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The Drag King Book

Transgenderism is the weighty concept behind the fun set of photographs of drag traders in London, New York and San Francisco. The shots are taken by

radical queer snapper Del LaGrace Volcano with

accompanying text from Judith ’Jack’ Halberstam, author of

Female Masculinity. Close

down your prejudices and

open your mind to

hermaphrodykes, transmen,

drag-butch femme pretenders and the like. (Brian Donaldson)

The Drag King Book is published by Serpent’s Tail on Thu 77Jun, £75. Pride Scotland, Edinburgh, Sat 79 Jun, noon; see listings, page 84. Lesbian & Gay Film Festival, Glasgow Film Theatre, Fri 7 8—Thu 24 Jun; Edinburgh Filmhouse, Fri 25 Jun-Thu 7 jul; see Film section, page 24.




What you can ’t afford to miss in the weeks ahead. Film: The Matrix SCI-fl speoal effects meet Hong Kong-style fight sequences in the futuristic movre that has taken America by storm. Keanu Reeves IS back on top, and not a light sabre in Sight. See feature and revrew, pages 12 and 22. General release from Fri 7 7 Jun.

Music: Chemical Brothers Ed and Tom look back over their shoulders to the 80d- laced 80s for their third album, Surrender. A taster, as if any was needed, for that forthcoming Scottish Homelands appearance late this summer. See revrew, page 44. On release from Mon 27 Jun,

Books: Stardust One of Britain's premiere writers of graphic novels, Neil Gaiman draws on Victorian fantasy writing and painting for inspiration in this fairy tale for adults. See prevrew, page 97. Published by Headline on Thu 24 Jun. Film: The Debt Collector Billy Connolly plays a former loan shark turned sculptor in Anthony Neilson’s dark, probing take on Scotland's uneasy relationship With forgiveness and class. Touches many raw nerves. See feature and revrew, pages 14 and 21. General release from Fri 7 7 Jun. Clubs: Perfect Summer Groove Glasgow’s West End Festival heads for the dancefloor for some drum & bass, deep house, funk and garage With guests including 4 Hero, Nick Peacock, DJ Q, Silicon Soul and Stevre Middleton. Glasgow: Queen Margaret Union, Sat 79 Jun.

Videos: Hilary And Jackie Overshadowed at the time of its Cinema release by broadsheet bickering over the truth of the material, this story of cellist Jacqueline Du Pre and her family is superbly acted. See reVIew, page 102. Available to rent from Mon 27 Jun. Music: Willard Grant Conspiracy First chance in Scotland to catch the Boston band whose sound reaches down through America to the wide open spaces of California. Their album Mojave is already one of the best of the year. See preview, page 40. Glasgow: The Riverside Club, Mon 27 Jun.