man and beast as illustrated througlt the story of Perets Giladi. a Nature Reserve Ranger and wolf expert. Part of Descriptions ()f' A Struggle. an Israeli/Palestinian lilin season. Edinburgh: I-‘rttttitiat'ket (ialleiy

Phantom of the Opera (P(ii (Rupert Julia. US. I925) Lon Chaney. Mary I’hilbin. Norman Kelly. The best ev er Phantom make- (ip by silent star Cltaney haunts tlits early ver- sion of the classic story. Many creaky moments that are easily forgiven when the ftiglilights come along. 'I’ragic love. monster style. Edinburgh: St. Brides Centre.

the Philadelphia Story (P(ii ((ieorge Cttkor. US. I940) Katharine Hepburn. Cary (irant. James Stewart. Ill tiiitis. Splendtdly sophisti- cated Hollywood comedy with Stewart as a scandalsheet reporter covering the society wedding of recently divorced Hepburn. ex- Iiubby (irant lurking iii the wings. aitd romance rekindling despite itself. Sparkling dialogue and charismatic performances all round make this one of the best of its kind. Part of tlte West Iiiid I-‘iliii I-eslt\a|. (ilasgow: Giltttoreliill Centre. Stirling. .\IacRohett. Plunltett And Macleane ( Iii (Jake Scott. UK. I999) Joiiny Lee Miller. Robert Carlyle. Liv Tyler. I()I itiiiis. Desiitute gentleman James Macleane and bankrupt apotltecary turned thief Will Plunketi are thrown together in mid-l8th century London. where they pool their talents to launch a new career as dashing highway men. A hugely enioyable if empty- headed romp. iidinburgh: Brunton 'l'heatre. Lumiere.

Point Blank ( l8) (John Boormait. L’S. I967) Lee Marvin. Angie Dickinson. Keenan Wynn. 92 tiiitis. Revenge-ridden Marvin is beitt on justifying his dreamlike existence arid turning the tables on the tiiysterious criminal Organisation which employed Iiiiii iii this tense. well crafted thriller that boasts ati imag- inative and influential treatment of “me. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

the Private Life Of Henry VIII (l’(i) (Alexander Korda. UK. I933) Charles Laughton. Robert Donat. lilsa Lanchester. 9o tiiitis. 'I'he not-so-private life of the infamous kiitg. charting his lflt‘ from hellraising woman- iser to pathetic sloth. Laughton is outstanding as the bawdy. roaring. kiitg whose every move is a ntatter of public interest (nothing changes). Glasgow: (il’l‘.

Raging Bull ( I8) (Martin Scorsese. L'S. I980) Robert de Niro. Cathy Moriarty. Joe Pesci. 129 ntins. Middleweight boxing champ Jake La Motta finds it difficult to sustain his early success and as his career fades. he declines itito a travesty of his former self De .\'iro's stunning physical presence dominates Scorsese's savagely bleak study of self- destrttcttve machtsmo. lidmburgh: l-‘tlmhouse. Reach For the Sky (L‘i (Lew-is (tithe-n. t'ts‘. I956) Kenneth More. l.‘\(i tiiitis. The great Kenneth More plays the e\ en greater Douglas Bader. the Air I-‘orce pilot who t)\L‘l'L'tllItc (Its- ability the had both legs amputated) to fight iii the Battle of Britain. lidinburgh. Lumiere. Real to Reel ( t5) (Vttl'lUtts. L'ts‘. tints/()9) l20 tiiitis tippi'os. Billed as a unique attd I'C\(i- Iuttonat'y cinematic event where you can gain an insight itito the future of filmmaking. Rt’ttl 7}) Reel should prove to be an intriguing expe- riences. (ilas ow: (iF’l‘.

the Red Vio in ( l5) (I-‘i'aitcots ('iirard. Canada. I998) Samuel l.. Jackson. Don McKellar. Jason l-"Iemyng. I30 tiiitis. .\'ot the story of a musician. but the story of a musical instrument. Spanning four centuries. the ‘life story" of the violin is related iii five chapters. beginning iii an Italian workshop. ending with an auction tti Montreal. Hautttmgly lyrical. biit uneven filtn. KiImarncok; ()deon. Kirkcaldy; Adam Smith.

A Room With a View (P(i) (James Ivory. UK. I985) Helena Bonham Carter. Maggie Smith. Julian Sattds. Denholm IZlIiot. I I7 mins. Classy adaptation of the EM. l-‘orster novel about a prtssy young linglish girl who falls iii love iii romantic Italy. but witlt an unconventional young niatt who seems not quite the right thittg at all. Glasgow: OFT. the Rugged Island (PU) (Jenny Gilbertson. UK. I934) John Grierson protege (iilbertson's ‘story documentary' about a young Shetland couple tort'between duty to ageing parettts and a new life in Australia. Recently discov- ered silent version. here with ll\c piano accompaniment. Iidinbiirgh: Lumiere.

the Rugrats Movie (L?) (Norton Virgien/fgor Kovalyov. US. I998) Voices of: li.(i. Daily. Christine Cavattaugh. Kalli Soueie. 8t) tiiitis. The weekly animated adventures of the un- cutesy. irritatingly \OIL‘L‘d Pickles famin is big among kiddies arid adults in the States. but the meme is definitely more of a tumor entertain- merit. Might keep the little ones quiet fora

while. Selected release.

Saturday Night Fever ( l8) (Johti Badltam. L'S. I977) John Travolta. Karen Lynn (.iorney. Julie Bovasso. ll9 tiiitis. Nostalgia rules again with the rev ival of this rather ordinary teen rebellion/dance mint-classic itt which an ordi- nary worktng-class youth fitids the only mean- ing in his life during his energetic peregrina- (ions on the weekend dattce floor. Edinburgh: Cameo.

Saving Private Ryan ( l5) (Steven Spielberg. L'S. I998) Tom Hanks. 'I‘om Sizeniore. Matt Damon. l7() mins. Like no film iii recent memory. Saving Private Riun focuses its attention squarely on the brutalities endured by American soldiers itt World War II. (ilasgow: ()deon Quay.

Schpaaa ( l5) (lirik Poppe. Norway. I998) 77 mins. Set against a background of the Oslo gangster underworld. this tale of betrayal attd loss of innocence focuses on one crucial week in the lives of Jonas attd his Yugoslavian friend. limir. Glasgow: (ill.

the Searchers (PG) (John tint-(J. (8. I950) John Wayne. Vera Miles. Jeffrey Hunter. Natalie Wood. |I9 tllttts. ()ne of Ford's finest Westerns. and hence one of the greatest achievements of the genre has Wayne as the obsessive lithan Iidwards. a man whose five- year qttest to hunt down the Indians who mur- dered his wife and captured lits youttg daugh- ter has developed into a thirst for murderous revenge. Kirkcaldy: Adam Smith.

"l‘he Secret Agent (PO) (Alfred Hitchcock. L'K. I936) Martine Carroll. John (itelgud. Peter Lorre. 83 mins. Spy drama from the master of suspense which pits Carroll attd (iielgud's undercover agents against Lorre's assassin high iii the Swiss Alps. lidinburgh: Lumiere.

Seven Samurai (PCi) (Akira Kurosawa. Japan. I954) 'Ioshit'o (\liftine. 'lakahashi Sitttura. 200 tiiitis. A group of tiiitth villagers seek protection against the excesses of a brutal w arlot'd by hiring seven heroic samurai. Seminal Japanese action picture. with a slow- building dignity matching the best of John Ford. and in its stylishly aesthetic handling of screen violence a profound influence on the likes of Sam Peckinpah. Highly recommend- ed. [Edinburghz liiltnhouse.

She's All that (I2) (Robert lscove. L'S. I999) Freddie Prinze Jr. Rachel Leigh Cook. Matthew Lilliard. 95 tiiitis. While both Clueless transforms [:‘iiiiiitt and Cruel Intentions twists Dungeth [animus into an American high school setting. She's All That is basically a teen romantic comedy remake of l’igntulinn - with a fair amount of stereotyp- iitg along the way. (ieneral release.

A Simple Plan ( l5) (Sam Raitiii. LS. I998) Bill Paxton. Billy Bob Thornton. Bridget Fonda. IZI tiiitis. Two close but very different brothers accidentally stumble upon S-lm in a wrecked plane. atth decide to hold onto the cash. Bill of course. their illegal lottery tack- pot is just the start of a nighttitarisli descent into greed. suspicion and murder. (ilasgow: ()deon Quay. lidtnburgh: Dominion. l’ilmhouse. l'Cl.

Sleeping Beauties ( l8) (Vin-inns. win—9m 83 tiiitis. Short film anthology featuring: Il’lii / llute Beev might be retitled why I hate boys. 'Iinnlmv recollects some hoop dreams. lie/Iv. I’einttr is questions the nature of attraction. Getting On shows a Bristol babe coping with a crush. attd Sleeping li‘eutitiev tel/v t/ie Itllt’ (if u nim'ttiurr t't).\Itl(’lf(‘ltt/I. Part n/ the Lei/tiun ((- (iuv Film Festival. (tltlvquit'I (il’li

Some Like It Hot (PU) (Billy Wilder. (8. I959) Tony Curtis. Jack Lettiiiion. Marilyn Monroe. I20 mins. 'l'wo impecunious male musicuins inadvertently witness the St Valentine's Day Massacre and take refuge iti l-‘lorida with Sweet Sue and her Society Syncopators. an all-female battd. Brilliant. brittle. crackerjack farce with all concerned at a peak itt their careers. Part of the West [ind Film Festival. (ilasgow: (iilmorehill Centre. Stress (Rashid Mashrawi/Duki Drot‘. I998) 53 mins. 'I'wo short filtits. titade side-by-side. by a Palestinian and an Israeli filmmaker. about the stress of modern day life in botIt countries. Part of Descriptions Of A Struggle. art IsraeIi/Palestinian filiti season. Edinburgh: Fruitmarket Gallery.

Sumud (Ayelet Dekel. l987/97) 26 mins. Exploration of the emergence of the Palestinian uprising. Part of Descriptions ()f A Struggle. an Israeli/Palestiman film season. Edinburgh: Fruitmarket (iallery

Superman (PC) (Richard Lestet. LS. I980) Christopher Reeve. Marlon Brando. Margot Kidder. Gene Hackman l-ll tiiitis One of the few filtns to successfully captute the essence

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