself did the line-ups for

the first eight months. I also set the DJ line-up for the first tour with Goldie playing live.‘

Their support of the drum & bass scene hasn‘t been restricted to London and the label. however Scotland has always had their full backing. and she (lllelV )arries anv suggestion I - that the scene hasii‘t a isti'ong footholdchcere. ‘l Kem' was think that there are more drum 8; bass soldiers always the than you think in Scotland. she insists. IEVCI)’ steady hand ment that l have played up there has been _ wicked. Maybe there are other types of music that Of gu'dance- have a stronghold up there. but the scene is We always grooving nicely with good DJ s and producers.‘

Think about the anomaly of it: in the male- saw dominated industry of dance music. a female duo problems as one black. one white have enormous influence in the development of the scene. Storm. a '9 however. is quick to downplay any problems or adventure.’ barriers they might have come across. ‘Any female in any work situation which is male- dominated is going to encounter sexism. but we always felt that it was curiosity. rather than sexism. in our scene.

‘Kemi was always the steady hand of guidance.‘ she continues. ‘She always had the patience to deal with any situation and. between us. we had the solution to any problem. We always saw problems as a big adventure we were always into conquering everything as we both had such a strong belief in what we did.‘

Goldie is quick to agree. ‘Kemistry & Storm‘s role has influenced the scene in one major way.‘ he believes. ‘and that is that they have always done what they‘ve wanted to do.‘

After such a great loss as Kemistry‘s death. many would have simply retreated. but Storm has no such plans.

‘I will carry on with my DJing. l have had to cancel some of my work. but I do intend to try and keep all of the bookings l have. The music is something that we truly believed in. While her loss is great. her spirit is strong. and it is with that strength that I intend to go on and keep her memory alive forever. I do feel ready to go on. maybe even more now. In the mix is where I feel closest to Kemistry.‘


Storm and Goldie DJ at Jungle Magic at The Potterrow, Edinburgh. Thu 17 Jun.


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10—24 Jun 1999 THE lIST 11