Comedy is listed by date, then by with drinks or a meal. lm rovised wit CO M E DY PREVIEW city. Performances will be listed, from comic duo Jack Wetiiherall and Paul Lee Hurst provided that details reach our Graham. ' offices at least eight days before Pint-Sized Comedy The Stand. 5 York Glasgow: Collier Theatre, Mon 14 Jun. publication. Comedy listings Place. 558 7272. 8pm. £2.50 (£2). compiled by Abi Bremner. Coinpere Allan Miller hosts a night

featuring live new acts. plus a seasoned

THURSDAY 10 closer all for the price of a pint.

Christie's Comedy Cellar WJ. Christie

Glasgow & Son. 27—3l West Port. 228 3765.

Cheshire Cat Comedy Club Waxy‘s. 20 9.30pm. £3. Raymond Mearns introduces

Candleriggs. 552 87 I7. 9pm. Free. Skarik Joe Heenan and HM. Bayonette.

and David Killiy join comp Raymond The Bearpit WJ. Christie & Son. 27—31

Mearns l'or sortie mischievous niirtli- West Port. 228 3765. l.30am. £2. See

making. d f Thu l0.

Cosy Come Ca e The State Bar. 1-18 .

Holland Streety. 332 2 I59. 9.30pm. £4 Kll‘kcaldy

(£2 ). Doing their l’ttnny Slltll this week Fife Comedy Club Path Tavern. Mid

are l‘rank Quinn. Craig (‘r'ookston and Street. ()l592 26367l. 8.30pm. £4 (£3).

Graham Phillips. pltts support. Forecasting gales of giggles. courtesy of , Donna Krachan. Fin MacArthur. Jon

Edmburgh Hazelton and Joon Broon.

Christie's Comedy Cellar w..l Christie & Son. 27~3l West Port. 228 3765.

9.30pm. £4 (£3). Glasgow's queen of comedy Janey Godley is Joined by small Glasgow

hut perfectly formed (‘raig (‘rookstotr Lee Hurst Collier Theatre. 93 Hyndland The Bearptt WJ. Christie 8; Sort. 27—3l Street. 357 3868. 7pm & 9pm. £l2. The West Port. 228 3705. |.3t)ain. £2. A daily lanky laughmeister. best known as a team

late-night comedy slot. with regular captain in They Think Iris-All Over. finally appearances from the likes of Susanne makes it to Glasgow (having missed out Fraser. Raymond Mcarns and .laney our dear green place in his I998 tour). (_it)(llt‘\'. .

The Stand The Stand. 5 York Place. 558 Edlflblll‘gh

7272. 9pm. £4 (£3 ). Donna Krachan Red Raw Comedy Class Showcase The heads the field at these laughter Stand. 5 York Place. 558 7272. 8pm. £l. tilyitipics. \vitll Henni lisposito. .loit Liane Ellis hosts a big room showcase

llazelton and Johnny Swil‘t lll hot pursuit. featuring proteges from The Stand's summer comedy classes. Paul McNeill is

" . The Bearpit WJ. Christie & Son. 27-3l ? ~ t Edmblfl‘gh West Port. 228 3765. 1.30am. £2. See 2 a I, n h The Bearpit \\"..l. (‘lii'istic tk Son. 27—-3l Thu |().

West Port. 228 3765. l.3()ani. £2. See

. ’V' Thu l(). TUESDAY 15

, v 2 k The Stand The Stantl. 5 York Place. 558 I " ' 7272. 8. l5ptn. £5 (£4). Roger Glasgow * . . Monkhouse (no relation. \v e are assured) Mrs Brown's Last Wedding The joins .loliit Gordon and Martin i‘tll'lT)’. Pavilion Theatre. l2l Renfield Street. i plus Bill l)e\vcar and Brian l-lennigan 332 l846. 7.30pm. £8—£l2. Comedian with their 'Useless (juitle To Scotland'. Brendan ()‘Carroll takes the title role. Your host is Susan ivlol'l‘tson. based on his popular Irish Radio Questions not sport: Lee Hurst SATURDAY 12 “kl-"mu" Edinburgh ‘What I’m doing now is priming people,’ Lee Hurst declares, 'saying don't Gigsgaw . Oot: Out On Tuesday The Stand. 5 York ask about They Think It’s All Over because I haven't been on it for eighteen Eh" fiat/:1 midi“:- Eedmonid 77S l’I'uCC- ‘558 737%- 9Fm- ftfx‘e’firgfghnny . . . . I'DtltL‘l't) o e. ll‘ 'lllll oc l. . eiarac er come rome. months.’ so l.don t Know Whét s 90mg on' ' have no new aneCCiOtes' 0398. 8pm. £5. The truly barking l’liil Vegas support ac)i Mrs Barbara Nice. plus HurSt '5 qU'Ck to d'StanCe h'm5_elf from the Shqw that made h'm SUCh 3 Kay is joined by l'tll/lt’l' 'lt'tl's Michael Ali Jay. Frankie Gallacher. Jane Mackay familiar TV face and reinforce his position as a live comedian. ’TV never got Rummmi and Neil Shackicion, in the way of the stand-up.’ Hurst says. ‘We did the show on a Monday. so Cosy Comedy Cafe The State Bar. MS The Bearpit WJ. Christie & Son. 27-3l I’d just the touring around that. But I can every now’ is HUllillltl Sll'CCl. 3 9.30plll. \VL’Sl P0”. l .308'“. See

much more to m liking ' (£4). Bill Dewar. Allan Miller and Teddy Thu l0. y . are the guests at this Saturday night

Attempting to push the boundaries of stand-up, Hurst devotes the second laughm- WEDNESDAY 16

half of his show to a question-and-answer session between him and his The Saturday comedy Experience l audience. 'I did it a couple of times before, but on the second tour they ' I.‘ Attache. 27 \Valel'loti Street. 23l 3210. Glasgow were asking the same questions, 50 | dumped it. | was different ‘)._3(li)lll.'125 til-Ill. Rit)'lllt)tltl hlc‘ttt'llS is Cabaret SOFBI'GOI'IG Nice 'n' Sleazy. answers, but it felt like a bit of a con. The whole point is that it's a little bit W” '“N "l ""5 gl'ml'l‘g mill" ”' 42' Sal'Ch'Chm' sued" 333 0900' daring and if | do,“ feel that it Wm come across., comedy entertainment leaittrtiig turns 7.30pm. 99p. A new cabaret night ' . , ' . . . . lrom Mark litatcliptece. \ l\ (Jc‘t‘ and leatuiing satirical lyricist Sandy Nelson.

The Q & A SESSIOO Often gives interesting 'eSU'tS- 13-“ t'me ' was 'n Grant :\-lc;\lantis. plus open spot. as well as music from Valuta and a short Edinburgh,’ Hurst explains, 'a woman shouted out "If you were on This Is . l'ilni entitled I’m/erred Luye. Your Life who would they bring out?" I mean, you can't get much more Edmburg!‘ y . Mrs Brown‘s Lastillleddmg The specific than that . l was like "Jesus, girl. pin me down why don't ya!" 353W?”:Viacih'l'huj ‘k 58,”:7f3' §§:"I'§2(Tl;c%8c' ll'gffrofieslgesgjglis Another time this bloke asked, “What would be your last request?".lt's Th‘J‘I()ml' "‘ ' x ' " ‘ml' L” u ' 1 " pm' " ' more interesting and challenging for me when they come out with The St'and Thc Slum]. 5 “Wk plum 558 Edinburgh something specific. A general topic means your mind gets scattered in all 7272. S. I 5pm. £6 (£4 i. As i-‘ri. except World Of Comedy Quiz The Stand. 5 directions, but when someone shouts out "What's your favourite sexual tonight's Compete is June Mackay. York Place. 558 7272. 8pm. £l per

person to play. Bill Dewar initiates you

osition?", our mind is more focused and on usuall ive a better I . . . response ' y y y g m into the strange world of comedy tnvra.

spurred on by a potential £100 rollover

Touring has taken its toll on Hurst and he’s now trying to enjoy some well Glasgow jackpot. earned res“ 'llVe been touring Ofl arid Off for the laSt “"99 years arid I The Comic Club Blackl'riai's. .io Bell The Bearpit WJ. Christie & Son. 27-3l wamed to take my foot Off the gas peddle a bit.’ Street. 552 5924. 9pm. £5 (£3.50). Viv West Port. 228 3765. |.30ain. £2. See For now, Hurst is directing his energies towards the club which he owns, half." G‘El'f‘Y-I 'in ill'lld Gil"? . Thu '0- - runs and performs at in London's East End. His appearance at the West End m" l '“ Wm“ -‘ THURSDAY 17 Festival is one of only a handful of shows this year. 'I might tour again in spring 2000,’ he concludes. Catch him before it's all over. (Mark Robertson) Edinburgh Glasgow Whose Lunch Is It Anyway? The Stand. Brand New Comedy Club The Vale. 5 York Place. 558 7272. |~3pm. Free Dundas Street. 332 4928. 8pm. £2. As the

62 THE LIST ll) 2:3 Jun I999