Ken Russell

Think film director Ken Russell, think controversy. Nude male wrestling in Women In Love, masturbating nuns in The Devils and Hugh Grant havmg phallic fun in The Lair Of The White Worm. Further wrath should be on its way with the publication of Russell’s debut novel, Mike And Gaby’s Space Gospel, a so-fi satire on Christianity. The gospel according to Ken, then?

Why not have another go at it? The first gospel wasn’t written until 6SAD how can anyone remember it? You JUSI don’t know whether Jesus did rise from the dead, or whether he just went off wrth Mary Magdalene and lived happily ever after.

Why a novel, not a film?

Why not? Now I’ve got a taste for it I’m writing Jet Black And The Millennium Man. It’s about the second coming of the messiah, who’s born on Christmas Day 2000 and appears by UFO.

Right. Is all this caper an act of blasphemy?

It’s sci-fi. It can’t be blasphemous. I'm a Catholic and I consider myself a devout person. You know, people are so ready to condemn. (Miles Fielder) Mike And Gaby’s Space Gospel is published by Little, Brown on Thu 70 Jun, £75.99. Ken Russell will be appearing at GF T on Thu 24 Jun. See Book events, page 700.

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