Every fortnight we turn the spotlight on an act who are either new or criminally ignored. This issue: Cay

Who they? United by a love of grunge pioneers Sonic Youth, this London- based four-piece first locked horns eighteen months ago. Boasting the combined talents of Nik Olofsson (gUitar), Tom Harrison (bass), Mark Bullock (drums) and Anet Mook (vocals/gUitar/ripped Jeans/attitude), Cay's box-fresh brand of unadulterated rock has seen them garner rabid reViews in both metal mags and national dailies.

Hang on a minute. You said unadulterated rock. Doesn’t that mean oceans of spandex and a severe irony deficit? Not at all. Let Bullock explain. "Cay are definitely rock, but we're also punky, nOlSy and

Cay: freaks of nature coming soon

a-rhythmical. With great melodies, too,’ says the Irishman. "And the stuff on (forthcoming debut album) Nature Creates Freaks is weirder and funkier than our earlier songs. We’re a lot more confident now.’

Why's that then? A recent tOur With neo-rawk titans 3 Colours Red added fuel to their fledgling fire. "It was great we learnt a lot from them. We learned that performing Wasn't JUSI about gomg on stage and simply playing songs. They gave us some very valuable trade secrets.’

So what else have Cay been up to? After an impressive third place in annual industry knees-up In The City, the band signed to East West last November. SeSSions With Steve Lamacq and John Peel followed and now they're set to headline their first national tour. (Sarah Dempsterl

m Cay, King Tut '5, Glasgow. Sun 73

WORLD Son 14 Edinburgh: Cafe Graffiti, Sat 12 Jun.

Thanks, in part, to the phenomenal success of'Ry Cooder's Buena Vista SOCia/ Club album, Cuban music Will soon be a bigger revenue earner for that beleaguered little country than sugar cane or hand-rolled Cigars. Jools Holland and Andy Kershaw have been there, bought the T-shirt; new CDs from the State record company back- catalogue are being licensed to labels in Europe and the US, and, in the UK, Latin clubs continue to pack in the punters with their New York mix of DJs, dance classes and live music.

This month, Cuba's Sonora Ia Calle are headlining Glasgow's West End Festival bash while Scotland also welcomes, for the first time, a band held in the highest esteem by critics, musicians and an international public alike. Son 14 have, yes, fourteen



Shark attack: Son 14

musiCians and Singers, and are regarded as the greatest exponents of the contemporary, creative evolution of 'son', the old Afro-Caribbean and peCUliarly Cuban song/dance form.

From Santiago, which has a relation to Havana somewhat like Edinburgh to Glasgow, the award-Winning band came together in the late 70s and continue under the musical direction of trombonist/arranger Lazaro Rosabal and singer/frontman El Tiburon 'The Shark’. With his cowboy clothes, eccentric style and old Czech motorcycle, Tiburon cuts a colourful dash round his cultured City, but it's his Singing that makes him so popular. An emotional vocal roughness, superb timing and a refined improwsational ability fit beautifully With the huge level of rhythmic and mu5ical ability in the band. Get to the gig or buy their new, 20th anniversary album, la Maguma Musical, out now on Tumi Music. (Norman Chalmers)

preview MUSIC


living Lindy Hoppers Paisley Town Hall Wednesday 23 June 8pm £8 / £4

Europe’s first and

finest authentic jazz dance ' company!

Humphrey Lyttelton and His Band Paisley Town Hall Friday 251une

8pm £10/ £8

The very best of Jazz from a master!

Black Umfolosi Paisley Town Hall Sunday 27 June 8pm £8 / £4

Black Umfolosi don’ t just dance like demons, they also sing like angels and boy

do they know how to flirt with an audience’ The Herald

Dudu Tucci and Murah Soares The Rhythms of the Gods Paisley Arts Centre Friday 18 June

7.30pm £8 / £4

Brazilian master percussionist Dudu Tucci and dancer Murah Soares from Sao Paulo present a breathtaking performance!


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