Exhibitions are listed alphabetically by cit and category, then

a pha etically by venue. Please send details to our office at least ten days before publication. Art listings compiled by Helen Monaghan.



l‘) l’ariiie Street. 552 777‘). Mon Sat llaIn—-()pin.

Bryan Evans l’ntil w'eil 3t) .Iuii. (ilasgow' street scenes and buildings by this regular cxltlbitol'.

BARCLAY LENNIE FINE ART Regent House. l|3 West Regent Street. 226 5-1 l 3. Moir-l‘ri Illain» 5pm.

Jessie M. King And Her Contemporaries Until Wed 30 Jan. A celebration of the life and work of one ol Scotland's celebrated female artists. in this the 50th anniversary of her death.


I34 Blytlls‘w'ootl Street. 552 4027. .\It)ll--I‘Il'l9.30;“1175.30pm;Sill

ltlam- lpin.

Peter Howson l'ntil Tue 2‘) .ltiii. Recetit paintings by the famed (ilasgow painter l’etei' Howsoii.

Design 8i Food Iiiitil Tue 2‘) In”. Domestic tableware featuring work by artists Hilary Roberts. Morgen Hall. Stisaii .\'emetli and Tom Iiilliot.

Secrets l'ntil Tue 2‘) .lun. Contemporary jewellery by a selection of artists.

Will Levi Marshall l.'ntil Tue 2‘) .lun. New CL‘I'IIIIIICS.

Vicki Ambery Smith l'ntil Tue 2‘) .ltiii. .-\rchitectural jewellery.

BULKHEAD 24-Hour \"iew iiig Window. 2(i-1 High Street. 882 (i2-12.

Shauna McMullan t‘ntil sun 4 Jul. l‘ollow ing Hulkheatl‘s successful run on (iltlsgtm is thIsc\. lllls latest till-going project is a 24-hour viewing w indow. Artist Shauna .\-Ic.\lullan opens proceedings with an eshibition of work in which street and road maps are transformed into delicate skeletal objects.


(i‘)() .\loss Park Drive. 272 329l. Stitched Textiles And Creative Embroidery I7ntil l-‘ri | | Jun. ltlain~-‘)pm. l-"inal year degree show.

30 Design Exhibition Tue l5--»Thu 17 Ill”. |()ani—-1pin. Three-dimensional design including jewellery. pottery. ceramics. industrial design and photography by filial year students. Cardonald College Fashion Show w'etl Io-l-‘ri l8 .lun. 7.30pm. l‘inal year students from the departments of Testile l)esign and Clothing and liashioii display their work in this annual fashion show.


270 Sauchiehall Street. 332 752l. Mon—Sat |()am-—5pm'. Stiii llam—5pm. Marc Newson Bucky ll t‘ntil Sat l‘) .Itiii. ()ne of the world‘s most prominent industrial designers Marc Newson. who has previously designed for ldee. Cappellini and 8&8 ltalia. shows his latest hip wares from furniture. kit interiors and household objects. plus a construction created from (it) 'bucky chairs' entitled ‘Bticky Ball'.


University of Strathclyde. 22 Richmond Street. 552 -1-1()tl est 2682. Mon-Iii Illam~5pmz Sat noon-4pm.

Collecting Cities: Patrick Geddes Until Sat l2 .lun. Geddes' exhibition of l‘)l I. 'Cities and Town Planning. had all enormous impact on cities across the world. This display uses archive plans. drawings and photographs to demonstrate his tremendous vision. Part of (ilrisgmi' I999. The Shed Sat I‘) .Itin-Thu l5 .ltil. An exploration of the different uses of the humble shed. from a place of shelter to

an individual utopia. The artists work in lens-based media and include Donald Holw'ill. Caroline Rye and Chris Byrne.


I78 West Regent Street. 22l (i370. Mon—Sat l()ain—5.3()pin.

Ioe Fan Until Wed lb .lllll. A new series of paintings.

Recent Acquisitions Fri l8 Jun—Thu l Jul. Contemporary Scottish paintings. drawings and prints.


Cressw'ell Lane. (I I 505 3-1 I 7‘)‘). Tue. Thu & Fri llam—5pm; Sat |()am--5.3()pm; Stiii noon-2.30pm.

Scottish Art Schools A iiew gallery from limerging Artists Partnership which aims to promote the work of students aitd graduates from the Scottish art schools. with all works for sale ranging in price from £7tl—L‘2tltl.


22l West George Street. 248 9755. Mon-I‘ri l()am——5.3()pm: Sat l()am—2pm. William McTaggart And His Circle Until Sat l2 Jun. Paintings by the Scottish impressionist painter. William Mc'l‘aggart ( l835~ l‘)lt)i and his circle. Scottish Paintings .\lon l-1-Thu 2-1 In”. Scottish paintings from l88t) to the present day featuring work by the Scottish colourisls.

FLY 322 Duke Street. 554 | I25. Wed-l‘ri noon-6pm; Sat-Sun lt)aiii---1pin.

; What Is Is, What Ain't Ain't Nothing

Lintil Still 27 Jtiii. A two-man show from Glasgow-based artists Torsten I.auschtnann and Michael Wilkinson lookitig at the function of the gallery as a social environment. See review.


3| Chisholm Street. Merchant City. 552 7l()(). .‘vIon—Sat ltlain-5.3()piii.

Seed I‘Al'l l|~-I"ri 25 Jun. Rosalind Davies explores childhood through paintings and Siobhan Tobin focuses on regeneration through clay. textural sculptures.

FRINGE GALLERY l8 Castlemilk Arcade. 631 2on3. Mon—Sat l()amr 5pm.

Art Of Change L'ntil Sat R .lul. All 0/ ('Iitiiigt' is a multi-media arts programme which aims to support individuals in gaining a greater understanding of the changes affecting their lives through arts activities. Artists Anne lilliot and Neil Manning have developed a range of 'needs led' projects which include painting. sculpture. photography and video. which can be seen at this e.\|iibition.

GALLERY OF MODERN ART Queen Street. 22‘) I996. .\lon- Sat l()am--5pm; Stilt llain--5pm. Flesh And Stone: Building A Scottish Identity Until Stiii l8 Itil. As Scotland gets its first parliament for 300 years. this exhibition looks at the challenge facing architects to design buildings which are innovative and modern while reflecting Scotland's culture and identity. Part a] (i/tlvumi' I999.


Rouken Glen Road. ()20 ()235. Daily l.3()-5.3()pm (closed Tue).

George Birrell, Roelof Roffouw and Gordon Wyllie Until Wed 30 Jun. Recent paintings.


‘) University Avenue. 287 55l l. i’vlon—l-‘ri noon—7pm; Sat—Sun noon—5pm.

Rock In The Boat Tue l5--l"ri 25 .ltiii. The inimitable George Wyllie creates an installation which looks at voyaging as a metaphor for life. I’ui'i or I/lt' II/(’.\/ Iz'm/ /'It’.\‘lil'tI/..


l-18 West Regent Street. 22l 3(l‘)5. Mon—Sat ‘).30am—5.3() m.

Cyril Edward Power 1872-1951) Throughout .Itiii. l.inocuts by Cyril Edward Power.

H. Gaudier Brzeska (1891-1915) 'l‘hroughout Jun. An c‘\lilhlllt)ll of work by this legendary sculptor and draughtsinan.

Works In Stock 'l'hroughout Itiii. Paintings by liardley. l-‘ergusson. Hunter. Cowie. Retlpath and others.


730 Great Western Road. 33-1 2-122. Daily llam—me.

David Douglas Lintil Still 28 Nov. l‘ree. An eshibition celebrating the bi- centenary year of the birth of this famous Scottish plaiit collector.

Monday Art Group t'niil 'l‘liu to .Iun. New paintings by members of the group. The Ideal Hut Show Sat I2 Sun 37 Jun. Based on an idea by artist Geoige Wyllie. garden huts get a beauty makeover in the architectural sly It‘s Ul' celebrity architects and designers. l’tli‘l u/ (i/tlvg'uii I999. Brushstrokes Sat l‘) lit 25 Jun.

ltlam 4pm. t\'isitor ('entrc). Paintings in mixed media by a group of artists who regularly meet and paint at the botanics. /’rii'/ u/ I/It' lli'yl li/iil I’i'vlii‘iil..


()0 North Hanover Street. 332 996‘). Mon l-‘i'i Illam -5pm.

Glasgow Illustrated tintil In I.\’ .Iun. Contemporary illustration ranging from cartoons and caricature to conceptually based pieces. As well as student work from college courses. l'i'ank Boyle and Clive .lackson show their work. l’iiii t); (i/tlyeiiii' /999, GLASGOW FILM THEATRE

Cafe Cosmo. l2 Rose Street. .332 b’l2b’. Apollo's Architect tiniit Wed 30 Jun. The ltltl (irotip present an exhibition of photographic works of Alesander ‘(ireek’ 'I'liomson's btiildiiigs. All the pieces are for sale with proceeds going to The Alesaiider 'l'lioinson Society and The .-\|e.\antler '(ireek' Thomson Scholarship. I’rii‘l ii/ (ii/titular /‘/‘/9.


25 King Street. 552 (170-1, .\lon Sat Illain» 5.30pm.

Printmaking And New Technology l'ntil Sat 2b .ltin. Credited as one of originators of the Pop Art movement. Richard Hamilton has been producing prints since l‘)3‘). llis best known images are from the (ids and include the design for the Beatles' ll‘lii'ii' .I/liiiiii. Continuing to work in this media. he uses unconventional techniques and methods in the construction of his art.

Little Things Make Life Worth Living l'ntil Sat 26 .ltlll. Ashley ('ook's new set of screenpriiits using a mi\ttire of photo- inontaged imagery.

Here’s Looking At You turn Sat 26 .Iun. Holtl. blight aiid humorous screenpriiits of animals by Joy Rain.

GLASGOW SCHOOL OF ART Mackintosh (iallei'y. |(i7 Renfrew Street. 353-1500. .‘ylon -Tltti ‘).3llain—8.3()pm; l‘ri 9.3(lttlll-Spllll Sat Illam -noon.

RIAS Conference/Enric Miralles Until

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The best exhibitions this fortnight.

Degree Shows Graduates from Edinburgh College of Art, Napier University and Duncan of Jordanstone College in Dundee throw their talents into the spotlight, See SterList feature, page 108, and Art listings Various venues

Victoria Morton Hanging sculptures and a varieton materials Video, paper, fabric, Vinyl ~ are used in a show full of fluid and organic forms. See ieView Stirling The Changing Room, until Sat 70 )u/

John Coplans The American photographer and art critic details the ageing process by putting his naked body in front of the lens. Edinburgh Dean Gallery, until Sun 2:3 Jul

David Byrne The Dumbarton-born former Talking Head throws questions at corporate life and drug consolation in Better tiwng Through (.‘hernistry Glasgow t/oyd Jerome Gallery, until Thu 7 Jul

Mies Van Der Rohe Three early projects in Stuttgart, Barcelona and Brno —- by the German-born architect and designer come under scrutiny as part of Glasgow 1999 Glasgow.- Burro/l Collection. until Sun 29 Aug.

Tue I5 Jun. (Podium Gallery). An exhibition of work by Iinric Miralles. the competition winner for the new Scottish Parliament Building in lidinburgh. as part of the RIAS conference at the SECC. Points Of‘Departure Until l-‘ri ll Jun. tAtrium Gallery). Illustration and photography students respond to a brief set by Railtrack to promote the company's regeneration of Scottish railway stations.

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18th .Itth‘ lst .ltily' Hint) Rli(lli.\"l‘ .\(2()t.’lSl'l'l()NS ()l? (:( ).\"l‘li.\ll’()l<.\lt\’ S(Z()'I"I‘ISII l’.\l.\"l‘l.\’(i5. l)l<.\\\'l.\'(iS .\.\'|) PRINTS

.\'li\\' Uli.\'lilt.\'|‘l().\' HI I( )\\' opens (ill) .ltllt/ loo!) .\'t‘\v (ii'titltttitt‘s‘ ll'tllll (ilttsg'ovv. l)tlll(l(‘(‘. litliiilitirgli tiiitl .\l )(‘I'( lt‘t‘ll All (:i illt'g't's'.

10—24 Jun I999 TIIE LIST75