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think the monkey wrote it. Selected release. The Misfits (PG) (John Huston. US. I96I) Marilyn Monroe. Clark Gable. Montgomery Clift. l24 mins. Gable plays a cowboy who comes across divorcee Monroe when she's freeing captive horses with disillusioned rodeo rider Clift. Arthur Miller's intelligent script is a character study set as dusk falls on the Old West. Part of the West End Film Festival. Glasgow: Gilmorehill Centre.

My Favourite Martian (PG) (Donald Petrie. US. I999) Christopher Lloyd. .Ief'f Daniels. Elizabeth Hurley. 92 mins. This movie remake of an American TV favourite. scarcely known in the UK. is a breezy famin adventure that's amusing and disarmineg entertaining. Some excellent special effects help. as we meet a hapless Martian visitor who has crash landed on Earth and is keen to leave as soon as possi- ble. General release.

My Very Private Map (50th Zobaidi. I998) 2| mins. Documentary made to commemorate the Nakba (the 'disaster‘ ). the 50th anniver- sary of the State of Israel. an event which weighed heavily oii Palestinian refugees. Part of Descriptions ()f A Struggle. an Israeli/Palestinian film season. Edinburgh: Fruitmarket Gallery.

Napier University Graduation Show (Various. UK. I999) This year‘s graduating film students look set to emulate their prede- cessors‘ accomplishments (many of’ whom have gone on to cinematic success) with a selection of films ranging from poet drama through rock band biopic to demonic comedy. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

Night Of The Hunter (PG) (Charles Laughton. US. I955) Robert Mitchum. Shelley Winters. Peter Graves. 92 mins. Laughton's sole directorial effort is a genuine- ly one-of-a-kind movie. conjuring tip a weird. heightened world set iii the Deep South during the I930s. Few actors have ever filled the screen with as much animal magnetism as Mitchum. who stars here as conman preacher Harry Powell. Glas ow: GFI‘.

The 92 Minutes 0 Mr. Baum Part of Descriptions OfA Struggle. an Israeli/Palestinian film season. Mr. Baum is given just 92 minutes to live. during which time he imagines how his nearest and dearest

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react to news of his death. Edinburgh: Fruitmarket Gallery.

Norman. . . Is That You? ( I8) (George Schlatter. US. I976) 92 mins. This curious gem finds a young. gay window-dresser con- fronted with his father on his doorstep and his boyfriend iii his bed. Forthe connoisseur of low budget filmmaking with appropriately naff script and pleasurably dire aCting. Part of the Lesbian & Gay Film Festival. Glasgow: GFT. Notting Hill (I5) (Roger Michell. UK. I999) Hugh Grant. Julia Roberts. Roger Michell. llO mins. Screenwriter Richard Curtis‘s eagerly awaited follow-up to Four Weddings AmlA Funeral has Grant playing William Thacker. the divorced owner ot' a travel book- shop into whose life walks Hollywood megas- tar Anna Scott (Roberts) and. before you know it. they kiss. General release.

Now Voyager (PG) (Irving Rapper. US. I942) Bette Davis. Claude Rains. Paul Henreid. “7 mins. Classically cast. this tragic love story of the period is (inadveiiturous. btit its stars are more than charismatic enough to overcome its problems. Part of the West Eiid Film Festival. Glasgow: Gilmorehill Centre. On Connait La Chanson (I2) (Alan Resnais. France. I998) Sabine Azema. Pierre Arditi. Jane Birkin. l20 mins. A tale of Parisians tan- gled up in blue nothing unusual there. However. the use of musical numbers - well known French pop songs to drive the plot along is innovative. For those who love musi-

'cals. this is a treat. Edinburgh: Lumiere.

One Touch Of Venus ( )8) (William A. Seiter. US. I948) Eve Arden. Robert Walker. Ava Gardner. 8| mins. Walker kisses a statue of Venus‘and. hey presto. the ravishing Gamder appears. Tall. cool supporting player Arden is on hand to pour on scorn. Part of the Lesbian & Gay Film Festival. Glasgow: GFT. Orphans ( I8) (Peter Mullan. UK. I999) Douglas Henshall. Gary Lewis. Stephen McCole. 95 mins. On the eve of their moth- er's funeral. four grown-up orphans express their grief as storm clouds gather iii the skies. Less the social realism of Ken Loach. more a surreal expressionism which takes everything to its illogical conclusion. Selected release. Ostura (Nizar Hassan. I998) 90 mins. Hassan‘s film documents the plight of a fami- ly living in northern Palestine whose lives are torn apart when the I948 war leading to the

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establishment of the Sale of Israel destroyed their home town. Part of Descriptions Of A Straggle. an Israeli/Palestiniaii film season. (Edinburgh; l-‘ruitmarket Gallery. The Outlaw Josey Wales ( 15) (Clint Eastwood. L'S. I976) Clitit Eastwood. Chief Dan George. Sondra Locke. I35 mins. Eastwood's finest directorial achievement is a brooding. romantic western epic. The star is a peaceable farmer turned vengeance-seeker when his famin zu'e slaughtered by Union sol- diers during the Civil War. Edinburgh: Filmhouse. Padre Padrone (I5) (Paolo & Vittorio 'I'aviani. Italy. I977) Fabrizio Forte. Omero Antonutti. Saverio Marconi. I I3 mins. A shepherd's son tries to break away from his domineering father who has forced Iiiiii to grow tip iii the moun- tains. isolated front the rest of the human world. More sentimental than the Taviaiiis later work. it nevertheless shows their trademark instinctual feel for Italian rural life. Edinburgh: Italian Cultural Institute. Paisa (Roberto Rosselliiii. Italy. I946) William 'I'tibbs. Gar Moore. Maria Michi. I I5 mins. An important historical account of six episodes front the Battle of Italy between I943 aiid I945. Edinburgh: Filmhouse. Palestine: Story Of A Land (Simone Bitton.

Pillow talk: Hugh Grant in Notting Hill

I993) I IS mins. Compiled from film and pho- tographic archives. the film tells the contro- versial story of Palestine this century. Part of Descriptions ()f A Struggle. an Israeli/Palestinian film season. lidinburgh: Fruitmarket Gallery.

Payback (l8) (Brian Hegeland. US. I998) Mel Gibson. Gregg Hettry. Deborah Kara Unger. l I() mins. An entertainineg erratic rehash of |9(i7's Point Blank. Put/ruck finds Gibson good. if unlikely. iii the Lee Marvin tough guy role. Hegeland‘s impressive direc- torial debut. while perhaps even more cynical than the earlier film. turns much more to cont- edy and works partly as a send-up and partly as an homage to John Boorman's original. Edinburgh: Cameo.

Peeping Tom ( 18) (Michael Powell. UK. I960) Karl Boelim. Moira Shearer. Anna Massey. A movie studio focus puller equips his camera with a spike and sets out to murder young women while filming the fear on their faces. Utterly reviled upon its initial release. Powell‘s daring exaiiiitiation of voyeurism as a metaphor for the cinema itself is now regarded as one of the most intelligent British films ever made. Edinburgh: Filmhouse. Perets And The Wolf (Amu Goren. I999) 50 mins. Examination of the relationship between

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