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Picture of innocence: Selma Blair in Cruel Intentions

hilariotrs story of penis obsession. racism and sexual fantasy. Aurel. III which a beautiful and enigmatic man becomes the subject of atten- tion at a factory. and Open liar/res. in which an I8-year-old boy cruises porn cinemas. Part of the Lesbian & Gay Film Festival. Glasgow: Gl-‘I‘.

Get Carter (l8) (Mike Hodges. UK. I97l) Michael Caine. Britt Ekland. John Osborne.

1 l2 ntins. (1e! Carter stands otrt as a highlight III the artist formerly known as .‘vlicklewhite's career. His superbly Controlled performance as the relentless avenger on a score-settling trip to the North East of linglaiid only rrrakes you wish Cairre had played rrrore \ rllairrs. Hodges grimly effective direction proves that you don't need to be as worthy as Ken Loach to make a document of social history. See review. lidiribtrrgh: l-‘rlmhouse.

Get Real (l5) (Simon Shore. L‘K. I999) Ben Silverslone. Charlotte Brittarn. l l() mins. Sixteen-year-old Steven who juggles the twin pressures of home and school life in Basiirgstoke. while coming to terms with his horrrosexttality. Comparisons with l995's feel- good comedy Beautiful 'I'lriitg are inevitable. Part of the Lesbian & Gay Filrrr Festival. Glasgow: Gl’l‘. Grosvenor.

Gods And Monsters ( I5) (Bill Corrdon. UK/L'S. I998) Ian McKellen. Brendan Fraser. Lynn Redgrave. I I5 mins. Moving. lovingly crafted Iiltn following the last days of English-born filmmaker James Whale. director ofthe I93l Frankenstein. In I957. while in retirement in Hollywood Whale strikes tip a tentative. homoerotic friendship with his handsome gardener. Edinburgh: Cameo. Stirling: MacRobert.

Going Home (Orrrar Al-Qattan. I996) 50 mins. The story of .\lahor Derek Cooper. an eyewitness to the mess left when the British government abandoned Palestine in I947. leaving Arabs and Jews to fight over territory. Part of Descriptions Of A Struggle. air Israeli/l’alestinian filnr season. Iidinburgh: Fruitmarket Gallery.

Good Or Bad, Black 0r White (Aiirit Goren. I995) 82 mins. Goren's film follows Ukrainian iirimigraiit Peter as he arrives at a deserted military base. the first home for immigrants to Israel from the former Soviet Union. Part of Descriptions ()fA Struggle. an Israeli/I’alestiiiian film season. Edinburgh: Frtiitirrarket Gallery.

Grace 0‘ God I IS) ((ierald L'Iicttyer. Canada. I997) Gerald L'Ectryei'. 75 mins. Director and star |.'F.cuyer undertakes a per- sonal odyssey through love and life. from the trauma of psychoanalysis (with shrink David Cronenbei'g) to the ordeal of his first love. whom he took to a Tom Jones concert. Touching and funny. Part of the Lesbiair d: Gay Film Festival. Glasgow: (il’l‘.

Grease (I’G) (Randal Kletser. LTS. I978) John 'l‘ravolta. Stockard Charming. ()Iivia Newton John. I l0 mins. The long-running broadway show arrives on screen dripping with 50s nos- talgia. cheery tunes. hiin camp value and the winsome charms of the plastic Newton-John and the toothy Travolta. A nice collection of old timers enhance the cast. Edinburgh: Cameo.

Happiness I )8) (load Solondz. US. (998) Cynthia Stevenson. Lara Flynn Boyle. Philip Seymour Hoffman. I39 mins. 'Iirree sisters. two small boys. one psychologist and a phone- harassment specialist. ()tit of these unlikely elements 'l'odd Solorrdz has wrought pure citr- ematic gold. which veers from belly laughter

one moment to stark pathos in another. Edinburgh: Cameo.

Happy Birthday Mr. Mograbi (Avi Mograbi. I999) 77 mins. Mograbi celebrates both the 50th anniversary of Israel and his own birth- day. following the jtibilee celebrations and charting his own middle age crisis. Part of Descriptions OfA Struggle. an Israeli/Palestinian film season. Edinburgh: Fruitmarket Gallery.

Heart ( l8) (Charles McDougall. L'K. I999) Christopher Ecclestone. Kate Hardie. Rhys Ifairs. 85 mins. A lusty slice of contemporary grum/ gttigitnl spilled from the pen of Cracker writer Jimmy McGovern. Set in Liverpool and Manchester. it begins with jealous husband Gary (Ecclestone) keeling over in cardiac arrest because his TV producer wife Tess (Hardie) is sleeping with writer Alex (Ifans). After which it moves towards a decidedly Jacobean denouement. See review. Glasgow: Odeon Quay. Showcase. Edinburgh: Odeon. Hilary And Jackie ( I5) (Anand Tucker. UK. I998) Eritin Watson. Rachel Griffiths. David Morrissey. I22 mins. This biopic of Jacqueline du Pre. who died from multiple sclerosis in I987. has incensed the classical music world; however. it tells a complex. hon- est and moving story. In its exploration of the tangled skeins of sibling rivalry and love. Hilary Aral Jackie is superb. Edinburgh: Lumiere. East Kilbride: Arts Centre.

His Girl Friday (U) (Howard Hawks. L’S. I940) Cary Grant. Rosalind Russell. Ralph Bellamy. 92 mins. Hawks's dynamic comedy is one of the best Hollywood ever made. Grant and Russell are simply fantastic as the spar- ring newspaper editor and top reporter draw- ing battle line sin their professional and per- sonal lives. Part of the West End Film Festival. Glasgow: Gilmorehill Centre.

A House In Jerusalem (Amos Gitai. I998) 90 mins. Follow-up to (iitai's film. Bait. which looks at the problems experienced by Israelis occupying a part of Jerusalem at the expense of its former inhabitants. Part of Descriptions Of A Struggle. an Israeli/Palestinian film season. Edinburgh: Fruitmarket Gallery.

Human Traffic (l8) (Justin Kerrigan. UK/lreland. I999) John Sinrm. Lorraine Pilkington. Danny Dyer. 95 mins. One of that rare breed a good movie about contempo- rary dance culture. Set in Cardiff. although it could be anywhere. the Iilnr follows a gang of friends over a non-stop weekend of hoozing. mobile phonecalls and di'tig-inpsired clubbing. General release.

The Inheritors ( I5) (Stefan Ruzowitzky. Austria. I997) Simon Schwarz. Sophie Rois. Lars Rudolph. 95 mins. This Alpine Western set in the I93()s. opens on the death of a local farmer. his will demanding the land be divided amongst his seven servants. Of course. local dignitaries are ptit out. The film details conse- quent tensions as this mini class war is fought to the death. Glasgow: GFI‘. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

Introduction To The End Of An Argument (Elia Suleiman/Jayce Salloum. I992) 45 mins. Criticism of representations of the Middle East. Arab Culture and palestinian people as produced by the West. Part of Descriptions Of A Struggle. an Israeli/Palestinian film season. Edinburgh: Fruitmarket Gallery.

I Still Know What You Did Last Summer

( l8) (Danny Cannon. US. I998) Jennifer Love Hewitt. Freddie Prinze Jr. Brandy. IOI mins. Last summer's survivors win a holiday in the


Bahamas. but soon discover that someone with a fish hook is gutting the hotel stafi. Judge Drerlrl director Cannon stays depress- ineg close to the horror formula. Selected release. '

IThinlr I 00 (I5) (Brian Sloan. US. I998) Alexis Arquette. Guillermo Diaz. 87 mins. A group of George Washington University grad- uates are re-united at a social gathering (in this case a wedding) and unresolved issues are settled by the score. Although matters are set- lled a tad too tidily. as an ‘alternative lifestyle' take on featherweight romantic comedy. it succeeds well enorrgh. Glasgow: GFT.

Jack Frost (PG) (Troy Miller. US. I998) Michael Keaton. Kelly Preston. Mark Addy. I02 mins. Neglegent husband and father Jack Frost choOses to go on a road trip with his band rather than a holiday with his family and is killed in a car accident. However. he gets a chance to begin afresh when he is reincarnated as. ernr . . . a snowman. Glasgow: Virgin. Edinburgh: Odeon. Kilrnamock: Odeon.

The King And I (U) (Richard Rich. US. I999) Ian Richardson. Miranda Richardson. Martin Vidiiovic. 87 mins. Animated version of the true story of Anna Leonowens and her experi- ences as a teacher for the royal family in I9th Century Siam. Cracking songs by Rodgers and Harriiirerstein and. being animated. the facility for more active roles to be taken by talking elephants. sentimental chimps and protid panthel‘s. It's a cracking ride. General release.

King Kong (Mei-inn C Cooper. US. I933) Robert Armstrong. Fay Wray. I00 mins. A film producer on safari brings back a souvenir monster which terrorises New York. One of the all time great monster movres. even thouin the plot is somewhat flawed (why. for example. if the names on the island wanted to keep Kong at bay wrtlr a giant wall. did they build a door in it large enough for him to get through?) Part of the West End Film Festival. Glasgow: Grosvenor.

Kings Of The Road ( t5) (Wim Wenders. W. Gerirraiiy. I976) Rudiger Vogler. Bruno Ganz. I76 mins. A businessman escaping from his domestic responsibilities joins up with a trav- elling cinema equipment repairman in an odyssey round the rural nrovie houses of Germany. Brilliant road movie more than bearing comparison with its American models. Part of the West End Filrir Festival. Glasgow: Gilmorehill Centre.

Kristin lavransdatter ( I5) (Liv Ullman. Norway. I995) I50 mins. Epic love story set in the Mill century about a woman who is raised to uphold the family honour. which. in this case. means agreeing to be married off by her father. But dark forces are at work. which undermine the father's plans. Part of the Lesbian 8: Gay Film Festival. Glasgow: GF'T. Life Is Beautiful (la Vita E Bella) (PG) (Roberto Berrrgni. Italy. I998) Roberto Benigni. Nicoletta Brascht. I I6 mins. A come- dy about the Holocaust? Surely not. Well. that's what Italian writer-director-star Benigni has done in fashioning a poignant comic fable about the resilience of the human spirit and the power of the iirragiiration. A humane and irroviirg film. Falkirk: F'I'H. Stirling: Allanpark.

Little Voice ( I5) (Mark Hernran. UK. I998) Jane Horrocks. Brenda Bletlryrr. Michael Carrie. 97 mins. Horrocks recreates her acclaimed performance in Jim Cartwright's I992 hit play as a repressed Northern girl who reveals a remarkable gift for impersonating great pop divas. Glasgow: GF'T. Edinburgh; I-‘ilirrhouse. Lumiere.

Lola ( I5) (Rainer Werner Fassbinder. Gerriraiiy. I98I) Barbara Sukowa. Armin Mueller-Stahl. I IS mins. Fassbinder's remake of The Blue Angel is perfect territory for him. Mueller-Stahl plays a respecable building corrrrriissioner whose desire for club singer/brothel madam Sukowa leads him into corruption. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

Love Is The Devil (I8) (John Maybtrry. UK. I998) Derek Jacobi. Daniel Craig. Tilda Swinton. 90 mins. Lure Is The Devil is con- cerned with the destructive relationship between Bacon and his lover George Dyer. Far more visual and experimental than most of what passes for British cinema these days. Jacobi has an uncanny physical resemblance to Bacon. but the real acting revelation is Craig who superbly gives life to this human tragedy waiting to happen. Edinburgh: Cameo. Ma'aloul Celebrates Its Destruction (Michel theifi. I984) 30 mins. Documentary about the annual celebrations at the sight of a Palestinian village. destroyed in I948 by the Israeli army. Part of Descriptions OfA Struggle. an Israeli/Palestinian film season. Edinburgh: Fruitmarket Gallery.

index FILM

Madeline (U) (Daisy Von Scherler. US. I998) Frances McDormand. Nigel Hawthome. Hairy Jones. 89 mins. Madeline is a hybrid of the ‘adorable‘ pie-teen childrens' heroine. As intelligent as Matilda. she‘s also as precocious as Pippi Longstocking and. like Annie. she‘s an orphan. Well-intentioned but desperater dull. Edinburgh: Dominion. Ayr: Odeon. Stirling: MacRobert.

Maids Of Honor ( (8) (Various. Australia/US. I998/99) 8| mins. A trio of featurettes. Two Girls And A Balrv sees lipstick lesbians Catherine and Liz adding tension to their rela— tionship by bringing a baby into it. The Tr'ageilv 0f Sarita/trim Biggle And The Twins examines the difficult relationship between two school friends. Serena. the Maid Of Honor. finds a forgotten kiss threatening her relationship. Pan of the Lesbian & Gay Film Festival. Glasgow: GFT.

Maltom,Avoda (Nurith Aviv. I998) 8| mins. This film deals with the problems experienced by the Thai workers brought in to replace Palestinians as well as looking at the roots of the problem. Part of Descriptions Of A Struggle. an Israeli/Palestinian film season. Edinburgh: Fnritmarket Gallery.

The Manchurian Candidate ( I5) (John Frankenheimer. US. I962) Frank Sinatra. Laurence Harvey. Angela Lansbury. Janet Leigh. I26 mins. In his most convincing screen role. Harvey plays a Korean war hero brainwashed by the communists. who becomes a pawn in the sinister mission planned for him on his return home. Brilliant political satire-cum-lhriller, with the cast in great form and a staggerineg inventive plot clearly and grippineg unravelled. Part of the West End Film Festival. Glasgow: Gilmorehill Centre.

Manhattan t I5) (Woody Allen. US. I979) Woody Allen. Diane Keaton. Mariel Hemingway. 96 mins. Woody wanders through the female jungle of New York in search of a. perfect soulniate after the demise of his marriage. Sublime comic delight with a soulful Gershwin score. Pan of the West End Film Festival. Glasgow: Gilmorehill Centre. Man In The White Suit (PG) (Alexander Mackendrick. UK. l95l)Alec Guinness. Joan Greenwood. Cecil Parker. 85 mins. A dish- washer in a textile mill invents a fabric that never wears out or gets dirty. Mackendrick adds a touch of acidity to the Ealing comedy formula. Guinness is spectaculme good. exploiting his trademark smarminess to great effect. Glasgow: GFT.

The Marriage 0f Maria Braun (IS) (Rainer Werner Fassbinder. Germany. I978) Hanna Schygulla. Klaus Lowitsh. Il4 mins. Shortly after an air raid bombing interrupts their wed- ding ceremony. Maria and Hermann Braun are separated: he goes to war. becomes a POW and ends up in the US: she stays in Germany. acquiring wealth and position. waiting for her husband's return. Glasgow: GFT.

Mary Poppins (U) (Robert Stevenson. US. I964) Julie Andrews. Dick Van Dyke. David Tornlinson. I39 nrins. In a word: Strpercalifragilisticexpialidosious! Pan of the West End Film Festival. Glasgow: Grosvenor. The Matrix (IS) (The Wachowski Brothers. US. I999) Keanu Reeves. Carrie-Anne Moss. Lawrence Fishbrirne. I39 mins. In the future. reality is actually an illusion - the human race is enslaved by a computer virus which has taken over the world. Computer genius Neo (Reeves) is one of the few people who doesn't believe his eyes. so it‘s up to him and a couple more cyber commandos to save the world. See feature and review. General release.

Mendel (PG) (Alexander Rosler. Norway. I997) 95 mins. The story of a nine-year-old boy who arrives in Norway with other Jewish refugees in the I950s. Mendel's naive expecta- tions of the cold country are confounded by. among other things. the lack of polar bears walking the streets. Glasgow: GFT.

Message In A Bottle (I2) (Luis Mandoki. US. I999) Robin Wright Penn. Kevin Costner. Paul Newman. I32 mins. Newspaper researcher Theresa is intrigued by a love note in a bottle she finds washed up on the shore. Her search for the author brings her into con- tact with mouming widower Garret Blake. It all makes for a predictable and undemanding romance. Largs: Barrfields.

Mighty Joe (PG) (Ron Underwood. US. I998) Charlize Theron. Bill Paxton. II4 mins. Whichever way you cut it. Mighty Joe is just another big monkey movie. Despite infinitely more sophisticated effects than its I949 prede- cessor. this version is far less involving or entertaining - it's so predictable you would

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